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  1. oufan2929

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    With what you stated above/pics, get an FF. Value is almost incomparable, and it seems you enjoy that aspect and I totally get that! The FF I drove blew my mind. The black and red FF's above are SICK... Makes me want to reconsider one:)
  2. oufan2929

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    As said above, what are the traits you want out of a car, what kind of driving do you do, and how often do you drive it? Assuming it'll continue to be utilized in place of the Huracan though, I'd consider a 720s or Aventador S. As crazy as it is to say, there's really just not enough options out there. Last questions, what's your budget, and does depreciation bother you too much?
  3. Honestly, that would be a Kevin question. I asked him the same, but he said why not just leave it a Stage 3 keeping it bulletproof. I agreed. I asked him what the most miles he's seen on a UGR build and he said 60k miles. These things are incredible! Approx 17k miles on this build and it hasn't skipped a beat!
  4. I'm selling my 2008 UGR Twin Turbo Gallardo. The absolute only reason I'm selling it is because I bought a Twin Turbo Huracan. I've put 8k miles on the car in the last 12 months with absolutely zero issue. This is a Stage III car that makes 1000 whp on pump and 1250whp on race gas (I've never ran race gas through it). It also comes with receipts for their $49k billet transmission upgrade. The car itself has around 29k miles and that will go up as the fall weather comes into play. It's hard to keep my hands off this car. It drives like stock until you lay into the throttle as most of you know and it's the best sounding car I've ever heard! There's no stories to this car. For questions please don't hesitate to text me at 405-202-4120. If you call me it will forward to my office which is my landscape company. Please text me and I can call you back immediately unless I'm in a meeting and I'll call you back as soon as possible. PPI's can be had at buyers expense. This car is incredible. Receipts are around $155k. Asking $139k obo.
  5. Can. Not. Believe. This thing hasn’t sold yet. It’s perrrfect! I wish I had a need for it...
  6. oufan2929

    Blu Cephus Aventador S In Motion

    What’s your overall impression of the S over the older Aventador?
  7. oufan2929

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    Just do what they do at the track and wet it down in front of the back tires and do a rolling burnout... Wouldn't require a 5k launch...
  8. oufan2929

    How hard is a spark plug replace on G spyder?

    That’s awesome you’ve had the car so long! Enjoy in good health! Plugs on a vert are definitely more of a pain... my local shop charges me 4 hours.
  9. Most fun I’ve ever had in a car! Congrats, it’s unreal!
  10. oufan2929

    Discount Diablos

    Messaged him on eBay, called, and texted. No response. I don’t understand some people... I’m sure Roy will end up with them.
  11. oufan2929

    Picked up a new toy

    This is absolutely the case! People just can’t fathom it until they experience it. Enjoy in great health!
  12. oufan2929

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    So gorgeous! Congrats again! I think I prefer the soft top as well. On the ferrari and Mclaren the crease across the top KILLS it for me!
  13. oufan2929

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Makes me nervous for the drivers... Prayers going out to all!
  14. oufan2929

    04-05 gallardo vs r8

    Lots of V10 options under $90k. R8 is going to feel a lot more modern. Gallardo is raw and has much more of a soul in my opinion. Not that it matters to me, but the wow factor in my experience is 5x more in the Gallardo than the R8. That might sway you towards the R8 if you don't like the attention. An early Gallardo with Tubi or several others exhausts sound about as good as any exotic out there imo. My 04 Gallardo I had for 5 years and literally never even had a check engine light. Replaced the plugs, kept up with maintenance and had to do a clutch and brakes both around 30k miles. Was the best car I've ever owned and I've owned dozens of cars like most here...Good luck with your search!
  15. oufan2929

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    6 days is a long time in Vegas. As stated, go to the Grand Canyon if you haven't been. You can catch a helicopter from Vegas to do that. See a comic show (PG13 version worst case, they get pretty rancid if not). Some incredible singers will be performing and definitely see a Cirque show. I didn't care for O much but I could be alone. Tons of shopping to do and stay at a hotel with a good pool. Royalty exotics is the best place to rent an exotic from. You can take it for 4 hours and drive to the Hoover Dam and a few other places. Could rent two cars or just something fun that is a 4 seater.