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  1. FiveCar

    Anybody going to the factory

    Not that I could tell. When I last went, and was a Diablo SV owner, they treated me just like any other tourist. Others on the forum might have had a different experience, though.
  2. My Aventador SV, purchased in the US, is due to be completed in early 2017. However, I'm living for a few years in London. Does anyone know whether there's a way to drive a US-spec Lambo in the UK for two years without going through all the crazy import/export emissions stuff, and without VAT shenanigans? Research on the internet and in LP doesn't seem conclusive. Seems like a US citizen can drive a European car, purchased in Europe, without paying VAT, for six months only. And then the car has to go back to the US with you. But it also seems that a US citizen can import a car from the US to the UK, without paying VAT, if the car's already been registered and taxed in the US. But in both cases, it seems that emissions and other cross-country spec-matching need to be done... and I'd rather not go through all that hassle unless it's absolutely necessary. Have any US citizens imported their US Lambos into the UK? Or bought a US Lambo while living in the UK? I'd like to get your advice on how best to proceed. Thanks in advance.
  3. FiveCar

    Anybody going to the factory

    I will be doing my Ad Personam at the factory tomorrow (literally Monday June 5th). Do you want me to buy the belt? PM me offline, and let's arrange.
  4. FiveCar

    Ad Personam visit tips?

    As some of you might recall, I sold my 98 Diablo SV four years ago in a feat of spectacular financial folly. Never mind that, though. I'm getting back into Lambo, this time with an Aventador SV coupe. I'm traveling tomorrow to Bologne to do the Ad Personam visit. For those of you who've done this before, what are your tips to get the most out of the experience? And what should I avoid? Thanks in advance!
  5. FiveCar

    Thoughts on P1 value over time?

    That may or may not be true, but 5-10 years is the worst part of the depreciation curve for rare cars, right? The same happened to the F1 during its first 10 years -- basically a financial disaster. I think what really causes appreciation is that the then-15-year-olds eventually become 35-year-olds that have money, or the then-35-year-olds become 55-year-olds undergoing midlife crises... that's what causes performance sports cars to appreciate, on rare occasion, only 2-3 decades later, right? Exhibit One: Countach.
  6. FiveCar

    Thoughts on P1 value over time?

    I'm of course partial to Konami codes, so would prefer U-U-D-D-L-R-L-R-A-B-Select-Start. @RaginBull: I do think the competitive field is a big concern, and also the rate of technological advancement. Top cars just can't stay top for a long time these days. So the biggest drop may well be in the first 10 years, where the alternatives are just much better performing. It's only when the thing you're "rare" about is no longer performance (like in the F1's case, what's rare is the market-defining last-of-a-generation aspect of it; in the 99 Diablo, it'd be the last-to-be-welded-together-non-VW-Audi-ness of it) that price starts (in some cases) moving back in your favor. I certainly don't have $1.3M to drop just for the fun of it. Can't afford several hundred thousand depreciation in a few years. Not sure I would be willing to hold it 20 years to recoup some of it (if ever); and also not sure whether maintenance during those years will easily wash away any gains. Compound it with the risk (real or perceived) that McLaren Automotive may not be around to make good on the repairs a decade from now... it's mostly stacking up against completing the deal.
  7. FiveCar

    Thoughts on P1 value over time?

    Great points, Fortis. I don't primarily think of it as an investment (in that I'm not looking to ~make~ money off it), but I wouldn't go into it if chances were good that I'd lose my shirt. I have the money, but certainly not enough to flush it down a drain and feel no loss at all. The other difficulty is assessing the odds of the company not being around. Such a limited-edition specialized car would essentially become a great-looking brick in the driveway if McLaren Automotive were to go bust. Given the number of repairs I had to do even on a 10-year-old Diablo SV, I'd be truly worried keeping a P1 running myself into its 20th year.
  8. I've just put a deposit down on a P1, but am uncertain about completing the deal. The main thing on my mind is depreciation, especially given that new MP4-12C's are selling well below MSRP (and many barely-driven units are even cheaper). The F1 dropped in price during the first years of its release, but eventually rose in value. A few things are different in the P1's case, though: When the F1 was released, it was in a league of its own. No other production car came anywhere close to its specs. The F1 is pretty much considered the pinnacle of pre-computer tech. There won't ever be another car like it. The F1, during its day, had no credible competition. The P1, however, has a handful of credible contenders. It's not clear to me what happens with McLaren if sales don't pick up in the next few years. It'd be a pity to be stuck with a $1.3M car with no repair options. I realize the question of "will its price depreciate by a metric boatload" is essentially one of opinion, and is not definitively answerable at this time. What I'm far more interested in is whether there are any additional factors I haven't considered yet, which may end up influencing price (including, for instance, the fact that car tech seems to be advancing at an increasing pace -- top cars hold their top position for shorter and shorter times, really good performance can be had at a fraction the price, etc). Thoughts?
  9. Well, what I mean by "I'm not fully sold" is "I'm not convinced I'm going to go through with the purchase. There's been a lot of talk about 'ring times and what not, but I also see the MP4-12C's prices dropping through the floor. Not exactly convinced the P1 will hold up or come anywhere close to what the F1 has done. And remember, the F1 actually fell drastically in price during its first few years as well...
  10. Have been away from the board for a while now, living a car-free lifestyle in the UK. Been fun, renting the occasional Zipcar on weekends. Just put a deposit down on a McLaren P1, though TBH, I'm not fully sold on it yet. I figure it'd either be a huge success, like the F1, or it'll bomb and become a financial disaster. I hope all of you have been well.
  11. Thanks, porter. Will definitely try to be helpful where possible. Owning one, and repairing one, was a great learning experience. Wouldn't have been possible without the help of all the knowledgeable folks on the site, so I'm glad I was able to contribute some epic posts.
  12. Sold! It was brilliant being part of this community for a few years. Thanks for all the help and support over the years. Best wishes to all of you!
  13. Thanks, Murcie612! Things are actually great -- just that I'm no longer in the country. When I return to the US, I hope to rejoin the Lambo ranks. In the meantime, depending on whether there's a solid future owner for the car, I have a few friends in the US that are totally ready to take care of it for a few years for me.
  14. After two years of beautiful ownership, I need to let my 98 Diablo SV go due to a change of personal life circumstance. It truly was a great experience to be an owner and to earn VIP status on this great board. Relevant facts: Full engine-out piston-ring replacement and tune-up. Done by Josh, one of the nation's best techs, in Lambo Bellevue for $36k. New exhaust manifolds, valve adjustments, the works. Basically back to new. Kevlar clutch (just 1 year old) Reverse camera with in-dash LCD. Transparent history on this site. You can check my past posts - it's about as in-depth as you could expect to know about a car. Still turns heads. I'm biased, but hey -- it looks awesome. $115k Full details and contact info here: I'd be remiss not to mention how essential the members of LP have been in making ownership such an awesome experience. So many members helped me (IlToro, Porter, HuntNPhool, etc) -- truly, it's been nothing but awesome to be part of this community. Thanks for making this a great life experience. I look forward to the opportunity to rejoin the Lambo family again when my situation allows.
  15. FiveCar

    Cross Reference Parts Guide For Diablo

    Brake Pads: Carbotech Bobcats. They're street pads that don't produce anywhere near the amount of brake dust as the OEMs. Good stopping power, smooth predictable braking. I got the 1521's.