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  1. Were all Monterey cars US cars?
  2. megachad

    photo shoot

    Yeah. Makes sense. I think they took into account a little of it, but not the overall reality of the car.
  3. megachad

    photo shoot

    They don't like people discussing reserve's and being I will use them in the future I'll just keep it that way. It was a healthier reserve than other 91's that have sold recently, but not close to what I am asking or what the car is worth imo.
  4. megachad

    photo shoot

    I was going to list it on BAT, but they won't give me the reserve I want. So I just listed it on Ebay.
  5. I agree with you Allan
  6. megachad

    photo shoot

    Here is the first photo he shared with me.
  7. megachad

    photo shoot

    Love it!!!
  8. megachad

    photo shoot

    Thanks man Thank you! I will post them here of course!! Thank you
  9. megachad

    photo shoot

    Found a couple locations to do a photoshoot with a photog the other day. They should turn out excellent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i2YVr2b1Wo
  10. megachad

    Back at Cats!

    Awesome. Congrats.
  11. Depends on your oil pressure, but I would run rotella t6 in the heat which is 15w40. Once the oil gets hot its pretty much same viscosity anyways. You cam run a heavier oil if your oil pressure is getting too low, but I doubt it’s going below 2bar at idle. I added an oil cooler fan to my oil cooler to keep oil temps down. Worked like a champ. I don’t recall how hot it is near the red, but it’s nice to stay under 245f oil temps. Hotter than that is tuff on bearings. But I run like 300f oil temps in my race car all the time... however the engines don’t last too long at that. Haha
  12. I wouldn’t doubt at all it’s the belt. Today I took my car on a cruise for over 100miles up 8% grade mountain 10 miles long called parley’s canyon. My car barely hit 90c 1 time.. that has never happened. Also my volts stayed closer to 14v than ever. So I would be your belt is slipping!
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