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  1. Can only speak of Aventador, i have one of each version. Carbon i hated initially and need to be reclined with spacers or they are too upright and uncomfortable imo, probably also need a wedge pillow as no padding, they feel more special and are much better when going hard. Comfort are better for relaxed use as more comfortable and adjustable but you get thrown about a lot more. If i had to pick again i would go carbon, but then do as i first described but I rarely use the car except to drive hard, if you use it a lot i would get the comforts
  2. You svj looks great, good to be different
  3. Winklemann did a great job, Dominecali took a leaf out of the Ferrari playbook ramped up all the option prices and oversupplied without the ferrari buy back and market control which has well and truly screwed Lambo prices by comparison
  4. Becoming like 911's, not cool imo, that and cheap finance and they available to almost anyone with a semi decent job, ruins it for me as they are becoming so common
  5. Once in general would have been enough
  6. Didn't, sold the car so can’t advise
  7. Could be the sensor in the brake pedal you have to depress to be able to start, i had a Vacuum problem with it many years ago basically when Left for a bit it wouldn’t allow you to depress the pedal enouggh easily to start the car, ignition came on but it seemed dead. Try pushing extra hard on brake to start.
  8. Below 70 SV feels much more special, above that J is in another league and a much easier car to drive fast. Sv is basically a missile with reins
  9. topjay

    New Aventador?

    Looks like asterion rear frame with a bit added
  10. If you don’t already have an sv then yep I've actually started to really like SVJ the more i drive it at first i thought SV was better but the more i use it the more i realise the SV just feels rougher at sub 70 mph speeds and therefore feels more exciting/special when you are tootling around also exhaust valves are open from zero in SV but not in J which helps. But when you actually properly drive it down some nice roads the SVJ is dynamically in another league and you can actually feel what its doing a lot more, its a much easier car to drive fast and feel you are actually participating.
  11. Not sure mass numbers is a good thing for customers but great for the company, must be awesome markup on them as well
  12. Almost everything is out of date by the time it comes to market the tech is moving so fast, that and changing regulations make things very tricky for a longish lifecycle model to guess what you might have to incorporate on both parts later
  13. You realise the members here are adults right? Your video literally adds nothing, no information, no interesting insight, nothing i just don’t get where you are going with these videos, you seem keen, but its just annoying spam with zero content you are producing.
  14. Just feel the options they offer on colour coding and only in some of the available colours are wrong, front and back ok with black styling but black skirts and arches really dont look great on it and don’t do its odd shape any favours. The best modded ones ive seen just leave the small strip at the top of the skirt black and thee rest colour coded. Also middle strip of the rear diffuser body colour and the rest of it black. They also look much better whole car all black as it hides the odd styling but is a bit boring. I really wish i could love it , but i just Can’t get on with the looks, why they couldn't have properly flared the arches and made it look more Lamborghini, such a small change would make a massive difference. Pearl interior looks more interesting for sure, but do you really want a suv that really stands out in a silly colour for family use. I would however suspect the second generation of these are going to look good. I thought that bur rsq8 is also ugly, looks much more ordinary in person than the pictures and would struggle to tell it apart from sq8 or even a decent spec q8
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