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  1. 2008 Lap640: So 3 months ago I did 3 passes at the Dragstrip. Unintentionally I dumped into launch control since I had the TCS off. It was a violent spinning of all 4 wheels. I want to say I got up to 2nd or 3rd gear when lights started going off on the cluster and the dreaded egear fault light. The car went into limp mode, only going into 1st, neutral, reverse and not registering any speed on the speedometer. My trusted tech told me it was the transmission speed sensors, and since the car had what We thought was a rear main seal leak (pre existing annoying leak for months), out comes engine and tranny. I went ahead and upgraded to a Kevlar clutch, new throw out bearing (since this is what was actually leaking), rear main seal, new transmission sensors etc. Car gets put back together, and now THE SAME SHIT! It’s still only going into 1st, neutral, reverse and no speed registering. My tech has ran every diagnostic whatever possible, swapped in a loaner egear ECU and nothing. The car will shift through all gears with the ignition switch on before and after the surgery. He thinks it’s an electrical issue somewhere and is trouble shooting. I’m trying to see what is the correlation between my violent launch and what’s going on. Any thoughts?
  2. I think I could just use my SCT tuner from my truck to read codes but I went ahead and ordered a scanner last night on amazon. My mechanic told me its the first driver side O2 sensor. Cleared the code, running fine. All fluids changed and running like a raped ape. I'll change it soon, no harm to the car if it pops up again according to the mechanic but he recommends to go fix it when I get a chance. Anybody know of an audi cross reference part or do I just suck it up and pay the $360 from lambo?
  3. So the car has been running absolutely freakishly awesome for the past 3 days. Unfortunately, I got a check engine light yesterday and now its getting scanned by my mechanic. It was due for annual service anyways. It is still running great so I assume its some O2 sensor drama. I'm just surprised since I am running the O2 spacers from fabspeed and I thought they would prevent this. Any thoughts from you fine folks?
  4. Completely subjective and unscientific... I swear it’s faster now
  5. I took it off and no cigar. It was only 3 bolts
  6. The passenger side came out intact. The driver side came out filleted like a fish with my plasma cutter. Roll bar was in the way, but I cut off the necks of the cats to see if the roll bar was the limiting reagent...and it was not the case. With the roll bar off, the passenger would’ve come out no problem. The driver side is the one that is possessed by Satan. I would love for an LP640 owner who has actually done it himself to see if I’m just crazy. I have to believe that there is some special voodoo difference between the pre LP cars. My mechanic told me he always waits for an engine out procedure like the clutch before discussing primary car removal. If I had to do it again, I could probably do it in about 3 hours...but I would cut up the cats again.
  7. I followed your write up which was great. The clamps were actually super easy. The impossible part was getting the cats out. Too tight. The LP640 has to be different from the early murci.
  8. So it’s 2:00 am and I’m finally finished installing the primary deletes. My helpful advice is wait until you need an engine out clutch job or something. Holy crap that sucked. I ended up cutting the cats in pieces with a plasma cutter to get them out. Not sure how it works on the early murci, but on the lo640 it was an absolute pain in the ass! I turned it on briefly and on start up it so worth the headache. Tomorrow I’ll do some road testing
  9. Why don’t you just hardwire a battery tender plug. I do that with my murci and my other vehicles. It’s a lot easier than reprogramming the radio settings and other stuff
  10. Congrats. 3 pedal murci is timeless. Enjoy it good health.
  11. So the saga continues. I received the seemingly correct primary deletes with the valve deletes and a pair of O2 sensor spacers.....but the primary deletes only have one bung for an O2 sensor and I realize that the primary cats actually have 2 sensors each. I’m assuming you can’t just run the car with only one sensor? And I assume I need to run a total of 4 O2 sensor spacers. Any thoughts?
  12. cuhuba


    Just an FYI, I just changed the sensors on my 08 LP640. I bought these on amazon for $31 each https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Q8L7FU...=UTF8&psc=1 So far no problems, no need to reset anything and the stupid dash light is finally gone! I have the old sensors in my hand and they are an Audi/VW part 4F0 907 275B. They were built 6/13/07 so I guess the batteries are dead. I really cannot imagine the aftermarket sensors lasting any more or less than the factory ones. I'm happy
  13. Thanks for the response! I definitely kind of wish I could start from scratch and just do straight pipes, no LNB, no valve BS. But...I'll just do the primaries, no valves, and call it a day. My '04 was just straight pipes (bought it that way) and sounded insane, although sometimes annoying at idle to have a conversation. Question, do you think my no cat system, without valves, and the LNB/LOC muffler will sound and make fire like a straight pipe system? Or does the extra route of gas travel mess up the sound and fire probability?
  14. OK, so I am embarking on removing the primaries on my 2008 LP640 and I received the deletes from Fabspeed that look like this: http://www.fabspeed.com/murcielago-primary-catbypass-pipes/ but what I should've received was the ones with the double outlet like these http://www.fabspeed.com/lamborghini-murcie...atbypass-pipes/ I will need to contact my dealer in the morning to sort it out. A question I have is should I order them with the valves or just leave it without valves? And how will this affect my sound and ultimate goal of getting some fire out the back? So far I have Fabspeed secondary deletes and a LOC muffler. I really don't care about being turning the volume down so I'm not sure how crucial it is to retain the whole valve apparatus. Hope somebody can chime in before I start ordering stuff. Thank you.
  15. Thanks for the tips guys, will reference the DIY for sure. I definitely have a healthy stock of extensions and u joints. I'm sure a couple of hours of cussing and a few busted knuckles should do the trick.
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