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  1. Actually looking at th configurator if you take style pack in body colour the front becomes better, still not classically beautiful as it should be but nice enough
  2. Back now good but front bad, opposite of Huracan
  3. Extended wheelbase ghost maybe, same with phantoms as they offer them in both as well
  4. topjay

    Aventador replacement

    Tbh all they needed to do was put dct and DFI in the current design and a tech update and they would be good for a few years more, still looks pretty fresh
  5. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    To be clear all Lamborghini marketing states 900 coupe, I do wonder if they backtrack and say that’s the coupe and roadsters and then the 63 cars are extra, coupe and roadsters to fill the gap, that would be a lot better number for a car as expensive as they are, with something better coming around the corner
  6. topjay

    Urus v Bentley!

    Just to add Bentayga, is very spec specific, needs styling kit, black pack and sports exhaust or it will feel and look a bit ordinary imo. The factory sport exhaust really makes the car feel and sound a lot more special, akrapovic is now the supplier for Bentley factory exhausts. Urus there is a load more versions coming out so I would only buy used. Unless you wait for the next version which won’t be that long.
  7. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Not quite true, they couldn’t sell al the 670 hence the low number. There will be as many as they can plausibly sell, US may be fine but most markets are struggling, which may be why the possibly revised numbers rather than say we can’t sell them and quite a few people are waiting for the new model. Given time if a market is strong I would Imagine everyone that wants one will get one and without publicity and confirmed exact numbers. IMO
  8. topjay

    Urus v Bentley!

    I’ve driven both and would take a Bentayga over Urus for every day (not the diesel though, feels it missing something although good for a diesel) much nicer place to sit and a more relaxed drive style with a lot of grunt if you need. Which you prefer will be personal, I wouldn’t want a Urus as a daily car, feels cheap inside, lower driving position and worse visibility but it handles better but that’s not really that much of a consideration for me unless you use it as a sports car. More interestingly they will be in a depreciation race, pretty much nothing will lose money quicker than a new one of these, so go in with eyes open. Land Rover is worse in every way except standard tech on a good model and price, they are a great compromise for the money by comparison. Probably no better daily car really for the amount they are. I started to get annoyed with the amount of money I was burning on expensive daily cars such as Bentleys as I’d just don’t get the joy out of them I do from sportscrars, they are lovely and if you are on an unlimited budget great but otherwise I would get something a bit cheaper and save the really good stuff as sports cars that will,make you feel,and drive special, but that’s me. Think I might be getting old an sensible though!
  9. topjay

    Catalyst overheat warning

    Either a dodgy catalyst sensor or exhaust valve stuck closed I reckon, the start stop fault is usually a exhaust valve issue of some sort either stick open or closed.
  10. topjay

    Going to Dubai then the Maldives

    I doubt you will see many cars there randomly unless there is an event on, there is a lot less supercars in Dubai than say London You could go to Ferrari world and buy some socks and gloves! When are you out there? I'm heading there soon for Christmas, of which they make an excellent effort, very christmassy. Could do drinks if you are around, I'm staying at Burj Al Arab
  11. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Bit cheeky no? must be a good customer to get the first one and then to immediately sell it
  12. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Not enough swearing boys, the old LP would definitely have had handbags at dawn. Well measured response VCR, have to say i don’t get most of what Novolari posts generally, apart from th odd interesting fact, I find the style generally confrontational even when he seems to be trying to be nice, maybe that’s just the internet for you. Why did fortis leave? I missed that.
  13. Have a deposit down, not heard a thing though, I would be very surprised if it is released this soon after performante spyder. I usually get cars about 3 months after the1st customers arrive and have to spec 3 months in advance of that, not been asked for more money either which you usually are just before cars are released here to confirm your interest I hope it is a more exciting drive than Huracan
  14. topjay

    Delivery Miles on New Huracan Performante

    US ones must get road tested again after shipping, the Euro cars all have 23 or 27 miles on them (can’t remember which it is) which is the length of the normal Lamborghini road test at the factory before shipping. All my cars have always turned up with exactly the same mileage.
  15. topjay

    Drove the Urus Today

    If you have one car for everything I can see it but Bentayga is a better everyday car imo if you have other sports cars, but I guess it depends what you want in a car. I prefer relaxed with a lot of grunt for normal use, urus is not as comfy or as nicer place to be. If you want to use it hard then fair enough but most people will just tootle along most days and never use any of its abilities over any reasonably quick suv and sacrificing other areas for that