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  1. Maybe they'll tell us the name at the preview next week.
  2. I'll be attending the NYC preview in a few weeks. There's a few rumours floating around like there might not be a roadster and the V12 will have a short production. Not sure if they're true or not but we'll find out soon.
  3. Lambo cracks me up sometimes, they release the teaser above but they also release the image below so why go through the hassle of the teaser pic?
  4. Conflicting reports, some say unveiling at Quail but others are saying a European launch in Sept/Oct.
  5. So they're launching a refreshed Urus and a Urus Performante/Sport version which will have a 2 year production run. I'm getting the first one at my dealer and it's expected to go into production in Oct with a March delivery.
  6. Nope, not even available for order. Actually I haven't seen a production STO with the rollbar yet.
  7. From what I've read on the other forum the car will be longer than the current Aventador. The exhaust is interesting, with the camo it looks odd but I'm sure it'll fit in the overall design. You can see in some the pictures the rear looks similar to the Centenario.
  8. The headlights look like the Sian and new air vents near to the front wheel. The car also looks longer.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/c/Varryx has spotted the production ready mule and he'll be posting a video in a few days.
  10. I actually prefer the Third Millennium concept. I feel the SC20 is too soft in the front. I've read Lambo wants to add sharper lines to it's future design which is why I love the front end design of the EVO 2. Hopefully this design language carries over to the Huracan replacement and the AV replacement.
  11. I was told 800 from the V12, 200 hybrid. The look is described as a Sian with design elements from the Centenario. There's also talk it might be a limited run, maybe the V12 is a limited run? Supposedly dealers saw the actual car in person so sounds like it's close to production ready.
  12. Word is they shared images of the production ready car. I was told the the rear looks like the Sian, engine sits higher so it's more exposed and overall the design is a major departure from the current Aventador.
  13. I agree with you. Same story with the STO, free paints on the EVO are $15k for the STO. It's getting ridiculous. And rumour is they previewed the Aventador replacement at the dealer meeting yesterday. I'd be interesting to see if someone leaks the information.
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