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  1. The Glen Last one to leave Sunday afternoon wet look
  2. Thanks D! Just returned from 3 days at the Glen. It was soggy and foggy but we had a little dry track each day. I drove enough to realize this car is on another level from the last gen (which I dearly loved). The PDK is brilliant and a game changer. And the PCCB are unbelievable. They remind me of the CCB we had on the LP 560! I kept braking later and later going into the Bus Stop, and there was still more to give. The shifts at 7800 RPM at WOT are lightning quick. Learned it’s lower than the last one But so far no scraping 2100 miles in the first 31 days. I’m enjoyi
  3. I was gone for several months - intentionally shut down the little social media in which I participated. Now I”m back and sad to see so little going on. But also nice to see some familiar long-standing folks chime in. As my automotive interest has shifted to Porsche (primarily), I’m very active on a P-focused forum that has a lot of activity. It’s been a great resource for info, especially technical. I contribute where I’m able, and soak up a lot which can be very informative. It reminds me of this place back when I first joined when shopping for the LP560. I still came back
  4. Thank you J! Do you still have your orange beauty? I’ll look for you at the next CnC!
  5. My P1 Designs LWB seat inserts arrived today! They have several nice fabric choices, but I wanted something truly factory, subtle and unique. My Porsche dealer service manager suggested this fabric (called Porsche Script) which was available on 911 and 944 in the ‘80s. He sourced it from Germany and shipped it to P1 Designs in TX. They crafted it into the seat insert. I also opted for a layer of memory foam which is reputed to increase comfort (this was mostly for hubby’s bad back). They make the entire insert (core plus fabric cover) and provide nice storage bags for keeping the factory
  6. Wow! Both are gorgeous! Great to see them driven and enjoyed!
  7. ^Thank you Docta! It was nice to see you and I look forward to seeing your beast in person!!
  8. cake

    My "new" Car

    Congrats Tara and enjoy for many miles in the best of health! Those are great cars - go-kart style! Your plans sound logical, and it makes perfect sense to replace/upgrade whatever is upstream/downstream from mods. In the past we learned the hard way that a modification almost always has unintended consequences and it has made me far more particular in what gets done to make sure everything works together and is engineered properly. I’m a bit late to the party - hope you’ve got some progress reports coming soon.
  9. Sold the 981 GT4 to a friend. The ordering process for the 718 started in Sept 2020. Obviously nothing like DoctaM3’s THIRTY MONTHS!! But still a long nine months to wait for a car. I was notified my paint-to-sample (PTS) request was approved in Oct, and was given a February ‘21 build slot. I had to submit my specs immediately and it locked quickly, but I knew what I wanted. This is my first PTS and it wasn’t really a tough choice. There were some tempting colors, like Signal Yellow which is a mango color, or Maritime Blue which is a purple-bluish color, but I have always had a “thin
  10. Docta - thanks so much for the info, and I’m not sure why the DM didn’t work. I’ll check into it. I retreated into a maxed out privacy mode for several months and maybe I changed my settings. I’ll need some window tint and might give them a try. And now I see the typo in my post: Congrats DOCTA! Looking forward to seeing it at CnC or another local event!
  11. Congrats Docta!! Can’t wait to see it in person! Who does your PPF (feel free to PM or text if you prefer).
  12. Congrats and enjoy in the best of health! Stunning! Hoping to see it at CnC this season!
  13. Congrats and enjoy the beast for many miles in the best of health!
  14. Congrats and enjoy in the best of health!
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