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  1. Is there any tire that will hook up on pump gas on the street besides the Nitto nt01 or the Toyo 888? Car is s UGR Stage 3. Looking for something with better wet traction and longer life. Has anyone tried the Nitto nt555 or nt05? Thanks
  2. Need PPI recommendation for Gallardo in West Palm /Riviera Beach area. Thanks
  3. I sent you a PM....Yes, call your friend and see what you can learn.
  4. Makes me wonder if there are other "stories" attached to the car. IMO details like this aren't consistent with a really well cared for car - but maybe that doesn't hold true here. Maybe it's a great car with bad mirrors and some faded decals. I agree with the above..my fingers are crossed. I am going to have a 3rd party PPI done and that will maybe help. The dealer is going to try and re clear the mirrors and do something with the decal.... I just wonder why that did not go ahead and take care of these two things over the month's that they have had the car for sale.... obviously these are the first two things that jump out at you. Thank you all for the feedback!!
  5. 2012 Perf 4500 mi car... Salesperson says all is perfect except it appears that clearcoat has come off on the mirrors and that the red "star" sticker on the decklid is faded? He says he has seen a few SL's and Perf's that have had some problem with the clearcoat on the mirrors? Anyone have any thoughts ? I thought possibly someone had tried to buff the car and burned through the clearcoat and maybe dulled the sticker, but he says no. Thanks http://www.lamborghinila.com/used/Lamborgh...46c426093fe.htm Hope i entered the link correctly....
  6. I need a name and number of someone to do a 3rd Party PPI in Los Angeles that is trustworthy. Many thanks.
  7. Are you speaking of the white SL with the IMSA body kit?
  8. Good luck with your sale.....I have a LPE TT650 and cannot even imagine the power of your ride!!!!
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2001-LAMBOR...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. The seats in that car are awesome, those are the best looking racing seats in a high end car I have seen yet. Who wrapped them for you, and did it cost under 1k per seat? LPE TT650
  11. Isn't the title of this section of the forum "Other Cars"? If the POS boys want to slobber all over the new Plastic mess-06 let'em. Hell, it is ashamed it took Chevrolet this long to at least get it almost right. I mean I hate the stick on rear brake cooling ducts, that remind me of the Mustang and the rest of the styling is also questioable. But overall it is a nearly unbeatable package. Last time I checked Audi was a fairly large player in the automative marketplace..... I think they even won LeMans a few times.... and look at what they gave us with the new Murci? An underpowered overweight grand turing car! 3700-4000lb (hardtop and roadster) this is ridiculous for a 300K+ car. I hopw Audi wows us all with the next generation Murci. LPE TT650
  12. I would think that a hydraulic lifter motor would be good to at least 7K without float, I can't see any reason why the S7 wuould need to turn any higher than that. The solid lifter motors from the past had to have the valves adjusted on a regular basis, unless Saleen has changed something I can't imagine having to make regular adjustments to the valves on a 550K car. LPE makes 800hp on a hydraulic lifter........ no matter what the S7 is one E-ticket ride!
  13. I ask John Lingenfelter about adding a BOV and his response was that at the relatively low boost levels that most of his cars run the kickback from the exhaust pressure was not a detrement to the turbo's. I have talked to others about the BOV's and they say that in a pure drag race application there would probably be some benefit due to the turbo's having to respool in it's current configuration. Is the Saleen Intercooled? I don't think it is, but was wondering if someone know's for sure. I also noticed they are running solid lifters in the twin turbo motor... this makes no sense to me. Anyone have an answer for this? LPE TT650
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