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  1. when the doors open in my Urus... there needs to be smoke and angels singing you know like …. like I have in MY SVJ! I love that option. the Facial freeze even though the post has my name... it didn't have to. the smnoke effect in my Urus is exactly what i want and that means .. 423A6391.MOV
  2. People don’t ask what color it is. It just is all colors all the time. Some people say “overstimulation is bad” I say ... there has only been 1 thing on my bucket list since birth, to be “overstimulated” ever second I have on this earth with my senses” the car dances rainbows and shoots laughing gass (nitrous) it’s a fuking ball it’s like the coolest thing .... ever. 3DA11827-D9AF-45B9-B3BF-4F9252E44DF0.MOV
  3. Tomorrow I uncover the starship and I will not disappoint ... Here it is and I love it. I’ve never felt this way about any car. If I had time (and I’ll do it) I would love to tell stories how this thing is getting insane absurd amounts of Attention in such amazing ways... The other day I was going very slow in the center of a four-lane Expressway wondering where the cars were. All four lanes were 50 feet behind me backed up for as far as the eye can see because everybody was filming me from behind and nobody would pass me they were all just filming . An entire expressway start when I slow to 50 miles an hour to verify that the entire expressway would stop with me .
  4. It is so much tighter. The steering, unbelievable difference in the steering in the handling of this car. It’s almost… Too perfect . It is too quiet. You will never hear the car in Strada. The exhaust in corsa is amazing only at 4000 RPM . There is a large difference from sport and, the sound at 4000 RPM is amazing. I drive across continents and countries but if I was very interested in track driving this is night and day over my SV. It’s the steering. I don’t know what they did, or how they did it, the entire car feels ... better. Handles perfect! If you’re a performance nut and you like to hit turns, you must see the difference between this car and the SV. 6 Aventador’s later ... this is the finest car on planet earth to me and ... Along the way from the coupe in November 2011 till now, the Aventodor has jumped leaps and bounds from its original incarnation. Some of the models were not a LEAP or a bound, From the previous model, but all considered, this car is hugely above ... even the SV! I can’t believe the handling! I can’t believe this but here goes: “I have never driven any car that handles as well as my current 12 cylinder Lambo” This a new statement. This car is good. This one... this is very very noticeable. I actually had to locate Lambo power on my cell phone and tell you guys this. This car is different. Drive one
  5. Thank you all and it drives much different than the Sv ..
  6. This is what that looks like #TeamSalamone 3FB07B27-B0C5-4167-BFBA-FCBD5584FADC.mov
  7. The sauce DA26D289-8946-4664-BDF4-377F7AFD5C26.mov
  8. I have one. Its Black on black. I spent time (2 years) assembling material and working with artists. My last AVSV was epic. this one...the svj its 100% me. I am gushing. for once I believe I will 100% be able to express myself with this car. This is something for me. It is so beautiful. I am so happy. this is MY favorite … even redesigned the Trinacria for this one. Concubine throwing a real fun reveal party (holy shyt that means … a real reveal like I like. A real reveal … you know. and I cant wait to show this car off. I can see it now! its going to be amazing. and when I open the door...… that's when the magic starts
  9. I drove my Chrome Lamborghini around then World in one summer. I just finished the movie. This ios Part 1 of the 2 part Movie that goes through the USA; Europe and Asia. I am very proud of what we did here. Thank you for your attention all these years. Bryan Salamone https://youtu.be/JfW8wvYPSqg
  10. when I'm dead. Man business travel is one thing … but when I got into the car in Italy and once in Japan... it was a level of fatigue... body and mind … and spirit. I remember the feeling thinking I had finally done something wrong … I was so far from I didn't think I would get home. In the tunnels of Japan I was so fatigues... just for as minute... I felt that an accident would at least get me home ...it was the only time I ever felt beaten so badly in a road trip. As I did in the past I just kept going.
  11. I rememnber being invited to the 2012 gumball3000 we had to fill out forms... wee were in the trading cards and that year we enjoyed great popularity and fun. I have always been car 01 in goldrush and gumball3000 just calls and invites... i used boith of these rallies in my around the world trip … both rallies back to back
  12. thank you. I was at the customer feedback thing in 2011 and they were all about "utility" like do I need ("need" this for dogs; kids; golf; (no no and no) I have everything I need. I didn't even think I wanted this. now that I have it I am certain I didn't need it; but its so fun and awesome … its now … something I cant believe I didn't have before. How did I NOT have a big powerful chrome lambo truck?? I never want there to be a world without big chrome lambo trucks... ever.
  13. So I got a Urus and I am in love with it!! I will use it in our next journey around the world and we can be more extreme as a team .. I drove it down 5th ave yesterday in America’s largest Veteran day parade ... and when in Strada ... I was able to hear my father speaking so clear and he told me many wonderful things I’ll never forget. Thank God I spent this parade in the Urus ... it was perfect for him and me. I will share our around the world footage soon and then this will be used and I hope to have fun. I will do whatever it takes to make that happen and to make each moment personal and enjoyable
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