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  1. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    That’s it, if I didn’t already have one already i would be all over it regardless , I just like Lamborghini despite the faults.
  2. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    A lot of people I know are bailing, several reasons : Scared of recession and won’t be able to make money on it or even cut even if you use it SVJ is way more money than SV was for a not dissimilar and more limited car They are making loads of them (as above) Design is a bit bodykit looking and not as cohesive as SV, a stupid non fixed rear deck lid for any visibility or if you have to put oil in as you have to entirely remove it which you do every 1000 miles if you use it properly. It’s like a designer that does not do outrageous designs was told to do one and that’s his interpretation rather than a guy that does it naturally or at least that is my opinion Getting bummed on SV trade in, you could almost buy a performante for the difference if you have put a decent amount of miles on it Would love one one if money was no object but realistically I’m not a billionaire and I’m just not sure it’s worth it to me to upgrade with a new model coming in a couple of years that I will want, as I’ll get raped twice then . Dealers are becoming a right arse to deal with in the way Ferrari are, with a attitude that they are doing me some big favour to sell me a half million pound car, I’m not going to blow any salesman for them to sell me something. I’ve bought every modern model Lamborghini and they treat me bad in favour of people who basically bribe them. Also for what I use it for I’m paying for 4 wheel steer, which is brilliant to make it more fun handling and feel smaller as the rest really isnt that noticeable except on a track or very fast road which I rarely see. Obviously I’m now trying to talk myself out of it! Newer is nearly always better!
  3. topjay

    top dance/electronic/ trance/ house songs

    Quite enjoying this guys mixes at the moment, ok how do you embed stuff now?
  4. topjay

    — Your Latest Lambo Power Announcement! — 10/31

    Excellent, carry on
  5. topjay

    start stop system fault

    Capristo on SV had LNB on my old Aventador, just mufflers not decat
  6. topjay

    start stop system fault

    Somewhat surprisingly, mine gets it if exhaust valves are open on start, i have a aftermarket exhaust and valve controller. Learned here way back exhaust often causes it
  7. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The Sv you can have any colour you like painted, but they won’t change th J from red, well maybe if you were prepared to pay enough but that was the answer from ad personam when I asked
  8. topjay

    Video: Supercars of London LP640 Project

    I think it looked better before in white personally, classy and a nice clean car Paul is actually a lovely guy though and lives cars, he plays well to his audience but his videos aim is not really adults, it's a real dream from him that car, he’s done well I took him for his first ever ride in a supercar, now I joke I’m going to be begging him for rides soon in special stuff if the manufacturers keep throwing money at the bloggers!
  9. topjay

    I’m back…

    What was your old name?
  10. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Said on the test drives, if you would like a reference, shmee150 talks about it quite a bit it’s at about the 10.30 minutes mark into his video. So getting on for 2000 cars total with mules and press cars, etc
  11. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I think it’s pretty poor to deliberately mislead people, even on the internet in such a small helpful community, I certainly see ace in a different light now, it’s not bad luck and business decisions, it’s deliberately giving the impression of yourself that is untrue or at least how it appears to me now. Crowdfunding a holiday as charity unless you are really in need also sits pretty low with me. Back on topic though, I think the front winglets should be black and also the centre support for the rear wing with the black following the contour as it hits the rear deck like the 63 cars, then the other lines down the centre flow and look much more balanced, those 2 changes I reckon would vastly improve the look i also saw a darker car and it looked much better than the green one as these things were not as noticeable. I personally think the SVJ may be a bit much money, it will end up nearly 20% more than my SV was for a very similar spec (10% for the car which is the norm and 10% for breaking records I reckon), I’m not sure I see the value with the numbers as they stand and with its replacement looming it has the potential to lose an awful lot of money. I also think unless you do a few ad personam bits it doesn’t look as good as SV seems that everything is now chargeable to get the nice bits and they know how to charge Ferrari style! To me it looked much better in pictures than in reality out in the light where the bits just look a bit stuck on rather than a cohesive design. I’m still thinking on it, as i actually use my cars it will take a big hit just from that, money no object though I would be all over it with ad personam bits, newer is always better and I bet it drives amazing. 900 coupe 63 coupe se 900 roadster 63 roadster se Also looking at those tech drawings the exhaust looks to be straight pipes valves to take it through muffler which would be great if that’s the standard version, anyone get and better pics of it’s design?
  12. topjay

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Is it me or is the current layout hard to navigate and almost impossible to easily read? Can’t even abuse the spammers properly
  13. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Cool but a pain in the ass and you have to find something soft to put it on, at least it will be easier to clean the underside though.
  14. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Seems a lot of the youtube/vloggers here seem to be or claim to be getting one, pretty poor show by Lambo if its the case as they can barely afford them on finance and will just flip them in 3-6 months, new world and all that.......and they haven't owned L cars before or some of them even a decent car, Aventador is the new social media thing to have! Its genuinely making me not want to be associated with the brand anymore as they bring bad publicity and image to the other owners...... maybe i'm just getting old and grumpy and should buy a Ferrari
  15. topjay

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    That is my thought as well, essentially newer version of the same car available and enough of them for people to actually be able to buy one, why would anyone buy a SV unless it was at a good discount or they couldn’t get th new car. They might be a collectors car one day but not at the moment.