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  1. Yeah. Makes sense. I think they took into account a little of it, but not the overall reality of the car.
  2. They don't like people discussing reserve's and being I will use them in the future I'll just keep it that way. It was a healthier reserve than other 91's that have sold recently, but not close to what I am asking or what the car is worth imo.
  3. I was going to list it on BAT, but they won't give me the reserve I want. So I just listed it on Ebay.
  4. Here is the first photo he shared with me.
  5. Thanks man Thank you! I will post them here of course!! Thank you
  6. Found a couple locations to do a photoshoot with a photog the other day. They should turn out excellent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i2YVr2b1Wo
  7. Depends on your oil pressure, but I would run rotella t6 in the heat which is 15w40. Once the oil gets hot its pretty much same viscosity anyways. You cam run a heavier oil if your oil pressure is getting too low, but I doubt it’s going below 2bar at idle. I added an oil cooler fan to my oil cooler to keep oil temps down. Worked like a champ. I don’t recall how hot it is near the red, but it’s nice to stay under 245f oil temps. Hotter than that is tuff on bearings. But I run like 300f oil temps in my race car all the time... however the engines don’t last too long at that. Haha
  8. I wouldn’t doubt at all it’s the belt. Today I took my car on a cruise for over 100miles up 8% grade mountain 10 miles long called parley’s canyon. My car barely hit 90c 1 time.. that has never happened. Also my volts stayed closer to 14v than ever. So I would be your belt is slipping!
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