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  1. Do it. Then slap on a Heffner stroked TT package. I will ruin your perception of what a fast car is .... forever. :supz:
  2. I have signed the waiver and faxed it twice. I paid for the damn thing a long time ago and still have no idea when I'll ever see it. I am very dissapointed.
  3. Mine should be here in a week or two. :mrgreen:
  4. Something wrong with those 0-150 numbers. How does the coupe with more weight and the same power get to 150 2 full seconds quicker than tha convertible. Aerodynamics can't be that different. Can they?
  5. Then I guess all that's left to do is get mine shipped .... I paid for it about a month ago ... how about it Eisenhaus, you gonna ship my exaust or what?? :twisted:
  6. Have you seen any check engine lights??
  7. 3oomba, Thanks!! Olivier, Thanks!!
  8. That's not even a second guess. I'm just as eager as you are..and I really appreciate your patience with me Bill. I hope you got your t-shirts! Yes, I got the T shirts today ... :mrgreen: I'll be sporting them at the gym next week. :mrgreen: After seeing this exaust ... I NEED IT. :axe:
  9. Please let me know when this is all figured out ...
  10. So the check engine light is solved by simply closing the valve? Interesting. Eisenhaus has not made a friend in me though. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago about a "disclaimer" that I was supposed to sign, I had paid for the exaust a few weeks prior to that. I was told of the problem but was informed that by starting the car with the valves closed and allowing the cats to heat up things would be fine. I was also told the exaust would ship that day. A few weeks pass and I have no exaust. I called Mark at SP to find out what the hell. He contacted Eisenhaus and was told the shipment never happened as they were in the process of making a fix for the CEL issue. That is a good thing .... but no one called me to tell me the exaust was not coming. A one minute phone call would not have been too much to ask so I was not under the continuing impression that the exaust was due any day. Even Mark at SP was under the impression I had my exaust. Hopefully they get their shit together and I'll get my exaust in a week or so.
  11. Mine is on hold because Krieseiegg can't seem to make this exaust without causing check engine lights. Hopefully they will have the issue fixed in a week or so. If not ... lokks like MS Racing. I will not let this car turn into a problem for me.
  12. farkasd, It definitely gets your attention. :mrgreen: TheLimey, Thanks!! Lamborghinikid, I can't wait to see it. Thanks!! Mike_S, The G is slated for a Rues Audio system and has a Gruppe M intake waiting for a Kriessieg exaust. Maybe some wheels. I am also watching Wayne's Turbo project with great interest.
  13. Mako, Thanks!! Allan, Right back acha brutha!! Thanks! Quicksilver, I just replied. For some reason I missed your PM. Thanks!! vmanaktala, Thanks!! SP, Thanks!! macano, You should hear the blow off in action ... :mrgreen: Thanks!! kerbie, Thanks!!
  14. Fast Autos.net did an article on my Viper. If you are interested here's the link. http://www.fast-autos.net/featurecars/heff...rt10/index.html
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