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  1. Exclusive: Volkswagen draws up plans to carve out Lamborghini - sources FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Volkswagen VOWG_p.DE is drawing up plans to carve out Lamborghini and has sounded out bankers and potential investors about listing the Italian sports car maker on the stock market, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. They said the German carmaker is looking to make Lamborghini a more independent unit within its stable of car brands and is discussing long-term supply deals, both steps which would make it easier to carry out an initial public offering (IPO). “This is a first step which gives VW the option to list the unit further down the line,” one of the sources familiar with the discussions about the future of Lamborghini told Reuters. The source said there was no formal decision to divest Lamborghini and the timetable of any deal remained unclear. A second source familiar with the talks about Lamborghini, which is currently part of Audi, said Volkswagen would retain a controlling stake in the supercar brand if it were to list. Volkswagen declined to comment. Reuters reported on Tuesday that Volkswagen was reviewing the future of its high-performance brands Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati as part of broader quest for more economies of scale as it shifts to mass producing electric cars. Two company executives told Reuters the review could lead to technology partnerships for the sports car and superbike brands, restructuring, or other options including a listing or sale. The value of Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari RACE.MI has more than trebled since Fiat Chrysler FCHA.MI listed it in 2016 though shares in rival Aston Martin AML.L have slumped since its IPO in 2018. Volkswagen’s management and supervisory board will host a five-year planning round in mid November and preparations to carve out Lamborghini could help executives make a decision on a sale or partial listing at short notice. A third source familiar with the discussions said the future of all three brands was discussed at a supervisory board meeting last Friday, including how to electrify the Lamborghini and Bugatti brands through partnerships and investors. Lamborghini’s Chief Executive Stefano Domenicali announced this week his departure from the sports car maker to take on a new job as president of Formula One. ‘IMPORTANT STEPS’ Volkswagen Group’s Chief Executive Herbert Diess said on Wednesday the carmaker would announce “important steps” about the company’s future before the end of the year. A global clampdown on vehicles powered by combustion engines to curb carbon emissions has forced carmakers to accelerate the development of low-emission technology for their mainstream models. California, for example, which accounts for 11% of U.S. car sales, plans to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks from 2035, the State’s Governor Gavin Newsom said last week. Volkswagen managers, however, are struggling to find the resources needed to electrify low volume sports car models such as Lamborghini and Bugatti, which sold 4,554 and 82 cars respectively last year. By reviewing VW’s portfolio, Diess is slowly unwinding an empire built by his mentor, Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen’s former chairman and chief executive who died in 2019. Piech, who hired Diess in 2015, turned Volkswagen around by betting on modular construction techniques which allowed Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW and to use common parts for up to 65% of their construction. Diess is taking a similar approach with electrification to boost economies of scale, developing a modular electric vehicle platform known as MEB, which will fit its mainstream compact and medium-sized vehicles - but not supercars. Piech bought the Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini brands as part of an aggressive expansion push in 1998 which eventually turned Volkswagen into the biggest car company in the world by sales ahead of Toyota 7203.T. Diess told Reuters last month he had abandoned VW’s decades-old obsession with empire building and no-expense-spared engineering to free up resources for the development and mass production of electric cars. “The product experience needs to be right. But you need to keep an eye on cost. You cannot run the business by focusing only on product,” Diess said.
  2. Lets go build a speedster no one wants and delay the A replacement to 2024.
  3. Rimac deal is to increase VW's share in Rimac. It also gives Rimac a golden opportunity to showcase their EV tech under the Bugatti name plate. It's a win win situation for Mate Rimac who's still a majority owner. I think Lambobrghini will be sold as a partnership because there's not many mainstream manufacturers in the current climate looking to splurge on a brand that caters to a very niche market. I personally think VW dumping Bugatti, Lambo and maybe even Bentley will be a big mistake long term but it seems like they're hell bent to catch up to Telsa and try to conquer the EV market. Good luck.
  4. My feeling is VW will sell off Lamborghini to a sovereign wealth fund but still have an agreement for part sharing. Outside of a fund I can't see any mainstream manufacturer coming in and trying to buy Lamborghini, maybe a Chinese automotive brand?
  5. Posted on Lamborghini.com, it's almost like they were forced to post something about him leaving lol.
  6. I remember there was an article last year regarding infighting between Lambo suits and VW suits about the direction the replacement should head. I wonder if the VW suits won the battle andDomenicali decided to jump ship. Rumour has it Winklemann is gone after the zero emissions track only Vision Le Mans which is been unveiled next month. It's also rumoured VW has been looking for buyers for Lamborghini but because of the uncertainly in the automotive world due to COVID plans are on hold.
  7. I wonder who's replacing him... AD After leading Lamborghini for approximately four and a half years, Stefano Domenicali is reportedly leaving his position to become Formula 1’s new CEO. It is unclear who will fill his shoes as the CEO and President of the Italian exotic car brand, as Formula 1 hasn’t announced Domenicali’s appointment yet. However, Domenicali’s move to F1 has been reportedly confirmed by “senior sources” to BBC. Domenicali is expected to grab the reins of F1 before the start of next season from Chase Carey, who has held this position from January 2017, on behalf of Liberty Media. Read Also: Lamborghini Sold Nearly 5,000 Urus SUVs Last Year, Boosting Total Volume By 43 Percent Before signing with Audi in 2014 and being named at the helm of Lamborghini in 2016, replacing Stephan Winkelmann, Domenicali used to lead Ferrari’s F1 team. Thus, if he indeed returns to the sport, then he would join other ex-Ferrari bosses, like the FIA President Jean Todt, who was the Prancing Horse’s sporting director, and Ross Brown, ex-chief of design. Born in Imola in 1965, Domenicali used to help out at the paddocks of the local racetrack and in the media center as a child. He graduated from the University of Bologna in 1991, and shortly after, he joined Ferrari in the finance department. From 1992 to 1994, he was involved in motorsport, as the race director at Mugello, and in 1995, he was appointed the chief of personnel in the sporting department, where he remained until 2001 when, after being named logistics manager, he became the sporting director. In 2007, he was appointed the director of Ferrari’s F1 team, and one year later, he was named team principal.
  8. Need an updated pictures will all the cars
  9. sl55

    New Aventador?

    I can't see HQ parking a one off outside with a cover on it. It looks to me like another variant because you can see black tape over a logo and black tape over what it looks to be the tricolore stripe similar to the Performante.
  10. sl55

    New Aventador?

    Another limited edition lol, jeez but I guess this what Lambo does best.. And SVJ 63 owners must be pissed.
  11. sl55

    New Aventador?

    Interesting. I also wonder if this could be the final edition RWD some have suspected was in the works?
  12. sl55

    New Aventador?

    The rear bumper is different so either a one off or maybe another Aventador variant because I've heard the replacement isn't arriving until 2024.
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