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  1. Man they put that curtain/shield up for a reason and my advice is not to let your curiosity get the better of you!!!
  2. Agree, great card all the way around. The oddsmakers have this one right though, Maidana is a huge dog and deservedly so. Loved seeming him destroy that imbecile Broner, but unlike what most of the public thinks because their styles look a little similar Mayweather is on another planet in terms of talent...Broner isn't even in his universe. Boxing has been absolutely on fire the past 18 months, a true resuragance after so long in the toilet. This is going to be another fantastic year for fans due to guys like Golovkin/Ward/Stephenson/Garcia/Mayweather/Kovolev/etc/etc/etc in almost every division. A lot of great fights to be made. Glad to see it, it's the 80s all over again...
  3. What has been seen cannot be unseen...you are not kidding my friend. So far he's going about 3hrs between wake-ups/feedings at night, but by next month we're going to so the same thing with sleep training. The benefit of having them be so young and sleep through the whole thing seems amazing and impossible, can't wait to see how it goes. That swing is a lifesaver, it's like Nyquil for infants. Had never heard of them before but can't imagine how people live without them. Godsend. Thanks Aram, hopefully our pool boy has a brain...would like the kid to get into a good school!
  4. Designer Luc Donckerwolke (who penned the Murcie and Gallardo for those not in the know), was doing an online chat yesterday when someone asked him about his experience at Lambo: "The day I arrived at Lamborghini, knowing that my car design (the Murcielago) had been chosen, I thought "wow, I'm going to work at Lamborghini," then I met Valentino Balboni and he said "You're going to design the engine cover. We design the engine, you design the engine cover." He meant the whole car was an engine cover, because the main actor was the engine. It made me feel humble. That was my first day at Lamborghini." Donkerwolke has long moved on from Lambo and now currently heads Bentley's team. When asked about the next Conti, this was his response: "I can only say that the next car will be the next step forward. We want to take this brand forward, the new Bentley started with Continental GT. It's a brand builder. Bentley is a special brand that has both a strong performance and luxury heritage that are delivered in the Conti GT. The first gen to second gen carried strong brand DNA, innovation is a tradition. The DNA needs to carry over, the bold statement. It's a challenge for us, but the challenge we love to take." "This kind of evolution, sharpening of the car, helped to settle it. The car can have a real step forward. The third gen can get it's own character sharpened, but unmistakable Bentley. We don't want to break the evolution, you'll recognize it immediately as being a Continental GT. Our brand is in our design. It has to be extremely desirable when it hits the market, but it isn't about making the other generations look dated, it's about complimenting them. It's like having a Porsche 911, no matter the generation it's still a 911. It becomes a brand in itself. The car has to last as a timeless piece, our car doesn't become old, it becomes classic." "Some brands have to use every opportunity to create a styling element, we're about reducing that. We want a timeless design."
  5. Ha, thank you guys, appreciate all the kind thoughts for sure. No family like the L-Power family.
  6. Looks good at the moment, his behavior two weeks later is identical to how he was prior to the procedure so it seems like all is ok for now. Pediatric Neurosurgeon was happy with the result, he was shocked that it happened from a C-section and not a natural delivery. Thanks H, luckily my wife is Asian and pretty traditional on the Man/Woman roles, so I sleep like a rock now that he's home! These virgin hands haven't changed a diaper yet!
  7. :lol2: Yes, exactly! Soon as those come off he goes Marvin Hagler if he's made fists, or Wolverine if his nails are long, on his own face, with a particular desire to forcefully end his own eyesight. Thanks E, appreciate the well wishes, and from everyone else as well.
  8. Interesting story: So my wife had a C-section with him and during delivery they apparently used too much force and fractured his skull. That then led to a cyst of pooled blood similar to a hematoma in his head, with a small amount of leakage beneath the bone near the brain. So after a week of MRIs and a CT scan they decide to operate to flush it out (Neurologist procedure), which led to a 5-day stint in the pediactric ICU, etc. Kid was a trooper, no problems, everything looks good now, but in one short month he's had more medical drama than I've had in 4+ decades. Amazing.
  9. Our first, Brett Richard, born 3/10:
  10. Love this car, nearly not a wrong line anywhere on it. They somehow managed to pull off a perfect Aventador-Jr, but did it with enough uniqueness that it doesn't seem like a step down at all...just a true alternative.
  11. Any new model from any of the majors is exciting even if what has come before isn't to everyone's taste. Looking forward to seeing this...
  12. All the cars at this level have always wound up coming down to the owner's personal taste to determine which one is "best", rarely has there been a clear superior choice over the others. I'm sure the Ferrari, Mac, and 917 are all a blast and all would come down to individual preferences for the most part. The Konegsegg isn't even the conversation, because the other three have thousands of high-end engineering man-hours into them, tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars of development resources committed, and the combined racing experience of over 100 years of competition at the highest level among the three. I doubt that CVK's endless rich-kid vanity play car company is at that level.
  13. Mako


    It really is like some sort of Olympic cardio contest. Capt if you strap a webcam to yourself riding an elliptical at the gym outside in the snow for 3 hours it would be at just about the same level. At least the other event has a shooting element to keep it interesting. But even that needs to be spiced up a bit...let's throw some moving targets in there, an no, not the stray dogs that are all over the course.
  14. When I look at the global hash (mining) rate when we first started talking about this versus the global rate now, I'm shocked at just how exponentially fast the mining aspect of the game has gotten. Hardware that was fine a year ago is now obsolete/not worth the time to even run thanks to the spread of newer ASIC rigs, even with bitcoin's value increase over that span. It's amazing, very interested to see where it all goes and whether it's all just a colossal waste of time and money.
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