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  1. But still a V12 which is good news because the V10 is most likely gone. My guess is the replacement will be pushing close to 900HP and room to go up to a 1000HP.
  2. sl55

    Next Week News

    I mean really Lambo? This is the best you can do for the final edition Aventador? And why would you leave the front fascia untouched? The AV S front fascia is not aggressive at all and in my opinion the worst looking front end out of all the Aventador variants. At least make the front fascia different for the final edition V12 model. Beyond disappointed.
  3. sl55

    Next Week News

    I assume this is the upcoming SJ model... More pics and video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPMPBYXHJx5/
  4. sl55

    Huracán STO

    Looks amazing in black.
  5. sl55

    Next Week News

    Yup, the 4th model will be based on the e-tron/taycan. I also expect the first electric Bentley to be based on the same platform.
  6. sl55

    Next Week News

    Aventador SJ, dealers are taking orders with the market intro cars arriving Q4.
  7. sl55

    Next Week News

    Another Aventador model confirmed, deliveries start end of this year but I believe the announcement is for the CountachContach hypercar.
  8. sl55

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    Congrats and the spec looks amazing.
  9. Congrats Doc, looks amazing. Did you pass up the 63 for the Xago?
  10. I'm loading up on ETH. Got in at $150 and $600 and decided to buy some more at $1500. Good long term bet.
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