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  1. Yeah! Like some people say: If the STO is just a RWD version with focus on weight saving, the Performante version with ALA and RWS that might come later will be out of this world!
  2. I just saw this video of the Huracán EVO being faster than the Performante on track. Let's put links in this thread to lap times of the EVO This looks like an impressive car to me
  3. From the looks of these pics I don't see any ALA in that huge wing. Which I find strange. Clearly this thing looks like a track monster and a huge part of why Lambos are killing the tracks lately is due to ALA.
  4. Nobody buys the Aventador because it is faster than the F8 or the 720S. Because it is not. It is in some aspects a bit of a dinosaur. People buy it because it is the only supercar with a V12 still left. All the other V12s are in GTs or hypercars. Lamborghini have that market locked the f**** down. So why in the world would they want to go V8 and fight the cars which people who buy bulls find boring because of their engines?
  5. Yes but I believe the money went was going to charity? I might be wrong though.
  6. I believe the white car was sold for charity. This often means that people are willing to pay even more than normal. Also there is a rumor going around that the owner bought the car back which can explain the crazy money it sold for. But I also think the estimate is way low. If I were to buy any Veneno Roadster it would be this one for sure. The spec is beyond evil. Makes an angry car stand out even more if you ask me!
  7. What I don't get is that Lamborghini say they do not want their cars to share the spotlight with the competitors. But that will happen at the Quail in USA and at FOS in the UK anyway? What they are doing is giving their competitors all of the spotlight from the worlds automotive media in what is one of the biggest events of the calender. Everyone is going to be in Geneva to report. And everyone in Lambo's segment is going to be there to unveil cars. Last year over 600k people came to GIMS. I doubt there were 600k people at The Quail or at FOS the same year ... I really think Lamborghini is losing a lot of publicity here.
  8. For sure this is the reasoning. But I personally fail to see why they change their strategy if they've been selling cars in record pace for the last few years. Why change the formula if it works? Plus it's very sad for me personally as I go to the show mostly to see new Lamborghinis ... They seem to forget their fans a bit imo.
  9. The Hypercar thing is being unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed
  10. Hello guys! I just got alarming news from a friend of mine. My friend told me that he had spoken to the brand manager of Lamborghini in Sweden and that he was told that Lamborghini is not going to be at GIMS 2020. Does anyone have any info about this? I really hope this is not the case as Lamborghini is one of the best cars at the show and have always been ...
  11. Can you guys please try to post your SVJ's in the SVJ thread? I get very excited when I see this thread is active, but nothing about the actual car the thread is about :P?
  12. Luckydaff

    Monterey 2019

    So what is it that Lamborghini will unveil at the show? Anyone have any idea?
  13. Luckydaff

    Monterey 2019

    This thread is a good idea. I hope you guys will drop info and teasers of what we can expect at this great event. I heard Bugatti is showing some one-off. Any idea if Lambo is unveiling something new?
  14. Also: The guy who took the pictures said it had no sound and was driving 100 km/h so he thinks it could be a hybrid ...
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