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  1. Great choice, the Aventador is one of the coolest cars on the planet!
  2. lol, where did the Aventador go?
  3. The 650s spider I drove felt exactly the same as my 2014 12C spider. I'm sure it does have the little bump in hp, but it was completely unnoticeable. Someone upgrading from a 2012 12c might notice a bigger difference to a 650s because there was definitely some differences between my 2012 and 2014. Right after driving the 650s, I drove the Huracan demo for the first time. The Huracan was so much better, I couldn't believe it. Everything felt better, it sounded better, and it was a lot more fun to drive. I ended up keeping my Huracan order and getting out of Mclarens for good. That being said, I kept the Huracan for about 6-7 months and got out of it. My wife didn't care to touch it after I bought her a Turbo S cab, and I much prefer my 50th Aventador. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure the 488 will be tough to get anytime soon unless you have a nice history with a Ferrari dealer.
  4. Thank you! I have had my RS since August 18th, and am loving it. I have never have any of the GT3 cars before, but they are amazing.
  5. Just hit reply on his post and the YouTube link will show, and then copy and paste it into your browser.
  6. All kidding aside...let's not take this stuff too seriously. All the variations of the Aventador are amazing as it's one of the coolest cars ever made. So far I have owned 4 Aventadors, 1 for each model year, and I love every version.
  7. Speaking from my experience in the Veneno I am going to have to disagree Fortis. The neck snapping single clutch fits the car perfectly. Brutal shifts for a brutal car. It's the definition of bad to the bone. I do agree there likely won't be a single clutch in the Huracan SL, but while I prefer a dct in most cars, I really do prefer the ISR in the Aventador.
  8. I prefer the Aventador roadster (standard, 50th, or SV) over 670

    Which one?

    Thanks for the feedback. I can appreciate what you are talking about on the single clutch, but I do feel that the Aventador's single clutch is much improved over anything that is in the Murcis or Gallardos. It has a lot of character on upshifts, and the downshifts with my Kreisseg exhaust are sublime. What model year Aventador did you drive? Was it a coupe or roadster? The suspension on my 2015 feels great, a bit stiffer than the Huracans, but I actually prefer it. The Huracan is a great driving car...my opinion is that it drives more like a Ferrari yet looks like a Lambo. And while it is a beautiful design, it looks too much like a baby Aventador, and therein lies its major flaw. The Aventador (especially the roadster) just dominates it for what I like.
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