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  1. Hybrid plus a dual clutch would add additional weight. I have a hard time believing Lamborghini would ditch the V12, it's the heart and soul of the brand plus how would they go about marketing a V8 flagship when the Huracan would still have a NA V10. My personal take is the replacement A will be more of a mid cycle refresh (similar to 488>F8) with updated tech, dual clutch and the V12 hybrid and the V8 goes in the Huracan replacement.
  2. There was also the exposed carbon roadster for sale in Dubai last year which supposedly sold. It was priced around $10m USD.
  3. Same car. Topaz in London detailed the entire before heading to the auction...
  4. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/pa20/paris/lots/r0078-2015-lamborghini-veneno-roadster/843869
  5. I was thinking the same. There's more potential buyers at say Quail and FOS vs GIMS which is why it seems like they're spending more money every year for the house/lounge during car week. Plus they have the test drives which really personalizes the entire experince. I assume they're getting a good ROI by doing these events.
  6. So how will they launch the Aventador replacement? Frankfurt? Or more regional previews similar to what they did with the Performante?
  7. The 63 is listed for $899k but open to offers.
  8. SVJ63 for sale... https://www.ilusso.com/used/Lamborghini/2020-Lamborghini-Aventador-7ccea92a0a0e08be1665658f815e5e83.htm
  9. The interior is even a bigger disappointment. Looks and feels cheap and the the touchscreen just looks out of place.
  10. Received this gift after my first service, pretty impressed with the quality because the plaque is actually metal and not plastic. Supposedly Lamborghini is upping their customer experience by providing gifts like this.
  11. Interesting. I assume they're going to focus more on Quail/Car week and Goodwood Festival of Speed to launch models . This way they can give customers and potential customers a better inmate experience as opposed to a large auto show.
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