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  1. cake

    Out with my beast

    Truly a piece of art. Surprising it started without any help! Thanks for sharing.
  2. No affiliation. Just FYI: #15 of 15 made for US
  3. cake

    Gallardo LP windshield wiper

    Try Glen Huffman at AMH. Not sure if he is still a sponsor here, but we bought various parts from Glen for our LP560 and he was always honest, priced fairly and provided excellent customer service. If you search him you’ll find plenty of positive feedback. Worth a try. Good luck! (no affiliation - just a satisfied customer who likes to support small business when they do a great job!)
  4. cake

    New Owner-Gallardo LP560-4

    Congrats and enjoy for many miles in the best of health!
  5. Very interesting. One comment about her voice ... I see nothing wrong with dropping your voice a bit (as a woman) to be perceived as more authoritative. When we took our dog to obedience school - the trainer suggested dogs respond better to a male voice because of the tone/pitch and suggested women drop the voice a bit when saying commands. I did this with our dog and it was quite effective. (Of course consistency is the key and I was diligent in being consistent and the results were worth it). In business this was something I did - not to the exaggerated effect shown in Holmes’ videos, but I was very aware of my voice and how I was perceived. In any male dominated industry women have an uphill battle. Less so now (maybe) than when I came up through the ranks, but still it can be a struggle. A lot depends on many variables - but making a big deal of her dropping her voice an octave seems ridiculous to me. Is it also ridiculous that we alter our clothes, our hair, our make-up, our shoes, our accessories to be perceived as more authoritative? I did all of those things in business. It was required. It paid off. I worked with women who did not make the effort (or felt it shouldn’t be necessary) and I saw the negative result. Sure I could “do my own thing” and dress however I want (within bounds of business attire) but my clothes, hair, make-up, shoes - ALL of it sent a message and I wanted the most positive response possible. I believe men do a version of this too, but because they wrote the rule book - they don’t have as much to change to fit in. Women are at a disadvantage (in that way). But we can also use our female differences to our advantage if we are smart about it. I don’t mean that in a sexual way. I mean it in a diversification way. It can be refreshing to work with someone a bit different (gender, culturally or whatever). It would seem Elizabeth Holmes’ ambition was not matched by her abilities. Also seems like there were a lot of red flags along the way including nepotism. That business about hiring her brother (and his “frat pack”) is ridiculous.
  6. cake

    SV has a yellow garage mate!

    More pics PLEASE!!!!
  7. cake

    SV has a yellow garage mate!

    Spectacular!! Hard to choose a favorite! Is it Racing Yellow? Congrats and enjoy in the best of health!! Beautiful, private setting! Lovely!
  8. Off topic, the weekend before the 24 we were in St Augustine for film festival. We stayed just over the River from St Augustine at the base of the bridge. The view of St Aug was lovely, especially at night. Attended a lunch/talk with Hurley Haywood and then screening of his documentary which is very well done Oh that SVJ Hurley’s 918 BGB’s GT4 clubsport at the 24
  9. I saw quite a few spectacular Lambos around the infield and outside the track. On Thursday I passed a yellow pre-LP Gallardo on 95S just before leaving GA and going into FL. It had Indiana plates and looked GREAT! Made me smile. lousy iPhone pic:
  10. cake

    The Lambopower FEEL GOOD thread.

    Heartwarming story!! Thanks for sharing Tara!
  11. cake

    Movie review: Green Book

    Very well done. Solid film. Hubby and I both enjoyed it. Didn’t recognize anyone in the film except for a minor character played by stand-up comic Sebastian Maniscalco). Didn’t look at my watch once. For those who don’t know the story: it’s about a black concert pianist who hires a white NYC driver to escort him on a concert tour into the Deep South - set in the early 1960s. It was nice observing both main characters develop and learn from and impact each other.
  12. cake

    Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody

    Very solid film. Really enjoyed the story. Not a huge Queen fan but I do like some of their music. I didn’t really know anything of their story. Well done. My personal test for a movie is whether the time goes by quickly, or if I’m looking at my watch wondering when it’ll end (and thinking it could have ended xx minutes ago). Didn’t check my watch once...
  13. Thank you! Arrived Thursday and was there until late, then all day Fri and Sat I left the track at 2 a.m. (Sunday morning). Opted not to return Sunday as I didn’t really have good waterproof clothes (other than shoes). Didn’t wanna get soaked - but I knew I’d miss some spectacular racing. Listened on Sirius all the way back to HHI and the color commentary was excellent. I could play the movie in my head. This was my 5th Rolex24 in 6 years. I have never camped. Stayed at an AirBnB at Spruce Creek which is a fly in/out community. My “room” was a two room suite inside an airplane hangar. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had - but only 17 min to track via back roads and never encountered any traffic delays getting into the track (which was awesome). And only about 20 min to the beach to visit friends and have dinner at Millie’s - by far the best restaurant in Daytona and not to be missed. Only 13 tables so reservations are a must - other than 4 bar seats that are first come/first served. Friends go every year with their motor coach which serves as on-site “HQ”. I had an absolute blast. Thanks! It was fun to see Lamborghini do well!