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  1. Little update. Car is running much cooler than when I first got her. The gauge is off by about 10c on the high side. However at 4200ft of elev and 95+f ambient temp she will still get hotter than I like. I was dicking with the fans the other day ( I upgraded them to murcielago fans a while back) and I took the rear fan grill off the driver side. It seems to blow way more air than the passenger side fan.. so I took of the grill on the p side and voila. It blew way more air out as well...the rear grills were i believe custom made when the gt body was installed. They are very nice, however they restrict the air flow of the fan...wow. So crazy to realize that was an issue.. so I now have some racing hi efficiency mesh that I am making new grills with!! Without the grills on the car runs way cooler. About 10c cooler..
  2. Also, I would personally stay away from 94-95 vt cars.. they are the least desirable and the slowest cars of the diablo lineage.
  3. I think if you get a good car for $150 range you are doing great. The early cars are great cars, but they are getting old. In its history my 91 had a full repaint and engine rebuild (Cam tensioners weren’t updated under recall and caused cam issue). The interior was redone.. so by all accounts it was a great car. However once I got the car I noticed the steering seemed loose. Needed a steering rack. The front brakes had been upgraded to the bigger brembo’s. However the rear calipers were original. They were in horrible shape and one of them was seizing. They needed love. So i decided to upgrade them and do the big brake kit as well on the rear to match the front. The bushings are known to possibly go bad. I inspected all of mine and they are actually in good shape, but there seem to be a couple the might not be a bad idea to replace. Probably going to do that shortly.. My point is, any of these diablo cars are most likely going to need love in places. A top tier car would be one that has been completely restored and all items are refreshed.. I’m not sure anyone is out there doing Diablo’s like they have been doing countach’s. So a top car that hasn’t been refreshed would be a hard find and you’ll pay up for it. Luckily the 91-92 cars are actually pretty affordable and parts are actually available and affordable. The early diablo’s are fast.. and light... but they are a mans car. It takes quite a lot of effort to drive them. Don’t be afraid of one, but understand it. It’s a good reason why miles are lower on most of the earlier cars.
  4. I believe the brakes on the gt are just a Brembo kit. This car has the bigger brake kit front and rear.
  5. Asking $189 for 98 and $250 for 91. But open to offers for check writers.
  6. My plan is to sell the 98, but I need to make a business decision. So we will see how it goes. I won't sell the 91 for less than the 98.. That is for sure.
  7. Guys. Ive posted this in the car section, but I am posting here to reach more of you. I need to move one of my diablo’s to get some cash for a down on a commercial property. If you know anyone that is a check writer pm me. 98 roadster and 91 with gt body.
  8. Sorry to hear about your injury. That sucks. Glad you are still in the industry at Raging Bull!
  9. Yeah. What Allan said. It was a 94. Least desirable by far.
  10. I was hoping to be able to figure out how to keep it, but flipping it was always in mind. It tied up a lot of my business cap and I really need it back for truck purchases. Yup
  11. This car sold for cheaper than it was worth. I feel other diablo's have done well on BAT.. I just listed my roadster on there.
  12. You were the one that helped me when I had the green diablo. Thanks Jeff! Are you still at the dealership in Newport?
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