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  1. I would set value aside. I would only do things that can be returned to stock, and keep all the original parts if that is your concern, but in general there are buyers that shit on stuff, and there are buyers that find value in it.
  2. Beautiful car! I loved my black murci!
  3. NJ Thank you! I will be trying to! haha.. Unless someone really wants one of them.
  4. Alright guys. Got the opportunity to pick up a car I know personally. Very nice clean accident free car with clean car fax. Very well cared for and I can't wait to get it home!
  5. After owning a couple Diablo's i'd have to say diablo. However that new svj would be pretty excellent to own.
  6. In 1991 when I was 12 years old I went and stayed with my cousin for a summer break. Being the car kid I was I was excited to hear his new step dad was a car nut too. He was 62 years old at the time. His name is Fred. Fred raced cars back in the 60's and 70's. He was a huge ford fan and so was I. However I was a Lamborghini fan most of all. He liked the entertainment of it, but he wanted to enlighten me on why he was such a ford fan. Fred showed me a collection of items he had found and hung onto over the years. 1 of them was a photograph. The ford GT40's coming over the finish line at leman in 1966. I was there to visit for 3 weeks. Fred was excited that he had found an ear to start educating on one of the greatest car stories of all time. Fred detailed almost line for line this entire story. Everything about Shelby, Miles etc. The most glaring thing I recall Fred saying. "The Ferrari's were amazing cars. Their V12's would scream past at a hi rev note everyone loved, but the Ford's, they left an impression on everyone. When they would drive past it was that deep rumble of a big block American V8 that roared so loud you couldn't hear anything else". I had never seen anyone so enthusiastic to tell a story in my entire life. It still gives me goose bumps. Watching the movie was a pleasure for me. All because of Fred. He was also friends with guys that were involved in the project. One of them was an engineer that figured out how to get better air and fuel mixture in the carburetors for race cars. Fred had a carburetor that he pulled out of a pile of car parts just to show me. It was such a cool piece of art work. I was such a mustang fan. But I had never heard of the ford GT40 or the Shelby AC cobra cars. Then he started educating me about Carroll Shelby. Fred had all sorts of pictures and diecast models of the GT40's and Cobra cars. He loved the Daytona coupe. I fell in love with it as well. He was so inspiring. The story was like a fairytale for dudes. I included a pic. It was the closest one I could find that resembled what he showed me all that time ago.
  7. Most cars out there are going to have something like that. ABS air bag whatever.. just find out what it is and make sure engine and trans feel good. these are 20+ year old cars that are just not going to be perfect.. If it is a perfect car that had a complete restoration then it would be a ton more money anyways. Luckily these cars don't really need restorations yet. Most were well taken care of and can be a good driver car or garage queen.
  8. They aren’t very easy to come by, so I would think that anything you can find that is a good running car is a good idea. They are excellent cars and I would just get a ppi done to verify compression in the engine. A good test drive even in the passenger seat is a good idea.
  9. Also, SPGlass from lambo talk has the tool on hand. He is sending it to me today and we should be able to move forward quickly from here! Huge shoutout to him for being so helpful. These forums are a life saver. Take care guys and I'll keep this updated.
  10. Great insight! Thank you. We will work on it and I’ll post what comes about. A member on lambo talk has the pinion nut tool he is letting me borrow. Super nice guy.
  11. se 30 badge on a 94 vt it seems.. i guess i don't have room to talk, i have a gt badge on a 91
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