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  1. Just feel the options they offer on colour coding and only in some of the available colours are wrong, front and back ok with black styling but black skirts and arches really dont look great on it and don’t do its odd shape any favours. The best modded ones ive seen just leave the small strip at the top of the skirt black and thee rest colour coded. Also middle strip of the rear diffuser body colour and the rest of it black. They also look much better whole car all black as it hides the odd styling but is a bit boring. I really wish i could love it , but i just Can’t get on with the looks, why they couldn't have properly flared the arches and made it look more Lamborghini, such a small change would make a massive difference. Pearl interior looks more interesting for sure, but do you really want a suv that really stands out in a silly colour for family use. I would however suspect the second generation of these are going to look good. I thought that bur rsq8 is also ugly, looks much more ordinary in person than the pictures and would struggle to tell it apart from sq8 or even a decent spec q8
  2. Giallo orion is quite dark as well if you want a brighter yellow tenerife or paride are much more to that end. its a personal thing, so however you like it, for me there is a bit too much blue on the seat centre and dash maybe one or the other, but on a roadster it can probably handle more than a coupe with the roof off. maybe same but black seat back with the hex in blue
  3. Interesting all the previous runs I've seen with the model before (Performance version) it was faster than urus. modified they are seriously rapid in a straight line though, like for like hp they are faster than aventadors, which is basically a map and exhaust. Have had a few runs with them in various states of tune. Braking and cornering is a Different league though.
  4. topjay


    I suspect it’s because no one wants to post anything interesting anymore or insight into their lives that might come back to bite them. All that is left is speculation a few pictures and the odd technical question.
  5. I once asked Balboni about this on modern Lambos, he said just get it warm and drive...... I have done both following it to the letter and just making sure nothing fell off for the first 100 or so miles and then using normally. No noticeable difference in it or future reliability that i have noticed, however the new cars seem to have much less Engine drag than the old ones (the drag) which disappeared after the brake in period. The new ones just feel ready to go straight away. I would just use it or you waste a lot of time and miles not enjoying it. That said I wouldn’t go max attack for prolonged periods untill every thing has bedded in but thats as much brakes, suspension, tyres etc as engine. Would also get the oil changed before any more extreme use but that would be hard on the road and i dont mean just hitting redline for a blast but repetitive and maintained high rpm. I suspect the filters are now so good and engin machining so advanced its fine but for minimal cost i would still do it. Obviously just my thoughts and I'm not in any way an expert or engineer
  6. If all you asking is someone to pay and you deal with the rest i can do that for you
  7. topjay

    Urus Exhaust Valve

    Yep looks like its a motorised valve so start position is computer controlled I guess
  8. Funny story or Maybe not day 1 of that tour cars had been shipped and centenario was in underground car park, owner picks it up to drive it for the first time and turns out exit is a lot more tricky than entrance ! ends up in a 50 point manoeuvre with 40 owners and 40 passengers standing watching and giving directions, he got it out with mm to spare either side and got a big round of applause, I’ll see if i can dig the video out sometime
  9. Have to agree, actually rare and still holds its own amongst the new stuff, was on a tour a couple of years ago and remember thinking what a great car. They got cheap for a while as well, really wish I had bought one as it must end up as a classic.
  10. I heard road legal but so extreme track setup you wouldn't want to use it on the road, a bit like a radical i guess. Nothing definitive though so could be track only. Road car seems more likely though logically as you could just buy the proper race car for track only. Could be they have made it useable enough to not need a team to run it for the drive there and back track goers that most people fit. STS and squadra corsa were track focused road cars, bit of different styling and setup but essentially the same thing to the normal car, this is apparently not that and really is a track car.
  11. topjay

    Urus Exhaust Valve

    Don’t know the answer but on a lot of cars they need to be warm before valves will open in different modes. Think it’s something to do with back pressure and warming the cats up more uniformly and quicker.
  12. Its a pressure sensor in rear of the seat it only activates when you sit in it, child seat does not activate airbag, you can see on the passenger dash if its on or off to be sure. so yes its auto
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