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  1. sl55

    New Aventador?

    I can't see HQ parking a one off outside with a cover on it. It looks to me like another variant because you can see black tape over a logo and black tape over what it looks to be the tricolore stripe similar to the Performante.
  2. sl55

    New Aventador?

    Another limited edition lol, jeez but I guess this what Lambo does best.. And SVJ 63 owners must be pissed.
  3. sl55

    New Aventador?

    Interesting. I also wonder if this could be the final edition RWD some have suspected was in the works?
  4. sl55

    New Aventador?

    The rear bumper is different so either a one off or maybe another Aventador variant because I've heard the replacement isn't arriving until 2024.
  5. +1. Imo the SVJ hasn't bottomed out yet so you'll take a hit whereas the SV's have seem to have bottomed out in particular the SV roadster. I love both cars but the SVJ looks much more aggressive and drives better.
  6. I don't think that's a concave hood we're seeing. Instead I think what we're seeing is the protective cover been pushed back during a high speed run and creating an air bubble which gives it an appearance of a concaved hood . And none of the cars look like STO test mules.
  7. Values are still holding and demand is still there. Well done Lambo.
  8. Another special edition but it's rarer than the 63 roadster. Makes no sense whatsoever but it's Lambo been Lambo. https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/news/aventador-svj-xago-edition-and-ad-personam-virtual-studio
  9. Mitja posted a few renders, still prefer LamboCars renders Look much better imo.
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