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  1. Looks much better with the Brembo big brake kit I did on the rear recently.
  2. quieter because i just used a hero sessions camera without the external mic.
  3. Throttle body issues are weird. I get them on the Z sometimes and once they start they never seem to go away.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJaQLixDQkY&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJaQLixDQkY&feature=youtu.be A new short vid from today.
  5. Knowledge is power. haha.. thanks for the info!!
  6. Love it! looks excellent.
  7. I love the 08 super g's..I need to buy one. haha
  8. I agree with you 100%. Very great exotic car. I think they are far under valued and I am amazed you can still get a v12 for under $200k.. Hell, a brand new surf boat is $170,000 now.. Time will tell. I would love to have an lp640 again along with this diablo. Or even a Gallardo super g 2008 is a great value I think right now.. Just not sure we are at the bottom of pricing on these cars yet.. The countach has flattened out, the diablo was still kind of on the rise but seems to be flattening out. Murci seems like a great value still for sure. It will only take a couple strong purchases at auction or a car restorer like gas monkeys did with the f40 to make everyone recognize how under valued lamborghini's are.
  9. Def seems to be a kit and not oem. I'd have to see the invoice from Lamborghini before I'd believe it was oem. I am just amazed at how poorly some people represent their cars they are trying to sell. Inserting pics of a Gallardo interior into your ad, and something like the mirror thing you mentioned just make you feel like this isn't the most honest seller on the planet.
  10. IMO these first get egear cars are the least valuable. I bet they have to sell for a lot less than we would like to think to actually get one to go away. This car has a cool factor that you either like or you don't. I wouldn't be a buyer over $110k myself. And that would be after proper inspection of the vehicle. If the car checked out really well with everything functional, good brakes, super clean interior, and good clutch life, maybe it would be worth $125-130k range. These are my opinions nothing factual. I would take an lp640 e gear over this car any day, and I wouldn't pay over $150k for a decent lp640 right now. Once again just my opinion. I don't see a lot of these cars changing hands lately. I think a lot of lambo buyers are jumping into huracan's or vent's. In time the murci will possibly have more value, but the leaps and bounds the newer cars have in tech are holding buyers back imo. More are being built etc. Also more players in the super car market are softening the market. The V12 naturally aspirated stuff is destined to be valuable in time. I used to think they would even be a little recession proof. I have seen some diablo's 6.0's changing hands in the upper 200's. But they are very nice rare examples. The supply on v12 lambo's isn't strong, but I think the demand is even less. YKWIM?
  11. I was looking this car over. Just wanted to put out there to make sure you do your due diligence if purchasing this car. His interior picture is of a Gallardo.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-Lamborghini-Murcielago-coupe/163579269563?hash=item26161591bb:g:bvEAAOSwuFZcffIK
  12. Diablo is def more raw and the creaks in the car are par for the course. It's an old italian! haha. Super cool pickup! Beautiful car. Enjoy the beast and drive her often.
  13. Everything is going well. Just parked and waiting for spring!
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