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  1. Demo's arrived at the port a few weeks ago, so dealers should receive their cars sometime this month. Customer cars are expected to arrive in June or July. The NA cars are receiving software updates before being shipped out. My La Prima delivery was confirmed last week for May 30th, so it's getting close.
  2. I received this update today and I have La Prima booked for end of Jan with a March delivery.
  3. I received an "on order" update on Unica yesterday...
  4. I confirmed my preconfig spec the other day. Delivery is expected in December.
  5. My spec was confirmed today. I requested black wheels which was confirmed and I was told my shift peddle will come in carbon. I was also told they're going to be doing a very special delivery at the factory for the preconfig cars as part of the La Prima experience. Will post more details when I receive them.
  6. NYC preview is today so look forward to hearing feedback for the guys who selected the preconfigs.
  7. I believe the media drives are next month. Select deposit holders will be heading to Silverstone this month for a preview track day.
  8. Thanks, it does look incredible in yellow. I also like the launch spec. https://www.instagram.com/p/CqgcsLysGI1/
  9. My friend who works for Lamborghini sent me the pictures of my spec...
  10. So the spec I picked at the NYC preview was Giallo Countach with black wheels. We couldn't change any other options. I was told to expect my car end of the year assuming there's no delays. I also plan to do La Prima which should be awesome and I'm trying to get an invite for factory event silverstone so I can test the car at the track.
  11. How is it a Aventador facelift? It's literally brand new, new engine, new components. The car is a massive step up from the Aventador and massive step up for the brand.
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