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  1. Invites for the special viewing at the factory went out this week. They'll be a tour of the new production line and dinner on the day of the unveiling which is on March 29th.
  2. Received an update for the Aventador replacement on the Unica app today. I assume unknown car will be updated to "Aventador NF" in the next few days. I also received an update last week which included info for each spec.
  3. Received an update on Unica this morning with the 9 preconfigs. I assume we'll receive another update with the spec we picked.
  4. The entire event was well put together. A lot of details about the car and what the brand has planned for the future. I think most people will like what they see when the car is finally unveiled in March.
  5. More info regarding this drive, might be a passenger with a fellow owner in the US.
  6. Like every new Lamborghini model it takes time to appreciate the design. I remember when the SVJ came out most people hated it, called too busy and preferred the SV. Now of course opinions have changed for most people and the SVJ is considered one of the best looking variants. I don't think people will be overly disappointed with the replacement. It's wide, it's long and it'll have the road presence every V12 has had in years past.
  7. I can't speak for others but I was wow'd by the car when I saw it person. There's a lot of design cues and aero which are hidden under the camo on the test mules but overall the car looks aggressive and what a V12 Lambo should look like. The performance is also leaps ahead of the Aventador.
  8. Preview was at the NYC lounge. and it was great. Spent just over an hour and went through the different specs. The AVR will be a game changer for the brand.
  9. Tons of juicy info but bound by the NDA we had to sign at the preview.
  10. Varryx uploaded a video clip of the replacement driving...
  11. I with 4 other owners previewed the car on Saturday. Spent around 3 hours at the lounge. Andrea Baldi was there, so was the Doug Brown head of Lamborghini Canada. There was also a team from Italy that went through the car and the specs. The car is incredible, styling wise it's very aggressive and as Baldi put it "makes the Aventador look dated". The interior isn't a massive step from the Aventador but it's enough. Performance is insane as well. We selected a preconfig spec at the event. There was a wide range of paints with or without carbon. The preconfig cars should arrive by Q4 and all the preconfig early cars will receive a 60th anniversary plaque.
  12. First clients from North America will see the car tomorrow morning. I'll be flying out tomorrow night, our preview is scheduled on Saturday. A fellow LP member will be viewing the car at the same time.
  13. The name of clients that received the preview had to be submitted to the factory and the factory had to approve it. Supposedly the factory was looking at wide range of criteria's so buying history was one but there was a bunch of others. Did UK clients have to pick a preconfig?
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