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  1. So any updates people? News articles this month of which there seems to be lots seem to be saying a lightweight RS version with 670-80 hp and a Hybrid with a porsche engine and 600hp with 220 electric motor so 820
  2. Seeing some of the pics reminded me, If you haven’t already make sure you remove the sticky paper covers from the floor mats, I didn’t for a weeks use and it was an absolute pig to get the sticky glue they were attached with off them after.
  3. Very nice, love the seats
  4. Countach special edition is one or so dealer said although they didn’t have details
  5. Yep great work, back looks better although i can’t tell what’s different, Front looks odd in body colour lines but good in dark.
  6. The Birmingham dealer car owner he actually lives nearer to London will get some pics next time i see him, hes also got an SV roadster which is probably the nicest one I've seen, matt white pearl.
  7. I think its winter which is currently supporting them and they have made so many they have to crash eventually. compared to other expensive suv’s the residuals have been better than anyone would have thought , largely as its in a category of its own, no rivals yet, maybe ferrari ff or Bentley continental which are both totally different prospects. But no doubt it is a sales winner, i just fear Lambo is becoming the new Porsche with all the models and are less special because of it. I’m not in the camp of its a proper lambo, its just too similar to the audi rs products, its just a real
  8. https://www.eurospares.co.uk/search?partNumber=410807681 they often have used parts as well if you are prepared to wait, uk based
  9. Actually my mistake i only have rear, the original options list i was sent was wrong and updated to rear only when it came to finalising the order
  10. Yep i have it on my SVJ, option code below
  11. haha that made me chuckle, but I suspect a very limited market joke
  12. Loads of money, ad personam, you can have it in the tricolore colours or cf Or a disguised new ala system for flight mode #expanding the options list
  13. These problem resolved threads are the best
  14. Lightweight seats, slightly lower ride height and more aggressive suspension setup and engine software to set better lap times, +20 hp. +10% cost Thats my predictions
  15. That’s the free wheels that are standard on svj, most have the option wheel that’s extra
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