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  1. So same engine from Aventador for raised redline for the extra hp, new bumpers, dual clutch and electric for an extra 250kg gain. Few minimal weight saving bits in carbon rather than aluminium. more of an Aventador facelift than a new car. Bit like urus to rsq8 differences really, clever I guess, but disappointing it’s nothing new.
  2. Too closer styling to Huracan Technica imo should have taken a different path to differentiate
  3. Its pretty much out of date before its even arrived, design just not special or different enough to offset this. Unless its an absolute missile or really light then it's about 3 years too late. Would love it not to be the case but that's where I am with it for now
  4. 50th over Xago for me too, but would probably take Xago on tour
  5. It pisses me off, virtually every early car here is allocated to a mate rather than the best client of the dealer with average buying history and who will immediately flip them as they do every single time on every now model that makes money. Its every time and Lamoborghini just let the same people do it over and over again wrecking the market as so many are initially for sale that anyone that holds gets ruined. Guys that i know that saw the car earlier in the week, underwhelmed but probably a grower as always. Bit like Huracan to Technica, different but similar rather than something totally new. Twin clutch, 9250 redline, 1000hp, Veyron like exposed engine
  6. Glad you are doing well. Just getting started your still young
  7. I pretty much agree with you, I’m interested and have a deposit but not sure I want an early one. And certainly not to a pre defined spec unless that is staying for the whole model run so everyone has to have one. Lambo have also fucked over early owners for almost every car I have bought with oversupply and to people who immediately resell ruining any used market at that level as they are big money now and they make loads so not hard to wait for a new one if you want one. Unless you get the first one or very early I suspect it not going to go well for you. I’m also just not sure on it, it would have to be a mega update and technology to make me really want it and I just can’t see that. I sort of suspect it will be a rehashed parts bin car with a new power chain that may not work that well as it’s still a relatively small production run. Hard times are coming so I can see it being a tough car to resell once past the initial demand of first production year is over. There just isn’t a used market for cars at this level unless it’s a big discount as there are just too many of them now to hold value. Hopefully it will look good, as if it looks amazing straight off I would be a lot keener.
  8. Everyone grew up except Allan! but he looks like he’s having fun from instagram Cars stopped breaking so less need for specialised chat and became more available, leaving the happy band of irregulars we were without a hobby as we have nothing in common with the new breed of owner really. Think its more of a showing off thing now than a liking cars that were hard work & you needed to love to own but with small side of showing off as we were special at the time. They are just not as special now and it attracts a different crowd. old crew was and still is immense, just all spit doing their own thing with no uniting hobby anymore No one wants to publicly share now as it may bite you, we should go private and elite but thats mostly done on WhatsApp groups
  9. Very satisfying seeing the before and after
  10. See on instagram you sold yours, not feeling it?
  11. Should re brand to more general content as just not enough Lambo traffic to keep it interesting anymore and most topics have been answered or you can Google what you want to know
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