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  1. megachad

    Diablo repairs

    I am of the thoughts that any plate is visible any time. So whatever. I am kind to everyone and generally a very courteous driver. Hope that has some positive karma that goes with it I guess.
  2. megachad

    Diablo repairs

    Here are some pics.
  3. megachad

    Diablo repairs

    Thank you
  4. megachad

    Diablo repairs

  5. megachad

    Diablo repairs

    The gas gauge needed to be cleaned up at the connections. It works well now. I think it is a trait of these older diablo's to show empty when there is really some fuel left, just to give you some time to make it to the fuel station. lol.
  6. megachad

    Condensation in headlight

    Wow. looks great when finished!!
  7. megachad

    Diablo repairs

    Cooler temps outside have been getting me back in the car a lot lately. Putting miles on the car and thoroughly enjoying the drive. The car really needed someone to drive it. I have put about 1,000 miles on the car and it is really feeling better and better. Each time I drove it I would notice something that I would like to fix/tweak. I have been able to drive the car about 5 times now without feeling like there was anything that needed attention. Pleasure to drive and enjoy. I think onlookers enjoy when I drive it as well.
  8. megachad

    Diablo clutch burn

    Def sucks when that happens. Sounds like you noticed somewhat quickly. Should be ok. Just go RWD and you will get your clutch life back.
  9. megachad


    We finally picked up an air fryer. Love it! Actually made fillet's in it the other day. They turned out pretty damn well. I still prefer the grill, but it wasn't a bad alternative.
  10. megachad


  11. megachad

    Recession coming?

    There are a ton of tech jobs involved in computer sciences now that pay very well for a 9-5 job. I have a friend that is now 28.. 3 years ago he was making about $50k. Now he is at $80k plus bonus. Same job same company. The younger generation also seem to be less afraid to leave their current positions to get better pay. Kind of like free agency in sports. If employers won't pay, someone else will.
  12. megachad

    Recession coming?

    I am on the wagon that a correction is coming. But as a devils advocate, a lot of shit has increased in value because of inflation. Wages have gone up quite a lot, but consumer goods are more $$.. We had such a depressed economy for so long, that there are a lot of people that are finally getting on top again and a lot of fresh population that is getting into the market as well. The problem is this growth is 100% un sustainable. We need to get growth back down around 2%. Anytime a president is bragging about 6% growth etc. it scares the shit out of me.
  13. megachad

    Fans not switching off on SV

    still sounds like a relay somewhere. i believe there is a relay that trips the relay's..
  14. megachad

    Race car

    almost took out a lambo at the start here is another race.. took 2nd out of 17 cars on the full 4.4 mile track
  15. On a long enough timeline the percentage of human existence is Zero.. enjoy the life you have.