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  1. FC Corp

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    Good luck and safe driving!
  2. FC Corp

    Underground Racing 259.67 pass (( 1320 VIDEO ))

    Multiple runs, such a stable car! Congrats!
  3. FC Corp

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    No sir, that's Marty's car, he will be driving it and KC will be driving UR 4. They also brought Quberto (I believe, I may be wrong, saw it in the trailer) and a customers 1R Gallardo. I'll try and post their times as they run on my Instagram. @ur___55
  4. FC Corp

    FS: OEM Huracan Race Exhaust

    UPDATE: Both the Race and Sport Exhausts have been sold. Thanks,
  5. FC Corp

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    I think it's only for spec'd cars which models haven't hit the market yet. I never signed one for the lambo's purchased that were already in stock. For example, my 17 H Spyder was one of the first produced, Spec'd in January 2016 and delivered in July 2016. The Urus was spec'd and as we all know not being delivered as of yet. This keeps people from buying new "releases" and turning around and "flipping" them, I guess...
  6. Sunday funday in Mexico #superchargersareslow
  7. I'll deter that for Kevin to answer.
  8. http://www.undergroundracing.com/vehicles/...-huracantt.html Then there are extra's you can get like race heads, autoshift, etc.
  9. Yes sir, running 1100 on 93 pump. Working with a local vendor to supply me with MS109 so 93 will have to do for now.
  10. FC Corp

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    Sure most had to sign an agreement that they would not resell within a year or give the dealership the option to buy it back. Forgot what the verbiage is, signed a few in the past on spec'ed orders. Once that time passes, many will hit the market.
  11. FC Corp

    Current Performante market

    That's what I was told as well. Overall a decrease in production of the Huracan as well. The P's aren't going to have many produced and the Spyders, well, one dealership in Texas was only allocated 10 for the year and that number is supposed to decline in 2019. The P's out there are holding their value for now.
  12. I was wondering what you all were using that 3D printer for and why you had cases of silver spray paint...