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  1. RobbyDiStefano

    NRE TT Diablo

    I have been following this car for a couple years now. In Dec 2014 the owner said this... "The plan is this: Need about another year to finish the project. The car will be unveiled at SEMA next year in November." I hope this car will be a success story. I have been following the car's original thread on another forum since 2012 and I have been dying to see it completed ever since. PS. The owner said that UGR wouldn't touch the car.
  2. RobbyDiStefano

    Diablo 6.0 sale

    The guy on DR is asking 435k now. He is out of his freaking mind!
  3. RobbyDiStefano

    Post some pictures of your favorite Diablos

    My buddy's sexy 01 6.0
  4. RobbyDiStefano

    Post some pictures of your favorite Diablos

    Blu Ely is a color that i didnt really like unti i saw it in person. The color is awesome! Pretty sure I saw this car when I was 13 at the old Newport Autosport way back in 2003. It was my first time ever seeing a 6.0 Diablo which was and still is my favorite car.