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  1. oufan2929

    Credit score question...

    I had the same type of thing. I used Lexington Law. Took a few months but it ended up getting cleaned up...
  2. Hello, sorry to bother you, and I will likely send this to other owners. Would you be open to selling your car? I have been looking for either a Diablo Sv Monterey, or Diablo Sv Blue(Probably an Sv who am I kidding) Number is 6017156594. Thank you. Just let me know if not.

  3. oufan2929

    02 Murcielago w/6sp manual

    Some of you have probably seen the blk/blk 6sp Murci on Autotrader. Has had a major engine out 1000 miles ago but back in 2014. What am I up against buying an 02 Murci? Decently robust car I imagine, but curious of everyone’s thoughts. I remember Roy telling me years ago that the 03 Murci was the most reliable of the first gen Murci’s but can’t remember why. Also, what do you think the car should be bought for? He’s asking $189k which I think is a little strong. I figured I need to be in the 160’s. Has around 17k miles...
  4. About the same results I had racing my buddies Novotech tuned 720. I have a UGR car and raced him on my 91 tune (about 900whp). I put 4 cars on him before 120-130mph
  5. oufan2929

    Took a couple cars out...

    Do you have a favorite, Allan? As far as driving goes... and favorite overall?
  6. oufan2929

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    I do think it'll be a partial dd alongside my TTH. The S definitely seems to have more draw for what I'm looking for...
  7. oufan2929

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    Can't blame you there. I'm just the opposite. My favorite of those three happens to be the S. And I wouldn't complain about owning any of the above either!
  8. oufan2929

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    Wow, better than the SV...That's saying something. Looks like my next step needs to be to go drive one. If my new Ford GT application gets declined which most likely it will, I'll probably plan on an S. I need a car with all of the theatrics... Doesn't get much better!
  9. I posted this somehow as a guest, so thought I'd make it actually under my log in... Seems like there’s only $100k in difference between the 2012 Aventador and 2017 S now. That gap will close, and 5-10 years from now, what do you think the difference will be? I figure $50k or so... so cost to own a ‘17 over the ‘12 is only $50k less repairs the ‘12 will have that the ‘17 won’t? Considering one or the other. ‘12’s and their quirks/potential issues don’t bother me much. The thing that makes me want a 2017 are the rear wheel arches (love em) and the AWS... warranty/repairs don’t bother me on a ‘12. A ‘13 isn’t out of the question and I don’t see the point in spending more money on a ‘14-‘16. Just thinking out loud here... thoughts? Also, I’ll put 30-40k miles on it pretty easily. All of my cars get driven daily. So maybe there’s only an $80k difference in a low mile 12 and 17...
  10. oufan2929

    Cheating on Lambo today

    Couldn’t agree more. 488 is a snooze fest...
  11. oufan2929

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    With what you stated above/pics, get an FF. Value is almost incomparable, and it seems you enjoy that aspect and I totally get that! The FF I drove blew my mind. The black and red FF's above are SICK... Makes me want to reconsider one:)
  12. oufan2929

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    As said above, what are the traits you want out of a car, what kind of driving do you do, and how often do you drive it? Assuming it'll continue to be utilized in place of the Huracan though, I'd consider a 720s or Aventador S. As crazy as it is to say, there's really just not enough options out there. Last questions, what's your budget, and does depreciation bother you too much?
  13. oufan2929

    Blu Cephus Aventador S In Motion

    What’s your overall impression of the S over the older Aventador?
  14. oufan2929

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    Just do what they do at the track and wet it down in front of the back tires and do a rolling burnout... Wouldn't require a 5k launch...
  15. oufan2929

    How hard is a spark plug replace on G spyder?

    That’s awesome you’ve had the car so long! Enjoy in good health! Plugs on a vert are definitely more of a pain... my local shop charges me 4 hours.