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  1. Just now logged in for the first time in several days. Same error.
  2. Same here. Last week when I did the “unread content” filter it wiped everything out and gave me nothing (which I knew was incorrect). Just logged in for the first time since last week, and got the error message NUCLEAR JACK posted above (on Friday). This is not a complaint. Just an observation. I’m sure it’ll be sorted soon. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. Congrats and enjoy for many miles in the best of health! Balloon white - all time favorite Lambo color! Congrats on your success!
  4. cake

    "Selling yourself"

    Can't help you with how to get in front of people. But once you're there: - Learn their "pain point" - Get them to talk about their business. LEARN where the opportunities are for you to fix their pain-points. LISTEN more than you talk. I dislike the term "pitch". It implies you get in front of someone and TELL them about what you are offering. Until you understand what they need - you can't fix their issue. If you speak of things that are not relevant you'll waste their time (and yours) and very quickly turn them off. If you take the time to ask good questions, LISTEN to their answers, ask more questions, and figure out if you have something to offer that helps them - you will have more success than simply "pitching" your service. It's got to meet THEIR need and each client may have similar needs but perceive them in different ways. LISTENING is key and most people talk too much and don't listen enough - especially when trying to "sell". You are really trying to find a solution to whatever problem the client is experiencing. Your approach should be tailored to each opportunity. I'm quickly annoyed when someone dives into TELLING features/benefits when they know nothing of what I want. Maybe 4 of 5 benefits don't interest me. All I can think of is how they are wasting my time telling me of things I don't care about, and how they didn't take the time to ASK what I am looking for, or ASK what issue I'm trying to address. Good luck. You are starting with a very positive attitude!
  5. Very nice huracan - congrats. Looks perfect in satin pearl white! What is the original color? (If you mention in video - sorry - didn’t watch the entire thing.)
  6. Whatever theme I have is fine. No worries and if an option returns at some point I’ll play with it. The font color wasn’t saving when I quoted TestShoot I tried twice and I could make it bold and italic successfully but could not change font color at all (never successful) Thanks for your efforts!
  7. Destructo - in the post above where I quoted TestShoot - I went back in to edit the quote "also...I feel very lonely fellas..." because I wanted to bold it to emphasize what I was responding to. I also wanted to change the color of the quote. I tried twice saving it once in yellow and once in orange. Neither attempt was successful. It kept the bold and italic options but it seems I can't change the color of something I'm quoting.
  8. Only 9 votes so far? I'm surprised - figured there'd by more! I like the new look. Never had a problem with the old look (other than being a bit dated). I chose Matter theme after reading various comments, and now my theme button is gone (but it doesn't make a difference - this is fine). I'm on a Mac laptop and using duck duck go at the moment which can be very limiting sometimes (and a pain in the ass). I only saw the main banner when I first opened the page. Since then I've closed and reopened but theme button remains gone, and I don't see the main banner (again - okay with all of it as it doesn't affect my ability to navigate) Great job keeping LP up to date. Thanks for all your hard work. Still wish we had post numbers but I have adjusted to living without.
  9. Truly a piece of art. Surprising it started without any help! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Try Glen Huffman at AMH. Not sure if he is still a sponsor here, but we bought various parts from Glen for our LP560 and he was always honest, priced fairly and provided excellent customer service. If you search him you’ll find plenty of positive feedback. Worth a try. Good luck! (no affiliation - just a satisfied customer who likes to support small business when they do a great job!) http://www.exoticwholesaleparts.com/contact.html
  11. Congrats and enjoy for many miles in the best of health!
  12. Very interesting. One comment about her voice ... I see nothing wrong with dropping your voice a bit (as a woman) to be perceived as more authoritative. When we took our dog to obedience school - the trainer suggested dogs respond better to a male voice because of the tone/pitch and suggested women drop the voice a bit when saying commands. I did this with our dog and it was quite effective. (Of course consistency is the key and I was diligent in being consistent and the results were worth it). In business this was something I did - not to the exaggerated effect shown in Holmes’ videos, but I was very aware of my voice and how I was perceived. In any male dominated industry women have an uphill battle. Less so now (maybe) than when I came up through the ranks, but still it can be a struggle. A lot depends on many variables - but making a big deal of her dropping her voice an octave seems ridiculous to me. Is it also ridiculous that we alter our clothes, our hair, our make-up, our shoes, our accessories to be perceived as more authoritative? I did all of those things in business. It was required. It paid off. I worked with women who did not make the effort (or felt it shouldn’t be necessary) and I saw the negative result. Sure I could “do my own thing” and dress however I want (within bounds of business attire) but my clothes, hair, make-up, shoes - ALL of it sent a message and I wanted the most positive response possible. I believe men do a version of this too, but because they wrote the rule book - they don’t have as much to change to fit in. Women are at a disadvantage (in that way). But we can also use our female differences to our advantage if we are smart about it. I don’t mean that in a sexual way. I mean it in a diversification way. It can be refreshing to work with someone a bit different (gender, culturally or whatever). It would seem Elizabeth Holmes’ ambition was not matched by her abilities. Also seems like there were a lot of red flags along the way including nepotism. That business about hiring her brother (and his “frat pack”) is ridiculous.
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