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  1. Nothing. No pictures of the camo car driving around the ring either so I assume they're not going for the ring record. It's surprising not to see more spy shots because this car was suppose to be shown at Quail.
  2. The car in the video is the actual race car, not the STO. STO is basically production ready so if it hits the ring it'll be in camo.
  3. The AR feature is pretty cool.
  4. Lol, render looks sick. Never understood why Lambo does long drawn out launches for spyder/roadster models.
  5. Yup, it's the RWD spyder. I was hoping it was the SVR but guess that'll be unveiled later this year.
  6. Or maybe the track only hypercar.
  7. Launch spec SVJ63 up for sale $751k, one of my fav specs for the 63. https://www.paganibeverlyhills.com/used/Lamborghini/2020-Lamborghini-Aventador+SVJ+63-c22c3f8b0a0e08bb6b37cdd49213df05.htm
  8. ^ Japanese spec's are unique which is nice to see.
  9. sl55

    Quail 2020

    I'm thinking massive budget cuts will be happening in the car industry in the coming months due to the economic fallout that awaits us once the lockdown is over. It probably means more manufacturers will skip car shows and possibility scale back their presence at events like car week.
  10. sl55

    Quail 2020

    I'm thinking a bigger venue for the replacement, probably Geneva assuming production doesn't get delayed because of COVID.
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