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  1. all great people and Hersch from RSC is part of this..
  2. nice man! different in what way??
  3. SV-N-IT

    SVJ exhaust?

    that's exactly what I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. SV-N-IT

    SVJ exhaust?

    that would be awesome! please share if you can! TY
  5. SV-N-IT

    SVJ exhaust?

    I haven't heard any talk about an SVJ exhaust from anyone? this will be the first thing I do when mine comes in. has anyone heard of a company making exhaust yet?
  6. SVJ just looks the part!!
  7. my old SV-R in BC with dark bronze cor wheels..
  8. loving the launch color! but so undecided on my own color.. for some reason loving the mattes now on the SVJ-R!
  9. unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now what color lol
  10. IMO this car is the best bang for the buck right now! insanity!
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