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  1. Depends what you are going to do with it. I like open deck day boat with a bit of cover unless you are going to actually go port to port or living on it cabins seem a bit pointless as does anything above about 50ft. 35-40 ft good size for entertaining don't need massive engines and fuel bill at that size and can do a bit of everything. What you have a pic of looks very limited use and space but fast so depends if you want something to spend the day on or just to go racing about in. The big ones are like posh caravans! Much rather sleep on land unless you have a full crew to run and
  2. I always felt the front felt light on SV at 100mph+ until i set the rear wing to max downforce, it seemed to sort the front end balance out
  3. Maybe we should all try to post in one general thread and more so even if not relevant to you al least there is something to read. Your an interesting bunch, share a bit. cars, general life, anything interesting you have seen or done or thought. Make it more personal which was what made it good before, sharing experiences and advice.
  4. He’s s all good, we speak occasionally, just grew out of cars, he had lots when youngish so probably bored of it, travels quite a bit now, he also has his kebab business because of here, MOAS meat on a stick! He sometimes stays with me when in London and is in Marbella a bit where i have a holiday home but we’ve never managed to be there at the same time.
  5. Reunion in Miami? See if we can get Jirre drunk enough to fall on his face for another 10 years banter
  6. New owners are a different breed, see them as luxury goods rather than any real like of machinery or even cars Kind of killing the hobby for me as not my sort of people, i liked the old LP crew and owners in general, very varied but all shared similarities that brought them to the brand. I just have nothing in common with the vast majority of people that have taken over now LP survives as a low traffic social club of old members occasionally popping in to say hi.
  7. topjay

    Next Week News

    I would almost guarantee these will end up getting discounted and then directly competing with used SVJ’s that are a couple of years old driving them lower as you can have a brand new version for the same money. Its as if its a deliberate fcuk you to what was supposed to be the end of the line special car. I would also take SVJ over it but it’s definitely going to hit their market Lamborghini will see them as different markets but used they will be direct competitors which is a really stupid marketing policy to compete with yourself.
  8. topjay

    Next Week News

    How to undercut SVJ owners, I've honestly had enough of the just blatant lies about product lineup and numbers on a car so expensive
  9. Very nice, good that you are using them
  10. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/05/lamborghini-urus-porsche-cayenne-audi-rs-q8-and-others-getting-new-engines-as-part-of-a-recall/ Cracking in cylinders
  11. topjay

    Next Week News

    Yeah I just saw that, seems an odd move unless they are going to be discounted or they have some new tech. run out models are usually the special ones to sell the end of the line stuff not general production. Makes you think Aventador is going to be about for a while yet.
  12. And I doubt you have a musical exhaust
  13. topjay

    Next Week News

    I would be excited by anything with 4 seats thats more Lamborghini than Urus or anything bonkers, middle ground is so meh now
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