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  1. I separate it when I walk out the door of my offices.
  2. rhunt

    Junior Seau

    LIfe is to precious to kill yourself. I have no sympathy for people that do.
  3. The reason why is that all the Washington D.C politicians live in those counties. HAHA the top 1 percent they keep talking about. Our taxes as "normal rich people" will go up while they don't even file returns half the time.
  4. Was driving the Lotus in to work this morning and ran in to Allan. It was nice to see him but hopefully he will have something decent to drive soon.
  5. Allan, I pulled the cover off where the ECU is and I was surprised to find I had a Red Race ECU in the car already. I thought it pulled pretty hard. Did you get the adjustable wastegates as well? I think it gives you something like 1.0 bar of boost instead of .85. Rob
  6. I have put over 3000 miles on it so far with no further problems. I am loving it as a daily driver with the exception of getting in and out of it but that is to be expected. It has high flow cats and aftermarket exhaust on it. I am shipping out the ECU to get the High Torque upgrade to it. I was going to do the red race ECU but don't want to have to dump a bunch of cash in to upgrading the transmission. It drives great and the handling is superb. It is pretty loud and gets some attention but not as bad as my yellow Ferrari did. Rob
  7. The car has an aftermarket exhaust and I plan to do the Red Race ECU upgrade. I have already been in contact with Allan so I am sure he can provide me the information and experiences he had with his. The car runs good and handles great. I would like to get another 50 or so HP out of it to make it compete with the little ricers on the road. I am going to be driving it a lot so I won't do too much to it but want to be respectable. Thanks for all the congratulations to everyone. Rob
  8. I picked up a 2001 Lotus Esprit at a small dealership in Chicago. We started our drive home and got about 30 miles from the dealership when the odo and speedo started to behave erratically. 30 seconds later the car died and we drifted to the side of the highway. 4.5 hours later the tow truck finally showed up and the car was towed to Lamborghini Lotus Chicago. We determined that the alternator had gone bad and we had to next day air one from Lotus Atlanta. They put the alternator on and we drove the car home 750 miles with no other problems. The car drives great and you can not beat the value as these cars are crushed in value. I plan to drive the car almost daily except for rainy and snowy days. It has 20k miles on it so I don't feel bad putting a bunch of miles on it as a regular car would probably depreciate more than the Lotus. I am getting all the fluids changed in a few weeks along with a timing belt change. Here is a picture of me with the car when I picked it up. Rob
  9. rhunt

    New D.D BMW M5

    I want to get the ecu programmed as well as the SMG transmission. Maybe exhaust and headers.
  10. rhunt

    New D.D BMW M5

    I picked it up for $34k, very cheap.
  11. rhunt

    New D.D BMW M5

    I bought a new daily driver, 2006 BMW M5. I was looking at a lot of different options, but this worked best for me. Subdued but still pretty fast. It has every option, except the HUD.
  12. Came across this Gallargo on Ebay. Pretty high mileage. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Clean-Car-N...0#ht_890wt_1167
  13. I am thinking about buying a new dd. I have it narrowed down to a few choices. 1. 01-03 porsche 911 turbo 2. 03-05 MB SL 55 AMG 3. 03-05 Maserati Spyder 4. 06 MB CLS 55 AMG I drive about 10k miles per year and have a 4X4 for snow etc. Which one would you recommend and why? I want to spend $32-$45k Thanks Rob
  14. I could not agree more. I will never ever ever ever ever bank with them again. They screwed up my mortgage payment and reported me 30 late while i was buying my new house. F them.....
  15. How can these ass clowns get away with this???? It makes me sick that this innocent family has to deal with this. Sounds like the Hells Angels will get involved for security. Lets hope the "Church" and I use that loosely does not show up. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/11...ctims-funerals/
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