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  1. This type of place is where you need to be calling. Tons of them out there.
  2. I hate China as much as the next guy at this point, but the Chinese Redesivir patent application was a use patent that they applied for in January in hopes they could start making it to fight COVID-19 in China. The patent is held by Gilead as you said, which is an American company. Gilead has also pledged to donate 1.5 million doses by September and their entire current supply. They are ramping up production as we speak.
  3. Most hydraulic shops have everything on site to make identical replacements. They can custom bend everything, put fittings on, and crimp hoses on that are good to well over what is needed. If you doubt their reliability just keep in mind the same shops make high pressure hoses and fittings (5000psi+) for forklifts, construction, and industrial equipment far more expensive than a Diablo. I've had plenty of similar hoses and fittings made at shops across the Midwest without any issues. Just bring in the entire assembly for them to measure and copy. Some even offer mobile service where they can come out and make the hoses on site.
  4. AudiBull


    Chad, if unable to source a jig it would not be hard to make one or have a machine shop take care of it. Several ways to go. You could secure it with a matching splined shaft, just use a brass vise or one with nylon or rubber inserts to prevent damage to the teeth, or weld a series of round stock pegs to a shop table or piece of steel to secure the teeth. The last is not that difficult and would work. You would just need to draw out the pattern between the teeth and then weld vertical pegs while leaving enough room for rubber, electrical tape, or nylon to prevent any marring. If done right the shaft would drop right in and be held secure while torquing everything down. A final option would be to have a fixture 3d printed that could be inserted in a vise that was a perfect fit for the teeth. Good luck with it.
  5. AudiBull


    Chad, what is the purpose of the jig? Does it just attach to act as a bearing press? By the look of it the assembly process could be done with an arbor press or just using a brass or nylon sleeve to install the bearing. Past that it looks like everything is tightened down with a spanner and locked in place by dimpling the ring nut. Are any shims or spacers installed beneath the bearing or is it a flush fit? Am I missing something?
  6. The occupancy sensor was what I was talking about. They are listed as a standard safety feature on Mucielagos, so I assume you have one in the passenger seat. I chased an identical sounding issue on an S4 of similar vintage years ago. Traced through the steering column, passenger switch, and it ended up being the sensor. Granted, it's an electrical issue, so could be the wiring, switch, control module, etc. I just know those occupancy sensors tend to fail at about ten years old on 2004-2010 models and sooner even on some newer models hence the recall. It was pretty apparent in my case that it was the sensor. I could clear the code and it would be fine until someone sat in the passenger seat. Also agree it's a pain in the ass that most OBDII scanners can't clear it. I would try the same thing to test. Hope that helps and good luck.
  7. This issue has been haunting all VAG products for a while. There was a related recall on many Audi models. I doubt they issued a recall for Murci's, but worth checking. The fix is replacing the sensor, or buying a cheap emulator to bypass the sensor. Not sure if this one would work. You would need to check a wiring diagram, but I'm guessing it's identical systems.
  8. Big balls and this has been talked about for ages. Crazy to think this car is 20mph slower in the half mile than the current record holding TT Huracan.
  9. Not sure how this hasn't received more attention. Only playing tomorrow and the 27th. When I booked 90% of tickets were unsold. See it if you can.
  10. No, the article is three years old. The car Emanon saw has side mirrors, lights are different, exhaust is completely different as far as routing/color/tips, rear lights hung different, front lights are different, bare frame vs. painted, decals different, grill, etc. If it's the same car they changed a lot in the last three years.
  11. Definitely a replica, but looks close. About five years ago I had a V8 powered 917 replica similar to this fly by me in rush hour with a plate hanging on the back. I have a pic of it somewhere. Was pretty funny following and being stuck in stop and go with that rear end in front of me. Here is the real 21.
  12. This is Vahid's car and he is indeed an LP member. It does sound mental and as far as mods go he has done an awesome job of sticking with factory components. This car was also the original Kabob (I actually mean kebab) (I actually mean kebab) platter STS wing. Had to spell kebab that way just to see if the filters carried over. Nice to see they still work and the emoticons carried over.
  13. I needed something smaller and sleek, but I'm not a fan of money clips, so about ten years ago started using business card wallets. It's just a leather bifold, but small and has two pockets only, both the exact size to hold credit cards, id, etc. I put cards on one side, money on the other since I rarely use cash. I keep it in a front pocket. Many available if you Google, but this is an example.
  14. Amazing accomplishment Lamborghini! As far as the Trinity, the 918 was out of juice three quarters of the way through one lap at the ring. You can watch it happen on the official video that was released by looking at the charge gauge. On top of that they weren't on the most aggressive setting to make the charge last. To attempt a record time in the 918 on tracks like Laguna Seca that are shorter they had to run a hot lap that would completely drain the batteries, then two "regen" laps coasting around until they were fully charged to try another hot lap.
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