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  1. I've seen Rimacs on car shows and about a month ago at Supercar Owners Circle where they had both models. To me they look kit car-ish. The Concept one is not a looker at all and the Concept two looks so plain and boring compared to other hypercars. There is something missing. A bit like how I feel about Zenvo ...
  2. It does look a bit like some guy just went nuts with the angle grinder
  3. So this caught my eye ...
  4. Luckydaff

    New Aventador?

    Just found these pictures. What are we looking at? Surely Lamborghini are not sloppy enough to not hide something new from the publics eyes? One-off? Test Mule? Last, last, last Aventador version? What do we think people?
  5. A good friend of mine got his Roadster a few weeks ago. Had a blast in it yesterday and all I can say is WOW! We did not push it almost at all, but the car goes like nothing I've expericed. I can not wait to experience it again!
  6. Luckydaff

    photo shoot

    Love it! The Diablo GT is perhaps THE Lamborghini.
  7. Luckydaff

    photo shoot

    I had the opportunity a few months back to shoot my friends GT. His is the only one in Sweden and it is orange and #19/80. Here are a few pics I took for him.
  8. Lamborghini Squadra Corse sure has made a fast car! The FXX-K Evo has over 1000 hp vs the 840 in the Lambo. And I am sure the Lambo weighs more. But downforce and traction is key here it seems! Enjoy!
  9. Just thought I'd drop this here It is the new track car from Squadra Corse based on the Aventador ... Looks insane!
  10. I get why, but I feel it's a real shame. I've been to GIMS every year since 2011 and I've seen cars like the Centenario, Veneno and special Ad Personam cars because of it. Cars of that caliber just do not make it to Sweden where I live, so I am out of luck now. Thanks Lambo !
  11. Any new info or pics of this car?
  12. A render I did in 5 minutes last night.
  13. RWD Spyder is also my guess.
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