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  1. cake


    Yes - VERY quiet around here...
  2. Thanks for posting. He definitely has excellent taste in cars! Lucky he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else.
  3. Congrats Placid - tell us more. Impressions? Enjoy in the best of health!
  4. cake

    Quail 2020

    I think “normal” will look different after we emerge. Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe!
  5. I usually vote for keeping a classic car original but it looks so sleek without the wing. That wingless profile is gorgeous.
  6. Gorgeous! Enjoy in the best of health!!!
  7. Spectacular in white on white! Lovely. Congrats!
  8. On the edge of my bucket seat.... congrats!
  9. Sweet!! Enjoy in good health!
  10. Congrats on the Pantera. I have always liked them. Don’t see them very often. How bout a couple pics of your latest American muscle? Color? How do you like it so far?
  11. The track precision app was a joke. Poorly executed and very complex once you figured it out. Not nearly as user friendly as it should be for the price tag. I skipped it on the GT4 but hubby ordered it on the RS. He figured it out and helped a friend get his running but it took WAY too much time. No HID? My C6 Z06 had it. My BMW wagon has it. I imagine you find it on far less expensive cars than Porsche’s. Maybe the Taycan has it (I haven’t paid close attn cause I don’t care). But Porsche is late to market with tech and doesn’t do it nearly as well as others. The electronics on the Panameras are cumbersome at best. Basic finctions buried deep in menus. Not intuitive. The Taycan may be a great vehicle but there’s no way I’d be first in line for a first gen new platform Porsche. I’d wait and see how it develops. I hope it’s a success because I’d like them to succeed - just like I want Lambo to succeed. I am excited to drive it and will share impressions.
  12. A close friend ordered the Taycan 4. I haven’t seen one yet in person. The dealer has a couple (already sold a turbo S demo car). But we are away and haven’t bothered to see if there is one locally to look at. Friend already had the charger installed in their garage. I’m very curious to see it. April delivery. In my experience Porsche does not execute technology very well. I hear it’s a fantastic handling car and blows away Tesla. It’s smaller than the Panamera. But tested range is 200 miles? That wouldn’t work for me. it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up against competition.
  13. No offense to those who like it: I love the IDEA of this car but the looks fall short for me - entirely because it’s too busy. The profile isn’t bad but I don’t like the rear and the nose. If it were “lower key” I’d be very interested. Too “boy racer” for my taste kinda like a Honda Civic Type R. Tries too hard to look the part. I prefer understated, more of a sleeper. For wagons in the US, I’ll stay with my ‘18 BMW ix drive I love the look and elegant lines. It’s versatile. Gas mileage is excellent (not overly important but a nice bonus). Comfortable. Our 2012 BMW wagon was bulletproof. The ‘18 has had electrical issues. Stupid annoying things that don’t work consistently as they should. It’s our last BMW. The dealer doesn’t seem to have the ability to fix it. Don’t know what we’ll get next. I hear very mixed reviews on Audi reliability. If they offer a less “fancy” Avant AND they aren’t plagued with issues, I will be tempted. The ‘18 Panamera4 doesn’t get much use these days and is a big car but fantastic driver and versatile with the hatchback. That one might become the default wagon when the BMW goes away. I just wish we had a decent car wash that could accommodate the rear tires. They are too wide for the tracks and it’s a big job to hand wash.
  14. off topic: No demos or drives. Would have taken one in the C8 if I had the chance. Didn’t like the interior but the exterior is okay. Doesn’t look like a vette (to me) but I think it’s reasonably attractive. Wouldn’t kick it out of my garage. Looks like Lambo mated with Fcar and that’s the result. It had a very non-vette-like high pitched sound on track. Very different. Didn’t care for the exhaust note. Weather was spectacular for a change and I had a great time seeing friends. Hubby joined this year which was nice. We were supposed to go to the Roar but I was very sick with a bad cold that turned to bronchitis (a first for me) so had to skip it. Stayed at very nice AirBnB (but arranged direct with owner as I won’t do AirBnB anymore). It’s the fly-in/out community. Very cool to see aircraft going past our room. The owner lent us bikes and took us on a tour riding the taxiways. Lots of fun. Saw a house with double hangars. Planes in one. Porsches in the other. 911R. GT2RS. 918. 73RS.... I didn’t catch them all but it was very impressive. Lots of Lambos in a corrals at the track but never got a chance to stop or take pics. A great weekend. For me it’s more social although I enjoy the racing too. But it’s about spending time with friends.
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