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  1. Just 5 spots left, it'd be great to get a few more TT G's/H's out. Gabe from Impressive Auto Body will be out with his pair of UGR Huracans Get your tickets here
  2. More details here: www.slipstreamre.com/the-ultimate-street-racing-shootout
  3. Interesting takeaways that most people probably don't even consider, but that is why you guys are the best in the game. Period.
  4. Taken from FB Event The Best Roll Racing Action in America Returns Sept. 17, 2017 at Pocono Raceway Sign Up
  5. Date change to 9/17 for the next event. PCJR, bring the Aventador out for Sept. Shoot me a PM and I'll get you taken care of.
  6. We're doing it again on August 27 www.facebook.com/events/205446079915376 www.slipstreamre.com/ecco
  7. We're doing it again on August 27 www.facebook.com/events/205446079915376 www.slipstreamre.com/ecco
  8. CONGRAULATIONS GABE & UGR for raising the bar to another level at the SlipStream Racing event yesterday at Pocono Raceway. Gabe was in attendance with both of his UGR Huracans and even while just getting a feel for the car put on a show for everyone. Not only was Gabe amongst the few to break 200 MPH (the first time that has ever been broken at Pocono with a verified start speed), he set our fastest ever recorded MPH, and with a 54 MPH start speed over 1600'. Gabe's build is truly Impressive and we look forward to having him and his family back out for more fun later this year.
  9. The North East's Premiere Roll-Racing Event is Back! The East Coast Call Out is the perfect blend of all-day racing and competitive titles all wrapped into one. In addition to our 6 competitive division titles, this year will be the race to 200+ MPH for the heavy hitters. Plain & simple: we deliver an exhilarating day of side-by-side roll-racing that is measured & validated through the most advanced application-specific timing equipment available. All of this is hosted at an active Nascar circuit within a 2 hour drive from NYC or Philadelphia. Pocono Raceway offers something completely unique for racers, spectators, and sponsors. The ability to utilize a top-tier Nascar facility allows the audience to watch the action just 50’ from the track right at the finish line! Sign-Up at: www.slipstreamre.com/ecco
  10. I like the idea of one master subforum labeled as "LAMBO TT" or "FORCED INDUCTION". Basically just renaming this one as it is already used cross model to showcase the TT builds
  11. We'll be doing the standing 1/2 mile again July 23-24. And then Roll Out to Reach Out benefiting the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in August at Pocono.
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