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  1. cake

    Urus or e63 wagon?

    Personally I prefer a car over SUV but for choice given I’d go with Urus I am a fan of wagons and hubby likes the sleeper E63. We took a long test drive in one and it rode like a buck board. I’m very easy going about how a vehicle rides. My back is fine and I’ll give up comfort for sporty to an extent. But even I didn’t like how it drove or handled. And hubby has very bad back and cannot tolerate a stiff ride and he hated the E63 despite wanting to love it. We enjoyed several AMG cars in the past but the wagon fell short for us. FYI love our ‘18 Panamera. Hubby puts in comfort mode. I drive in sport plus which drops it a couple inches and stiffens suspension. It handles exceptionally well for a large sedan. Love the hatchback and fold down seats. We can cart a lot of stuff similar to a wagon. Love the look of the current generation. Goes great in snow (AWD). My choice for wagon is BMW 3 series. Certainly not a performance car but handles great, is fantastic in snow (Michelin Alpin) and very versatile. Also relatively small which has its advantages.
  2. Read this on a Porsche forum. Since some folks here might be in the market for a CGT, this is for their info. No affiliation. Click link to go to the original post and photos of the car: https://rennlist.com/forums/porsche-supercars-carrera-gt-918-960/1171947-carrera-gt-1033-a.html Update! Please read and beware: With regards to the 2005 Carrera GT VIN #: WP0CA29865L001528 that I asked about last night, I was fortunate enough (through the powers of Rennlist) to get in touch with the original owner of the car in question. He had informed of a serious crash the car was involved in back in 2008 on Sebring Raceway. He had sold the car damaged, as is on ebay a short time after the crash. Long story short, this car had an extensive repair done that was not/is not being disclosed by the current seller. It might be because they do not know, but being that the local Porsche Dealers were not offering a PPI service aside from a clutch reading, we had to do our own inspection in person which left us perplexed to the cars relatively perfect appearance. Just a heads up to those in the market.
  3. cake


    Reviving an old topic: what’s the deal with online discounters (chrono24 or authenicwatch.com, DavidSW, jomashop etc) versus buying from an authorized distributor. My watch of 30 years isn’t working correctly and I want an automatic movement. I started looking months ago and finally saw a watch that piqued my interest (Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra co-axial master chronometer). There is a large price difference between a local authorized dealer and on-line pricing. Also different warranties. Omega is 5 year. Jomashop is 2 year. AuthenticWatch is 6 years but obviously it must be their own warranty. I’ll call them Monday and inquire. The watch should need little service for a very long time, but if it needs attention I don’t want to find a problem because I bought a “gray market” watch or something that is shunned by an authorized service center. Or maybe I”m putting too much stock in that and it could be serviced by a legit outfit? I’d like to get the best deal possible, and I don’t mind paying a bit more for a brick/mortar experience (I got to try it on and learn about it) but not 20-25% more. But if buying through an authorized channel is important it may make sense. I’m also researching value on a few watches that belonged to my Dad including a bubble back Rolex, an automatic Omega from 1956 that still works, and a 1997 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust that is working like a champ! (It’s my temp until I find something I love, IF I find something I love). I’ve worn the same watch every day for 30 years happily, I’m not one to change watches and I’d like to choose a watch that will last the next 30 years. Hubby and I are very inexperienced in buying watches. Any advice is appreciated. Watch I’m interested in: 1997 Rolex works great after sitting in a drawer for over a decade: Bubble back - not sure from what year but it works Omega given to Dad by his parents in 1956 - still works:
  4. Congrats and enjoy for many miles in the best of health! Hope to meet you at a local C&C or other event.
  5. Been following along and it sounds epic beyond belief! Looking forward to video and eventually seeing you at C&C!
  6. Just now logged in for the first time in several days. Same error.
  7. Same here. Last week when I did the “unread content” filter it wiped everything out and gave me nothing (which I knew was incorrect). Just logged in for the first time since last week, and got the error message NUCLEAR JACK posted above (on Friday). This is not a complaint. Just an observation. I’m sure it’ll be sorted soon. Thanks for your hard work!
  8. Congrats and enjoy for many miles in the best of health! Balloon white - all time favorite Lambo color! Congrats on your success!
  9. cake

    "Selling yourself"

    Can't help you with how to get in front of people. But once you're there: - Learn their "pain point" - Get them to talk about their business. LEARN where the opportunities are for you to fix their pain-points. LISTEN more than you talk. I dislike the term "pitch". It implies you get in front of someone and TELL them about what you are offering. Until you understand what they need - you can't fix their issue. If you speak of things that are not relevant you'll waste their time (and yours) and very quickly turn them off. If you take the time to ask good questions, LISTEN to their answers, ask more questions, and figure out if you have something to offer that helps them - you will have more success than simply "pitching" your service. It's got to meet THEIR need and each client may have similar needs but perceive them in different ways. LISTENING is key and most people talk too much and don't listen enough - especially when trying to "sell". You are really trying to find a solution to whatever problem the client is experiencing. Your approach should be tailored to each opportunity. I'm quickly annoyed when someone dives into TELLING features/benefits when they know nothing of what I want. Maybe 4 of 5 benefits don't interest me. All I can think of is how they are wasting my time telling me of things I don't care about, and how they didn't take the time to ASK what I am looking for, or ASK what issue I'm trying to address. Good luck. You are starting with a very positive attitude!
  10. Very nice huracan - congrats. Looks perfect in satin pearl white! What is the original color? (If you mention in video - sorry - didn’t watch the entire thing.)
  11. Whatever theme I have is fine. No worries and if an option returns at some point I’ll play with it. The font color wasn’t saving when I quoted TestShoot I tried twice and I could make it bold and italic successfully but could not change font color at all (never successful) Thanks for your efforts!
  12. Destructo - in the post above where I quoted TestShoot - I went back in to edit the quote "also...I feel very lonely fellas..." because I wanted to bold it to emphasize what I was responding to. I also wanted to change the color of the quote. I tried twice saving it once in yellow and once in orange. Neither attempt was successful. It kept the bold and italic options but it seems I can't change the color of something I'm quoting.
  13. Only 9 votes so far? I'm surprised - figured there'd by more! I like the new look. Never had a problem with the old look (other than being a bit dated). I chose Matter theme after reading various comments, and now my theme button is gone (but it doesn't make a difference - this is fine). I'm on a Mac laptop and using duck duck go at the moment which can be very limiting sometimes (and a pain in the ass). I only saw the main banner when I first opened the page. Since then I've closed and reopened but theme button remains gone, and I don't see the main banner (again - okay with all of it as it doesn't affect my ability to navigate) Great job keeping LP up to date. Thanks for all your hard work. Still wish we had post numbers but I have adjusted to living without.
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