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  1. Very cool video! Since I drive the same car....as a daily driver, I would say his review is quite accurate. ....and yeah, when I first bought the car....umm....why isn't the reverse switch in the center blank space lol Shamile Freeze....Miami Vice!
  2. Great thread! I'm moving to an Aventador from my 06 Murcielago Roadster and this information is invaluable. I drove a 14 Roadster but found it too smooth and the shifts without any drama. I recently drove a 12 Aventador and while everyone complains that it's too clunky and the shifts are too hard, I really liked it. It reminded me of the feel of the my 97.5 Diablo VT Roadster...full of drama and never let you forget what you were driving. I hear that the 13 coupe and roadsters have the same hard shifting but can get software updates that the 12 cannot. If you do the updates, will it take away the hard shifting and make it more like the 14? ...hope not. ....and I thought going away from the Murcielago would be more reliable lol
  3. When I had my 97.5 Diablo VT Roadster, I was in the habit of changing all the fluids. My current Murcielago Roadster is no different. I haven't verified that the egear system requires a computer to aid in the fluid change. Since I couldn't find a drain plug per se, and of course the manual always says " take to an authorized Lamborghini service center" I use my Griot's garage bleeder pump to just pump out the fluid in the reservoir and replace with fresh fluid once a year. Over time, it will cycle all fresh fluid through. Given that the clutch only lasts about 22k miles, you know you're getting fresh fluid at that interval of time.
  4. Sprite! You da man! I printed this out and took it to Lamborghini Sarasota. I'm having the clutch done on my 06 Roadster in early Jan. and then it will be up for sale. Once sold, I'm buying a LP640 Roadster and I'm going to go do this with the dealership. This will be awhile but I'll document everything and create a thread for it. I just plain and simply hate the egear.
  5. Woah! Did the egear system somehow cause this? Since this is the mechanical portion of the system, wouldn't this be a mechanical failure? Please let us know.
  6. 2 People 4 minutes 1 Person 11 minutes ( including removing and bagging the windshield deflector and rear glass deflector ) Darth Vader sez.... I find your lack of mathematics disturbing
  7. The Murcielago top is so easy, I even taught my 19 year old girlfriend Lauren how to remove it and put it back on lol I will only drive Lamborghini Roadsters. I had a Diablo VT Roadster for over 10 years and I currently drive a 06 Murcielago Roadster....as a daily driver. The top is really stupid compared to the VT Roadster but it's less "sweating bullets" when trying to put on or remove the top on the Diablo. One wrong move and you're scraping paint. These days you can put the clear wrap next to scrape prone areas...but didn't have that option back in the day. The Murcielago top is cumbersome but once you get used to is, it's not bad to put on and remove. I can do it in 11 minutes. It's completely waterproof with no leaks. I drive my "best in show" concours winning roadster as a daily driver and even in heavy Florida rain...no issues. I don't have a problem being seen as I'm a very "over the top" extroverted kinda guy lol Buy a Roadster!!
  8. Honestly, I will only drive a Roadster....even with the stupid top. I have no love for coupes....even a LP640 I have a 06 Roadster now. I prefer the seat and brake upgrades. It seems also the TCS system has been upgraded as I watched Megachad's video and it's totally unobtrusive in my car. The only reason I would consider doing the conversion to my car is the egear is so unreliable that the car is constantly off line with one egear issue or another. I drive it as a daily driver and concours it. It has to be reliable. The only reason I was mentioning the LP is that if you're going put extra money into something, it might as well be something a little more pleasing to my eye. To go from my 06 to an 08 is already about a 75k difference out the door....not really worth it. So, maybe just stick my Murcielago. I just find myself in a very odd position of not knowing what direction to go in. As far as coming out even, 17k in egear repairs in 2 years not including a clutch is already money down the drain. I might as well make it an enjoyable drive. With my Diablo, I broke 3 shift rods, 3 slave cylinder pins and replaced 4 leaking slave cylinders. Once I changed over to the Hoskins rod, no issues. As far as the other issues mentioned, jack stands in the garage, a few hours and you're on the road again.
  9. A LP 640 Roadster stick is going for 485k from Roy. I'm getting quotes from 30-40k so far. I spoke to the head tech at Lamborghini Sarasota ( my home dealership ) He said it's not a problem. All Lamborghini parts are stock items and there's no modifications. Agreed about no "egear issues on the Aventador but from all my reading electronic issues abound. I like the way Bryon S just writes it off as owning a high maintenance exotic. Maybe they're just crap. I put 72k miles on my Diablo VT Roadster and never got stranded anywhere, never broke down or needed a tow....in 10 YEARS of everyday driving! Sure, it needed maintenance and a watchful eye but once the header issue was taken care of...no issues. The more modern I go, the more problems I'm encountering.
  10. Unbelievable! Please let us know. I am so sick of e gear issues. I have put 12k miles on my 06 Murcielago Roadster in 2 years and have spent $17k on so many misc issues....egear ecu, abs ecu, wiring harness trace, paddles assembly for microswitch, 2 brake switches, 4 tows to shop for computer diagnosis etc... I'm thinking of converting it to stick. As much as I want an Aventador, I fear even more issues as that car gets older. I miss my damn Diablo VT Roadster.
  11. Oh....this is so true! ....and not just about cars.
  12. Silly question.....did you check the egear fluid reservoir to see if it was up to level?
  13. Found it! Here's a full thread I did on removing the VT drive system in my 97.5 Diablo VT Roadster. http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29986 Btw, given today's values, keep the parts. From a collectors point of view, the car has to be complete.
  14. Haha....I just had this issue! I had a problem where the egear would start upshifting by itself. It then went to it would only engage reverse and not first and paddles would not put it back to neutral. Only if you turned off the engine would it go back to neutral but would only engage reverse. I had it towed to the shop and the computer showed upshift paddle error. Meaning as if the paddle was held too long...but I never did that. A few minutes to clear the code and I told the shop to test drive it for 2 weeks. This because of a total egear system harness pull and replace all the modules taking 6 months. Anyways, the computer error clear did the job. I just picked up the car Friday and have put 280 miles on it this weekend....no problem so far.
  15. I bought my Murcielago Roadster from Lamborghini Sarasota. We hammed out a deal over Facebook messaging on a Friday night lol Call them up and ask for Will Bean. He's my sales rep and friend. Tell him Shamile sent you. Or....you could ask Roy Cats to locate anything you need. Honestly, Roy is the only guy I will buy a car from unseen. My last transaction with him was super smooth...nothing like what you're describing here.
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