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  1. cake

    Roar before the 24 Daytona

    I’d compete.....but I need my sleep too much!! 24 hours is 6 hours too many!! <wink wink> I spent a lot of time in the garages and specifically the 718 GT4 Clubsport garages. It was revealed Thursday 1/3 and I’m very curious to see the differences from the 981 and clues to the upcoming GT4 street car. And of course enjoying the Lambos. Surprisingly the Lexus was one of the best sounding race cars.
  2. cake

    Roar before the 24 Daytona

    Watched them run late yesterday in a monsoon. Rooster tails of spray on the high bank were impressive. Today was perfect conditions. Beautiful day to walk the track. Much better attended than last year when we froze. Will return in 3 weeks for the 24.
  3. cake

    Lamborghini Urus - A Woman's Perspective

    Thank you Destructo! I’d be happy to take someone’s Urus for a spin! Any volunteers from the audience? The video doesn’t go into any depth but it’s well done. I’m surprised by how low the vehicle is. Not a very tall SUV at all. Or is she an extremely tall lady? I haven’t seen one in person yet so I’ll reserve judgement until I get up close and personal. As far as off-road capability I’m sure it’s as good as any SUV that has an off road mode. I had the pleasure of some serious off roading in a Cayenne and was ASTOUNDED at what it could do. I ascended a very muddy hill so steep I thought we’d fall backward and land on the roof. The wheels spun a lot but the coach said to stay on it and I did and we made it to the top. Until that experience I had no clue of the off road capabilities of a well built SUV. The only “mod “ was to reduce tire pressure to increase tire footprint. Thanks for sharing the video. Looking forward to hearing impressions as people get some seat time.
  4. cake

    Happy new year

    Healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to all!
  5. cake

    Delivery Miles on New Huracan Performante

    Can’t answer your question (I’m sure others will chime in) but congrats and enjoy for many miles (or kilometers) in the best of health!! How about some pics?!! Enjoy!
  6. cake

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everything has/had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for many things including my LP family!
  7. cake

    Bring the old site back

    Change is tough but I’m slowly getting used to the new site. I agree with comments about quote format. Still would like to see numbered posts, and an indication of the “thread starter” (like on Rennlist) so it’s apparent who started the thread (rather than having to go back to the beginning of the thread. I don’t see a problem with LP getting back to former glory. It’s an “addiction” and I missed it when it was down. I don’t check as much as I used to but as improvements are made, and as I get used to the new format - it feels more and more like the “Old LP” - only new and improved. Great work on the improvements and thanks for all the effort and hours to keep this place “alive”..
  8. cake

    My dynamic duo !

    Bella!! Great pair! Enjoy in the best of health!
  9. cake


    Reviving an old thread - glad it wasn’t lost in the transition. Yet another example of how LP has changed my life Bought an air fryer and InstantPot at Costco last week (my initial thoughts that Instant Pot had something to do with cannabis were of course not realized). I’ve made a whole chicken in the air fryer. Crispy on the outside (but we toss the skin anyway) and juicy inside. Took just under an hour for a 4# chicken. Faster than conventional. Cleanup is easy so far - the non-stick coating rocks. The main reason I bought the air fryer is to make cauliflower sriracha “wings”. A fave restaurant has them and I love ‘em but prefer not to eat (conventionally) fried food. Found a recipe for a batter. Cauliflower pieces came out crispy and browned yet soft in middle. Made sauce of sriracha and honey and a tiny bit of butter. Wow. So delicious and way better than restaurant version which lose crispness and start to get soggy by the time they are served. If I use the air fryer for nothing else - it’s worth it. A keeper. Will review InstantPot after a few meals. Over the years I’ve wished I had a crockpot but shopping for one was overwhelming. Too many choices. Too many mixed reviews. Too much hassle. Between the comments on LP and a unit at Costco (I trust their vetting system) I figured I have nothing to lose as I can always return it. I like that it will sauté and pressure cook in addition to slow cook. I had a crockpot years ago (wedding gift) but it was early technology and didn’t have removable vessel so it was a major pain to clean. It sat unused and eventually we got rid of it. The InstantPot is much more versatile and looks like it’ll be easy to clean the cooking vessel. More to follow once I’ve given it the true test...
  10. cake

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    Of course looks are is in the eye of.... For me it’s the lines and proportion of the FF. To MY eye they are out of proportion, and it’s not a graceful line. It was the same on our 2015 Panamera. The line of the roof into the hatch didn’t “flow” - there was a “hump” and it was the one thing that I couldn’t get past. Otherwise - great car. I’d have to see a rendering of an FF with a more graceful hatch/rear configuration. It also must achieve the right proportion of “nose” to “tail” and roof height and roof line. Hard to say whether a simple change to the rear would be enough - but again - very personal and one man’s Cindy Crawford (or write your choice here__________) might be another man’s Meg Griffin (or fill in blank____________) Get what makes your heart go faster and enjoy. Who cares what anyone else thinks?!!
  11. cake

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    We learned with our 2015 Panamera GTS - doesn't matter how good a car sounds, or how practical - if it isn't beautiful to look at: PASS Our 2018 doesn't sound quite as good but it is a gorgeous car from every angle and a comfortable, fun DD. FF would tick every box except beauty. If you can live with it then have fun! I'd go perfornante based on all I've read.
  12. At least you've got some interesting garage wall art, and a good story! Coulda been SO MUCH WORSE!!
  13. cake

    — Site Announcement — A Familiar Look is Back!

    Yes - GO STEELERS! Nice to have black/yellow back again! Thanks David and mods for all your hours! Would still love to see post numbers. When I open a thread sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the first post or if I’m seeing it “mid-stream”. Especially if it’s been awhile since I logged on.
  14. Impressive. Congrats to those with incoming SVJ! Can’t wait to hear the LUV!!