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  1. thanks and do not worry i am still in contact with Rob and Baky. Please feel free to cancel my account as i will not use it again Take care
  2. Hi Thanks for your comment and i respect it. Only two things to clarify: 1) the only thing i sell is something i do not collect. Sometimes i got a couple of Sales documents and instead of just throw them away i sell it. Thats not the case for things which i love like the bugatti things 2) i am successful and have my own company. I am truly in the Position to purchase a lambo or ferrari but unfortunately no veyron yet but i am still quite Young and see it as a future challenge Thanks and i will try not to spam you guys but by the way i still have a good Relation to two of the Veyron owners mentioned below as at the end it should be a win Win Situation for both and i think its an easily earned pocket Money of around 600$ for two magazines
  3. Is there someone here who can help me out or know who needs to be contacted? thanks
  4. Dear Lambomembers, I am 28 years old and collecting everything about the Veyron. I guess that i spend most of my salary every month to purchase sales brochures, magazines or Parts from the car. I am writing these words to you as i would be glad to get your help. I am looking for the latest Ettore clients magazines and still was in contact with some memebes before but unfortunately everybody is very busy so we were not able to finish a deal yet. I would be ready to spend a fair price for these magazines if someone is willing to sell them. Furthermore bugatti produced a nice portfolio map with 5 rendering pictures for every Les Legendes Model. Maybe someone here can also sell these maps as i am willing to spend a huge amount for it. Are there any sales documents given to VIPs in pebble beach to VIPs from Bugatti? Thank you so much
  5. I was wondering why he wants to sell it as i thought he really loves this masterpiece?!
  6. Hi Baky seems to sell his veyron http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=330862575521 listed on eBay.com for around 925.000$ and 5700 Miles
  7. but as bobby owns a veyron it seems to be easy to drive it with the visibility problems as you get more and more practise. I suppose when he will use the car now he would not weave so much. I have never seen so many exotics in towns like the veyron so i think it´s easy to drive when you get practise with it but it´s only assumption.
  8. hi baky, you and also vboxxing are the only veyron drivers i know so i would be very glad when you can help me with one question. Would you really complain the visibility in the veyron when using it in towns or is is quite easy as you get use to? I am not sure if the pillars caused such big problems in the veyron that it´s worse to use them in towns like other exotics. thanks a lot
  9. no fetish :-) only a big fan of the veyron and often angry at some magazines who try to find something to complain about it so would be glad to get a reply to my last posts thanks a lot
  10. found this one and the others: http://www.jameslist.com/cars/bugatti/veyr...for-sale-289566 http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/bugat...Features=EXPORT http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/bugat...Features=EXPORT
  11. just one last question as you could be really help me a lot Is there one car in your memory which is near the same with creating blind spots and so on. (maybe the Aventador?) As in germany many magazines complain about it and not sure if this is really something special in these type of cars.
  12. do you think it´s easier to change lanes in a veyron SS
  13. hi so would you really complain it or is it equal to other cars like lambos, ferraris and so on?
  14. just one important question which would be very nice to know about people spending much time in the veyron. In several magazines there are complaints about the huge A pillars which creat blind spots more than in other cars. Is this really true and a problem you would complain when using the car in cities with big traffic and a lot of people around the car to ogle the monster? I suppose bugatti improves the visibility for the veyron ss and grand sport by using smaller A pillars but not sure if this really improves a lot. On the other hand to create the smaller pillars they changed the stereo system and now using only 4 speakers instead of 6 from the burmester system so i suppose a lot of people complained the visibility? thanks
  15. Hello Rob,

    my name is Melanie. I am a very big fan of the Bugatti Veyron but unfortuntely i have not seen so many in person here in germany. I also collect a lot of brochures, magazines and so on. The most rarest item which is in my collection are the original owners manuals. Unfortuntely i never got brochures or items about the Veyron SS. It´s also very difficult to find special owners invit

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