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  1. topjay

    Huracán STO

    At very high cornering speeds it probably has some use, but for any road user I too believe it does nothing and have found no discernible difference
  2. Reckon it will be stripped version finale like STO following that as an example, low numbers big money, no radio, roll cage, etc , useless as a road car but fast so limited market that won’t upset many
  3. topjay

    Huracán STO

    Lamborghini almost always raises the rev limit to gain extra peak power on new versions, if you can see what they are saying the max rpm is for this car you can probably work out what the max output will be. If they are admitting to raising the limiter that is.
  4. Was thinking about this the other day. Should Lamborghini remove the hard limiter in corsa for future models so the car shifts up itself rather than hitting it. Would seem sensible for a max attack mode without traction or launch having to be off/on. It is just software so easy to change or ad a button for rolling drag or a function to choose if you want it on or if in the menus. Thoughts?
  5. I quite like it but my wife think its looks girly!
  6. Looks great, SV is probably my all time favourite car to look at
  7. Can only speak of Aventador, i have one of each version. Carbon i hated initially and need to be reclined with spacers or they are too upright and uncomfortable imo, probably also need a wedge pillow as no padding, they feel more special and are much better when going hard. Comfort are better for relaxed use as more comfortable and adjustable but you get thrown about a lot more. If i had to pick again i would go carbon, but then do as i first described but I rarely use the car except to drive hard, if you use it a lot i would get the comforts
  8. You svj looks great, good to be different
  9. Winklemann did a great job, Dominecali took a leaf out of the Ferrari playbook ramped up all the option prices and oversupplied without the ferrari buy back and market control which has well and truly screwed Lambo prices by comparison
  10. Becoming like 911's, not cool imo, that and cheap finance and they available to almost anyone with a semi decent job, ruins it for me as they are becoming so common
  11. Didn't, sold the car so can’t advise
  12. Could be the sensor in the brake pedal you have to depress to be able to start, i had a Vacuum problem with it many years ago basically when Left for a bit it wouldn’t allow you to depress the pedal enouggh easily to start the car, ignition came on but it seemed dead. Try pushing extra hard on brake to start.
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