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  1. I meant to say its the Matte black plastic not carbon, not sure if its glued down as well. We looked at it today and seams doable by just removing the mounting brackets and swapping it with the glass mounting bracket and glass pieces. I would do it myself but don't want to damage anything so taking it to a shop that has done similar modifications before.
  2. Thank you this is exactly what i was looking for.
  3. I have a question about the rear engine cover/bonnet. If i wanted to replace the carbon engine bonnet for a transparent one does the whole thing need to be replaced or does each individual slat come out from the main bonnet? (SV Roadster)
  4. I was thinking about picking up an Aventador SV or the Roadster S soon, do you guys think it might be just best to wait?
  5. Isn't this the same car they said was twin turbo with over 2000hp but no one saw it even run or go past 10 mph...
  6. This one is hers? Thought they were a Ferrari family...
  7. P1s are still going up in value. One just sold for $2.4M at Amelia Island. Not too long ago they were changing hands for around $2.1M for low mileage ones. I don't think they will ever depreciate even with the 3 seater (BP23) coming out. Most Mclaren people seem to hold on to multiple models and won't let go of the P1s for a while. 375 was a perfect number to make. I see more ThethetheFerrari's and 918s up for sale then P1s.
  8. This is true because of the chassis and layout a DCT can't fit in the Aventador. Here's an album showing why it can't happen. http://imgur.com/a/tEULe I personally would like to see AVA and rear wheel steering added to the SV that would make it a whole new car handling wise.
  9. Yes, the guy is legit. He has a pretty large collection which is why he doesn't hold on to some cars for so long.
  10. That's what I was really curious about if there would be an updated Aventador SV or another hardcore version. Wasn't really looking at it as in investment, i would probably keep it for 5 or so years.
  11. What do you guys think, this or spend the extra money for an SV? I'm leaning on the SV side because it is so raw and looks more aggressive.
  12. Saw it in theaters and thought it was a great movie. Wasn't like those other movies where they are sitting in a situation room arguing over some politics and other non-sense we actaully got to see some action.
  13. Is the cost really $35K? How much is the factory race exhaust?
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