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  1. Its a pressure sensor in rear of the seat it only activates when you sit in it, child seat does not activate airbag, you can see on the passenger dash if its on or off to be sure. so yes its auto
  2. topjay

    Best Tune for URUS

    Be interested to hear it if you could do a clip and see some stats when its done
  3. Anyone know how long they last have car going in for service at 4 years old and wondering if to change it rather than wait for it to fail at a guess in the next year or so. Anyone got any experience
  4. Looking good, Fit a valve controller as sport etc no longer opens valves from idle
  5. So was talking to someone well connected today and I don’t know if it is true as I’ve not heard it elsewhere. But apparently the V12 is to be dropped from the Aventador replacement as they just can’t get it light enough. Same person said the order came from Lamborghini head office and the factory is not at all happy about it and the workers went on strike for several days over it. Pretty specific stuff if it’s bull.
  6. Probably died of boredom the speed you were driving at
  7. Evo in pics look s ok but its reality its not great in person, this Front kind of make me think of squadra corsa and thats not a good thing. Really not liking where Lamborghini have been going with the styling lately, its just trying too hard to be extreme without actually being extreme. on that note i think the rsq8 is a lot better looking in person than the Urus is.
  8. Are you a good customer & regular new Lamborghini buyer? Didn’t you do a video slagging of Lamborghini that the dealer had to ask you to remove, if its the same dealer are you surprised? If there is a limited allocation and they have a full order book............. I’m not watching your video but i’m guessing its another in the same vein
  9. Had something similar with Aventador, random pad warning lights that then disappeared , turned out to be a dodgy wiring connector, try disconnecting and give them a clean as a starting point
  10. topjay

    Urus or e63 wagon?

    Urus, never got the box on wheels G63 looks. Urus looks is very spec and colour combo dependant, i've probably see 100 now and only liked 2! Question should also be Urus or RSQ8 for half the money, interior virtually identical and outside similar, not driven one as they have only just been released but i would suspect it offers a lot of value by comparison
  11. If you can squeeze you will be fine, may not be comfortable but acceptable unless you are an all round giant
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