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  1. The whole event was a highlight and topping it off was spending time with Valentino Balboni and listening to his stories from the early days. I mean this is the man who was test driving these cars while most of us were mere kids gazing at the poster on the wall dreaming. Told a story of he and an engineer running a Countach into a field one night, a farmer drove up on his tractor, lights shining on the car, doors up. Farmer jumps off the tractor and runs the other way while Valentino is yelling at him asking for help!
  2. I went. Absolute blast and first class all the way!
  3. My dealer told me that Lambo will be introducing the car in January, forgot what show he said. So it''s likely units may be rolling out late summer. Didn't say anything about taking orders.
  4. No sir, that's Marty's car, he will be driving it and KC will be driving UR 4. They also brought Quberto (I believe, I may be wrong, saw it in the trailer) and a customers 1R Gallardo. I'll try and post their times as they run on my Instagram. @ur___55
  5. I think it's only for spec'd cars which models haven't hit the market yet. I never signed one for the lambo's purchased that were already in stock. For example, my 17 H Spyder was one of the first produced, Spec'd in January 2016 and delivered in July 2016. The Urus was spec'd and as we all know not being delivered as of yet. This keeps people from buying new "releases" and turning around and "flipping" them, I guess...
  6. http://www.undergroundracing.com/vehicles/...-huracantt.html Then there are extra's you can get like race heads, autoshift, etc.
  7. Yes sir, running 1100 on 93 pump. Working with a local vendor to supply me with MS109 so 93 will have to do for now.
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