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  1. I drove my Chrome Lamborghini around then World in one summer. I just finished the movie. This ios Part 1 of the 2 part Movie that goes through the USA; Europe and Asia. I am very proud of what we did here. Thank you for your attention all these years. Bryan Salamone
  2. TeamSalamone

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    when I'm dead. Man business travel is one thing … but when I got into the car in Italy and once in Japan... it was a level of fatigue... body and mind … and spirit. I remember the feeling thinking I had finally done something wrong … I was so far from I didn't think I would get home. In the tunnels of Japan I was so fatigues... just for as minute... I felt that an accident would at least get me home was the only time I ever felt beaten so badly in a road trip. As I did in the past I just kept going.
  3. TeamSalamone

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    I rememnber being invited to the 2012 gumball3000 we had to fill out forms... wee were in the trading cards and that year we enjoyed great popularity and fun. I have always been car 01 in goldrush and gumball3000 just calls and invites... i used boith of these rallies in my around the world trip … both rallies back to back
  4. TeamSalamone

    Team Salamone Urus...

    thank you. I was at the customer feedback thing in 2011 and they were all about "utility" like do I need ("need" this for dogs; kids; golf; (no no and no) I have everything I need. I didn't even think I wanted this. now that I have it I am certain I didn't need it; but its so fun and awesome … its now … something I cant believe I didn't have before. How did I NOT have a big powerful chrome lambo truck?? I never want there to be a world without big chrome lambo trucks... ever.
  5. TeamSalamone

    Team Salamone Urus...

    So I got a Urus and I am in love with it!! I will use it in our next journey around the world and we can be more extreme as a team .. I drove it down 5th ave yesterday in America’s largest Veteran day parade ... and when in Strada ... I was able to hear my father speaking so clear and he told me many wonderful things I’ll never forget. Thank God I spent this parade in the Urus ... it was perfect for him and me. I will share our around the world footage soon and then this will be used and I hope to have fun. I will do whatever it takes to make that happen and to make each moment personal and enjoyable
  6. TeamSalamone

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    thank you and yes..,. my cars stay 100% mechanicaly stock and they reach 40k miles pretty quick (all 4 aventadors) so … in the story on how I drove a car around the world there are some cool inside things that people who drive long distances do. I definitely have had the experiences and … I planned my life goal (this one) with hundreds anf hundreds of thousands invested just in the trip which was ….. 1000% contingent upon no breakdowns; accidents or seizures *(of the lambo by police)
  7. TeamSalamone

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    absolutely gumball3000 always huge. we were car 01 in goldrush rally 5 years in a row so we used goldrush X as part of the USA route
  8. TeamSalamone

    The AVENTADOR Image Thread: POST 'EM UP!

    this is me driving me Aventador around the world in the summer of 2018. in these pics there is France; Japan and the track of the indy 500.; there is a tv documentary in Europe and a movie. and in 2019 we travel the world again but we will do artic or polar regions as well with our chrome Urus. Movie and footage coming soon and yes... I had fun. I always have fun.... and there is no better way to have fun than in a Lamborghini; and I know this because I have done everything in a lamboirghini
  9. TeamSalamone

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    Seriously I have always wanted to do this and it was
  10. This was my goal and dream and I did it. I will elaborate but for now: In the Summer of 2018 I drove my Aventador SV around the entire world.
  11. TeamSalamone

    start stop system fault

    actually I'm on on my 4th aventador and this is a common problem. this forum is good for these things. sometimes what ca look like a real problem is easier to … laugh off when it happens to others and there are or have been fixes.
  12. TeamSalamone

    Urus is unbelievable!

    I am doing cool things with it soon. We will go around the world again (we just completed that) and we will do some of the glove in the urus.
  13. TeamSalamone

    Urus is unbelievable!

    Yes!!! I love it!! I tore it up here in New England today
  14. TeamSalamone

    aventador spotted in huntington ny

    Holy crap I sound like such a dick!! This was my first post?! Why does it (for years) come up as my icon on this computer. For years. Today, I reply to my own self. WOW, who does that? Its funny though; I din't even know I was being a deuche … and I STILL cant help it. So I'm completing a World Tour with my SV Roadster. I just did North America for the 8th time in a few years... I love this country. I like New Mexico and Arizona the best. In the middle of those states... in the middle of the night in a truck stop in a chrome lambo; I wondered if my ear wasn't going to be hanging off a trucker's key chain as a souveneir of the raping and killing of team …. (quite frankly I was hoping I just got the killing, as for Concubine, she can hold her own) I have cried; laughed and had amazing moments; with the most amazing people; driving these amazing sexy machines. My lambo sv roadster is in a plane now. London by the weekend; and then France and Italy!!!! then it and we board a plane and go to Japan for 4 days ending in Tokyo! Its Gumball3000 and we are car 88!!! These are called exclamation points!!! I type fast with fat fingers and I will not proof read this. I am not working. Since this post (the first Aventador) I have done so much; seen things I cant even say; I have experienced the absolute time of my life! my leisure time activity of balling around the world in chrome Lamborghini Aventadors is something that … is just working out so well and I am having so much fun. I hope this never stops because I know I will never change pursuing happiness fun and thrills when giving the chance.