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  1. Wouldn’t put mass produced Panamera anywhere in same league as FF. Now the Z3M which folks also hated on calling it clown shoe and more perhaps in niche, appeal and eventual/current appreciation yes. Same for the crazy Charger Daytona/Plymouth Superbird. Dared to be different. Hated only to eventually become uber-desired. History likes to repeat itself. I’m seeing this as we speak with my 996TT. Humans generally hate change and rarely embrace new paradigms of beauty/value - and when they do it’s a SLOW process as stated above ;-). Meanwhile I’m just enjoying shopping!
  2. I’m not sure or categorically misses the beauty box. In fact the only thing that makes people consider it ugly is that the rear opening remains high or gapped. If it came down like a hatch it would instantly be another Ferrari GT. And I get that some may consider this a major difference. But what I’m trying to say is that the war of the design is quite beautiful. In fact, the Lusso is essentially an 812. And the Lusso is also essentially an FF. Interesting that an FF which came out in 2012 is not far off a 18’ 812. That said I’m taking my time. I may end up in a cliche red on tan 458 Spider!
  3. Yeah, I get them. Course I’ve had even more mud-engined cars! What can u say, I’m an addict like the rest of you!
  4. The Mac’s don’t sound as good to me and also look a little boring. Even though they seem like a spiritual successor to the original NSX but with crazy power (I’ve owned 3 NSX’s). For whatever reason 458 seems more interesting than a 650S or 720s.
  5. Let me give more context. I have an 04 996TT X50 cab - manual of course for daily fun. Although I don’t drive it every day. A new Land Cruiser for wife, family and Offroad duties and a 68 Charger big block stroker. Regarding how I would use the Huracan replacement... it would simply enter the rotation with the other 2 toys. I don’t require room for passengers. But I do find it cool to have a gorgeous and spacious enough interior replete with pano roof and v12 to boot. More can enjoy the fun. An FF at $140k seems not only a bargain down from its $360k oft sticker but I would have $200k left over from NOT getting an Aventador roadster. What could one get with $200k? GT3 + a used S550. GT3 + some appreciating classic i.e E-Type or F355. Perhaps I just may be quirky enough to appreciate the FF. I once had a Z3 M Coupe. He’ll also Z4 M Coupe, Viper GTS and even a Jag XKR. So I can dig a long snout. Below are some inspiration pics of how I would set up the FF. I really need to go drive a 458 to see if it gets my juices going. Believe it or not the FF kinda did. Not in all out performance after having a H of course! But it’s combination of power, refinement, luxury, comfortable seats, and of course sound made me feel like I and/or IT were somehow breaking natural and social laws - which feels kinda cool. The question is whether it will be as fun to own as 458. The key would might be how much I would really take others in it!
  6. After 3 awesome years and nearly 15k miles with my Huracan I have sold it and am on the hunt for the next toy. The Huracan was an absolutely fabulous car... so good in fact, it can jade you! P.S. I'm selling the 20" Brixton Forged wheels off my car. They perfectly fit OEM tires. See listing in classifieds. Anyhow, so far my top choices are: Ferrari FF - The Lusso's quad lights seem forced, plus they drop fast so why go there. The FF is an awesome jack of all trades - 650hp supercar, V12 scream (especially with Novitec), luxurious interior with space to double-date or take kids. The Aventador - Aventador is what it is. Ridiculously exotic and one dimensional as its supposed to be! It feels dynamically inferior to Huracan. But you buy these for their sound, ultra wide stance, doors etc. Ferrari 458 Spyder - Cause I prefer N/A plus I also have a 911 Turbo cab so I've already gone there. I don't like the over-swoopy 488 - the rear haunches remind me of a rollercoaster dip whereas the 458 looks clean, chiseled and Enzo-like. Any feedback and other suggestions?
  7. It is completely awesome to drive. I have Fabspeed exhaust which is bonkers. Huracan is vastly underrated IMO. I looked closely at 650S and 458. This car has the best mix of power, pedigree, sound, feel etc. Top it all of, it has the technology and quiet cabin of a luxury car. I take business calls in it all the time in Strata with exhaust baffle closed.
  8. Thanks guys. I was thinking it didn't look as good when you can barely see them. Figured on the lighter cars this pattern of the wrap gives it an angry disposition!
  9. Had the chin corners, rockers and roof wrapped satin black to match rear bumper and louvers.
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