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  1. TeamSalamone

    aventador spotted in huntington ny

    Holy crap I sound like such a dick!! This was my first post?! Why does it (for years) come up as my icon on this computer. For years. Today, I reply to my own self. WOW, who does that? Its funny though; I din't even know I was being a deuche … and I STILL cant help it. So I'm completing a World Tour with my SV Roadster. I just did North America for the 8th time in a few years... I love this country. I like New Mexico and Arizona the best. In the middle of those states... in the middle of the night in a truck stop in a chrome lambo; I wondered if my ear wasn't going to be hanging off a trucker's key chain as a souveneir of the raping and killing of team …. (quite frankly I was hoping I just got the killing, as for Concubine, she can hold her own) I have cried; laughed and had amazing moments; with the most amazing people; driving these amazing sexy machines. My lambo sv roadster is in a plane now. London by the weekend; and then France and Italy!!!! then it and we board a plane and go to Japan for 4 days ending in Tokyo! Its Gumball3000 and we are car 88!!! These are called exclamation points!!! I type fast with fat fingers and I will not proof read this. I am not working. Since this post (the first Aventador) I have done so much; seen things I cant even say; I have experienced the absolute time of my life! my leisure time activity of balling around the world in chrome Lamborghini Aventadors is something that … is just working out so well and I am having so much fun. I hope this never stops because I know I will never change pursuing happiness fun and thrills when giving the chance.
  2. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I am getting the Coupe and then the roadster. Done and Done
  3. TeamSalamone

    We should get on our knees and thank Lamborghini !

    Thank you Lamborghini for the excitement and for giving me the greatest way to spend time with the woman I love. I am so happy to spend every vacation in a two seat 12 cyl car enjoying my free time with the woman I love and having crazy adventures all over the world. as for being on my knees for Lambo.... sure. I will leave that to the co-driver of TeamSalamone who is ready and willing to show appreciation for these crazy sexy machines. This summer we have planned to cross the USA; Europe; and Asia (travel around the world) in our Lambo. I really am very thankful and I thank God that I found such an amazing passion and for the people I met through Lamborghini. Lamborghini is a lifestyle. I am loyal and I absolutely love everything about the experience. I cant wait to get rid of my Bentley for a Urus and to get an SVJ to keep my 2nd SV company after it comes out of the whole "around the entire world" trip... Gumball3000 20th and goldrush 10th. The Company Lamborghini has treated me so well and yes... this passion has of mine has really made me grateful and the good people at Lambo; at the dealer; the sales and the service ... I was blown away with how I was treated. Everything I expected and more
  4. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    the first 2 aventadors I had got noticible seat wear on the outer portion of the drivers seat (alligator belt makes a mark so does the "carry" ) the marks occur at 10-20k miles the seat on the 2nd aventador at 60k really showed wear. the 2 SV's I have have absolutely NO wear on the sides of the seat. they don't look as neat and clean as conditioned leather but after a wet rag whipe down they look new. I would always do perforated leather 2pm and 10 pm steering wheel grips. 100% ... alcantera all other places. The carbon skin roof and dash cluster on my SV coupe also wore very well. unless you guys are really putting miles on the cars ... 20k; 40k... 60k then ... well you never get to see that Leather looks great but the creases and cracks and "look" of the material will deterioriate after many miles ... and in different conditions. I hated alcantera forn the first 20k miles on my SV's after that ... I loved it and it still has no blemishes ... rips or problems.
  5. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I want to be ensconced in velvet always... what happened in my life that I have waited so long for a velvet car .. I mean of course there is the baby oil and the glitter of the girls that seem to always be in and on the car ... that could be problematic.. but screw it.. SOLD! I want the velvet ... I need the velvet. I WANT ME SOME VELVET!!! Can we go straight to end and deliver it with the wrap on and maybe 60k miles on it... so I don't have to break it in all over the world.
  6. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    As always I am totally sold. I will take it (and I will) and I will drive the living Fuk outta that thing as if I had only one life to life. I love everything about the Aventador and it will be my 5th new Aventador ... All 4 of those prior were driven.. life changing cars and a way to have great times!! I Put “extreme” high miles on my Aventadors and my second SV we will be in 27 cities in 2 months this summer.. USA EUROPE AND JAPAN ... Tokyo London Boston Las Vegas Milan Paris and NY Being around the world in my Lambo.. I’m making that dream real this summer and when I finish that I will get this car... the SVJ and I will love every moment with it. I have had the time of my life in the Aventador and the J is for me ... I hope it is more extreme; more powerful; more expensive and less comfortable than anything before!!!❤️💯 and I absolutely truly mean that from the bottom of my soul ... and I will drive that around the World too. Just don’t want to jump that line ... u know I get excited ... Red Red ... gone ........ green
  7. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Whatever this is... I am sold
  8. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Whatever this ius... I am sold
  9. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Done ✅
  10. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I'm in too my aventador SV (2nd one) has over 30k on it and will be at 70k miles by this time next year so... yes I'm in I need this one and a 6th aventador (the roadster of this)
  11. TeamSalamone

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Sold. I will have close to 80k miles on my SV by the time this comes out though .... so I may end up owning all lambo models (urus; hurican and Av) spreading miles between them all .... waiting for the new monster. I wont buy off brand. Keeping it loyal for so many good reasons
  12. TeamSalamone

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    I am a bitcoin celebrity.
  13. TeamSalamone

    Bullfest Miami Feb 2018

    I will not let this happen without me. I have never missed one since the first one. Hovik is the man that commands the presence of more lambos than any other person world wide. Infact .... I'm shipping right fuking now... then i will ball every single weekend in a penthouse in the W hotel in South beach .... waiting for this event. Then I go home.. prepare for the whole "driving around the entire world my SV... starting in FLA at Bullfest!!!! then Boston to Vegas to San diego to England to Paris then Milan to Japan! I should do 100k miles in this my 2nd SV ... by this time next year. this is a wonderful event and Hovik and Bret David of Prestige really extend themselves and do everything to make this really an amazing time with some of the coolest people
  14. TeamSalamone

    McLaren P15

    this entire forum hated the SV -CHECK THE THREADS- I went on and on about I am ready to buy SV I love it... I bought 2 of them and .... seems everyone warmed up to the SV ... I'm thinking lots of criticism... I'm not like that. I love any new interesting design... I mean ... whatever it is... I am looking to surround myself with high performance; extreme; wild and different ... that's how I like my women and my super cars... also ... new models only because they can take being pounded hard on a daily