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  1. bullthrottle

    Murcielago RGT parts

    Hi, it was brought to my attention that somebody posted the link for my ad for sale. It is still available and if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me. I also have a set of wheels for sale by themselves. I bought the set from a seller from Detroit and keeping one set for myself and selling my extra parts.
  2. bullthrottle

    FS: Diablo roadster cover for trade and gallardo cover for sale

    looking to trade the red cover, gallardo cover still available
  3. I have a satin red cover for Lamborghini Diablo Roadster, will probably fit the coupe as well. I'm looking to trade the cover for a satin Black cover that will fit a diablo roadster. I also have a OEM Gallardo satin black cover for sale, which I originally bought being told will fit a diablo but its probably 15" too short $200 obo The diablo cover is not oem but it fits like a glove, with mirror pockets and it's actually a lot better quality then OEM.
  4. bullthrottle

    Family Portrait..

    Are there any pictures of the Countach from different angles available?