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  1. Congrats and enjoy in the best of health!
  2. Thank you Chipster!
  3. Thank you! Did my first “mod”: new factory DME relay. Has new Michelin PS4S Very pleased with the tires Quiet and much improved grip over 7-8 year old tires
  4. Docta - it was nice saying a brief hello! Your purple machine looks awesome as usual! Great images, thanks for sharing. So far we are enjoying it as miles are added. Roughly 400 and counting...
  5. Thanks! Appreciate the kind words, and you are correct! It will be loved AND driven! Hoping the tires are in this week (current tires are 2012/2013). Doing lots of reading about the 993 and things we might consider for the “big” service.
  6. Thanks Jason! Hope all is well with your girls and everyone is healthy and finding things to celebrate during these crazy times. We’ve had the car since Monday and so far put on a little over 200 miles. Today the ODO eclipsed 30,000! We are both thoroughly enjoying it, and my husband went from saying this car was ALL about me and he had zero interest, to now fully embracing and enjoying it! (Which makes it even better for me). It is very different from anything we’ve owned, and it’s very comfortable and highly engaging, especially at typical street speeds. I’m still getting used to the weight distribution and how it handles. It will get new tires in the next week or so, and I’m compiling a list of service items to be addressed when it goes in the for the 30k maintenance. Overall it’s an excellent example and rock solid at all speeds, and we couldn’t be happier. I also think it’s a beautiful car and am enjoying having it in the garage (automotive “art”). Before owning it I could not have said for sure that I was going to enjoy it this much, but I had to find out, and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I’m very glad I took the leap of faith because it’s better than expected.
  7. Thank you Docta. Hope to see you this season at some point. Thanks VCR! It's our second 911 and I think it could be with us for awhile. It's much more comfortable than the 991RS, especially for hubby's bad back. But even so we put 6000 miles on that one in 18 months before selling.
  8. 1995 993 with 30k miles. Original everything except 18” wheels (Porsche and period correct). A friend had a neighbor who wanted to downsize. I first saw the car last Tues and it was in our garage by Monday afternoon. Had an extensive PPI Monday morning which revealed an all original car (except wheels). Service records under the former owner to 1996. He was the third owner. The first two had it for 8000 miles combined and a very short time. It was sold 3 times by the same dealer (who I use for service) and they knew the entire history of the car. As they say, you buy the car and the seller who is mid-70’s and according to my friend, the type of guy who would always properly warm up the engine before going into upper revs which probably were not explored very much. He religiously changed oil annually, and brake fluid every other year, and whatever the car needed. And he was nice and very reasonable. I got a very fair deal. We have some expensive repair items ahead, but that was factored into the agreed upon price and I couldn’t be happier! Polar Silver over Chestnut. It has a rare option: rear seat delete with storage (which I love). Came with all keys, books, manual, sales brochure booklet, wheel lock, complete tool kit, jack, compressor, spare tire (never used), and even the plastic disposable gloves that comes with the spare. The outer bag is very yellow but everything is intact. Hubby was not into air cooled at all, but after one ride home from the deal, he changed his mind. It’s comfortable, beautiful (to us) and has a “cool” factor that I love. It needs new tires, it got a new battery, and needs the 30k service. The timing chain housing cover has a tiny leak - not enough to pool on the shroud beneath the engine, but enough that it was moist to the touch. And the upper cam cover housing has a haze of oil that indicates it will probably start leaking. Both of those gaskets will be replaced at the 30k service, along with all new rubber hose brake lines at all four corners. The steel lines are in excellent condition. I still can’t believe it is in our garage, and that hubby very quickly from zero interest to saying “it’s a keeper”. Obviously I bought it for me (because he wasn’t enthusiastic) but it’s so much better that he will enjoy it too! The only other car I bought, that he didn’t see until the deal was completed, was the Lambo. I’m excited to have a completely different driving experience and ownership experience. It’s rock solid at highway speeds and has a very comfortable ride. The seats are great. It’s easy to get in/out of. Hubby washed it Monday night and said it was a breeze to wash compared to the GT4. (He loves washing cars so I indulge him as much as possible It’s weird looking out the very vertical, very large windshield. So different from modern cars, and also timeless. Not the best pics but you get the idea...
  9. cake


    Yes - VERY quiet around here...
  10. Thanks for posting. He definitely has excellent taste in cars! Lucky he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else.
  11. Congrats Placid - tell us more. Impressions? Enjoy in the best of health!
  12. cake

    Quail 2020

    I think “normal” will look different after we emerge. Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe!
  13. I usually vote for keeping a classic car original but it looks so sleek without the wing. That wingless profile is gorgeous.
  14. Gorgeous! Enjoy in the best of health!!!
  15. Spectacular in white on white! Lovely. Congrats!
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