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  1. This is official though! From the Lambo Mag
  2. Someone made this render based on Lamborghinis own teaser picture. How accurate is it? Who know ...?
  3. I think that is car is a Goodwood edition Aventador coming in a few months at .... Goodwood perhaps ;)? But yeah, I heard some rumors of such a car. 500 copies. Won't bet my life on it though
  4. I think they will announce their strategy for the future. Electrification
  5. I was just discussing this with Lambocars. And my guess is that they will do some sort of a last edition based on the SVJ. Again. Because I don't see a reason why they need to tease two new one-off cars that are already spoken for? So I think they are just going to buy some more time with a new sticker pack for the SVJ. That sort of deal.
  6. Nothing at this moment. I've heard rumors of a reveal this year. But I've also heard rumors of a 2023 or even 2024 reveal. Nothing is clear atm ... 2021 would be fitting since it's the 10 year anniversary for the Aventador ...
  7. Luckydaff


    Made a few renders in different colors. White is not my favorite you see
  8. It could be. But I think Lamborghini have enough orders for them to build Aventadors for a while. I think this is some sort of test mule maybe.
  9. Some short glimps of it here.
  10. Is this a screen shot from the Unica App? Or what is this?
  11. From another forum: Same HP as EVO but 330 lbs lighter. Limited production 700 cars total. I dig it.
  12. Cool info! I am very excited for this release! Any idea how much power it will have or how much weight they've removed?
  13. Luckydaff

    Huracán STO

    https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/3d What do we know so far?
  14. I've seen Rimacs on car shows and about a month ago at Supercar Owners Circle where they had both models. To me they look kit car-ish. The Concept one is not a looker at all and the Concept two looks so plain and boring compared to other hypercars. There is something missing. A bit like how I feel about Zenvo ...
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