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  1. sl55

    Monterey 2019

    Friend of mine is looking to sell but as a pair. It includes VIP parking pass as well.
  2. sl55

    Monterey 2019

    I have tix for Quail but still deciding if I want to go. I've included some info below regarding car week...
  3. That's true. I doubt they'll find a buyer at $12 million.
  4. For $12m you can have Lambo build you a one off and you would still have money left over for a Chiron and Senna or hypercar of your choice.
  5. I'm thinking the 580 refresh as well. I know there's a STS version in the works but the front doesn't look aggressive enough.
  6. Everyone wants to be a YT rockstar...and whatever happen to Sai? I thought she was getting a SVJ?
  7. sl55


    Cool I guess but I was expecting something insane to counter the SF90.
  8. There was some sort of testing going on at Nardo last week but no idea what they were testing. I also heard they'll be a one off Lamborghini commissioned for a VIP costumer which will be shown at Quail this year.
  9. Great video Doc, can't wait to see future EP's and see what spec you went with.
  10. Maldives is amazing. Why didn't you like Dubai?
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