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  1. It’s the connection to the road that really separates them, I was just commenting on the stuff you mentioned. I don’t think there is that much between any of them if you could just change the setup to the same or as near as. I always felt Sv was way too light at front In flowing bends unless wing was set to max downforce. Aventador felt like it could do anything easily but without feeling. Weirdly, Sv hates the rain, very jumpy and skids on braking, Aventador was excellent as is SVJ, all on the same tyres (pzero not corsa) To be fair my early Aventador was not great so may not be fair to compare it to SV and the SV really has evolved into a much better road car with all the updates since it was released even relatively recently, it was definitely a lot more hard work to start with.
  2. Meh, very underwhelming, at least Veneno and J looked cool and different just feel if you bought a SVJ and threw 2m at it you could even yourself come up with something a lot better than what has been produced
  3. Aventador is a GT car imo and SV is a sports car. SV had a massive software upgrade last year which really transformed the gearbox, you can now actually use corsa on the road which you couldn’t before as it was just too aggressive unless going flat out. Before if you shifted up before redline it would try and put your face through the windscreen! Sv feels like a very different car to the Aventador I had, whereas SVJ seems more of an evolution with everything being better. J handles like a go cart and you can really push it, it’s much easier to drive than Sv and much more feeling. Aventador has little feedback in comparison Sv and J is on another level for drivers. However none actually come close to an out and out proper drivers car with real feedback, just too big and too heavy but they have done an amazing job of disguising that. Straight line Sv feels faster than Aventador but not sure if it is by much, J and SV are identical if anything my SV with lots of miles on the clock might actually be faster. Think the J must have different internals though as it drove way better out of the box than the others, very little engine drag even before its running in service.
  4. J drives and handles better, SV is more special Imo, if i could only have 1 it would be SV, something magic about it. J i think thy tried too hard to make it different and got a few things wrong that didn't need changing. They do feel like different cars though, J more modern and much more responsive. If SV had dual clutch i think it would be a forever car for me, not much on it i would change everything else does the job fine. With numbers Lamborghini have ruined the market for owners by oversupply, its basically a production mode not a limited carl, anyone that wants one will get one just you might have to wait a bit.
  5. Lots cancelled in UK by customers but quite a while ago, people thinking they will lose money, some even walking away from deposits, mainly due to lots of speculators in the market now so lots for sale comparatively as Lambo have produced more, so more easily available to newcomers and the usual flippers that Lamborghini dealers shouldn’t be giving cars to but always do. They will I’ll only drop the numbers if they can’t sell them imo, a PR exercise to save face and pretend it’s for the customers benefit.
  6. topjay

    GPF filter

    I don’t know if that’s the case, just usually the secondary cats get bypassed when valves are open so assumed the same for the new filter which is about city use. I have a Euro car old one and brand new one, just saying there is no discernible difference in sound with valves open if anything new one is probably louder but they will no longer allow the software to open them all the time and it’s very quiet at low rpm. Service guy said it was he new filter making it quieter and the reason they won’t do the sound software anymore
  7. topjay

    GPF filter

    Main issue is actually they don’t allow the valves to open at low rpm so back to old days of no sound until you go fast or hard. I’m getting valve controller to override for SVJ, no real difference in sound with valves open assume it bypasses it at that point
  8. Posts video to get a reaction, doesn’t like reaction.
  9. People need to get a life
  10. topjay


    That did actually cross my mind when I wrote it !
  11. topjay


    For countries with bad normal roads maybe
  12. Could be caused by stone chips or a bad previous refurb, a lot of the diamond cut & polished and then lacquered wheels seem to do this though
  13. Quite Old news, after a dealer event, egged on by the wannabe you tubers, had done it a couple or times already in very silly locations and was lucky it didn’t end worse. Nice guy got carried away, nor experienced, cold tyres and a bit of stupidity Same event reminded me to never attend public events, one guy got repeatedly called a cunt in front of his small child in a roadster for not revving. General public are not nice and have no respect
  14. Baby wipes, lots of them bring it back to almost new looking, it's just dirt as far as I can tell on my SV that was looking real bad after a lot of miles and dealer tech putting oily/dirty hands all over it at service so spent 5 mins cleaning it with wipes and now it looks great again. Went for leather on J, doesn’t look as cool but nicer to hold if it’s hot, but not much in it really. Would probably do alcantara if doing again.
  15. Not sure if you are looking for comments? Black rockers look better imo if you have shiny black on intakes and splitter as it matches, low down you really can't see carbon unless you bend down. I have black if you want a pic and have pics next to cf as a comparison Personally i would skip the cf centre caps as well you just cant see them I also wouldn't take the travel or light pack as you still get nets behind the seats without and its basically useless. Light pack is personal, i hardly ever use the car at night so not for me Also you cannot see anything inside the engine bay without removing the lid so internal cf details area little wasted imo Only other thing is the perforated leather steering wheel may look slightly odd with the Alcantara. Smooth sort of matches the smooth alcantara better if not going alcantara all around, i googled lots of SV pics before choosing, normally perforated would be my choice though.
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