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  1. Very satisfying seeing the before and after
  2. See on instagram you sold yours, not feeling it?
  3. Should re brand to more general content as just not enough Lambo traffic to keep it interesting anymore and most topics have been answered or you can Google what you want to know
  4. I don’t think you will get it much louder just changing the mufflers. Change the sound yep but not any louder, if you want louder it has to be decat or sports cats. I wouldn’t waste your money on a muffler for the difference it will make. would start with a valve controller so they are open all the time and see how you get on
  5. https://www.motor1.com/news/572580/lamborghini-aventador-successor-spy-photos/ More pics
  6. Looks well in that colour and v clean, nice classic lines
  7. https://www.eurospares.co.uk Should be able to ship to you, they normally have all the parts numbers and drawings on the website, STO is not up yet to check against the others but i reckon if you email them they will be able to confirm.
  8. Haha, well, Lets just say, I think its lucky what some people think fast is, isn't that fast at all. More like normal speed and not what i would consider actually going "fast"!
  9. well at least it looks like you might be able to see out of the back of the new one, single worst bit of an SVJ is that you can have a marked police car right behind you with lights and sirens on and its 50/50 if you would even catch a glimpse of it! For a road car its just stupid and unnecessary
  10. Could you buy a couple of the nose badges, although they are pretty small or get some stickers printed and mounted also not sure
  11. Also wishing i had paid more attention to this thread in the early days!
  12. Yeah they are getting too expensive for the numbers made now imo when it was 25-30% over a Gallardo/Huracan and there wasn't that many it was good value, with a bit of an uplift they will be getting on for double Huracan price now and they are not in any way exclusive anymore. Unless they can keep either the price or the numbers down not sure i will buy another after the SVJ just doesnt seem worth the extra. Its mainly the options list is just silly prices now, like paint and stuff that used to just be included and should be on a car of that cost it accounts for a serious % of the price that you never see again but wouldn't want to be without.
  13. Gliptone liquid leather, they sell air fresheners of it as well
  14. Im not a hobby collector, i like stuff i can use regularly and hard that wont let you down old stuff i like to look at but would never wish to own, I also think electric will be the equivalent of the manual to automated clutch debate of 10 years ago, in a couple of years only enthusiasts will own ice cars and they will be totally outdated , we are in a weird transition phase at the moment weirdly I'm quite drawn to Mclaren currently but have never been a fan before but not sure i could live with it breaking all the time !
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