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  1. Luckydaff

    Monterey 2019

    So what is it that Lamborghini will unveil at the show? Anyone have any idea?
  2. Luckydaff

    Monterey 2019

    This thread is a good idea. I hope you guys will drop info and teasers of what we can expect at this great event. I heard Bugatti is showing some one-off. Any idea if Lambo is unveiling something new?
  3. Also: The guy who took the pictures said it had no sound and was driving 100 km/h so he thinks it could be a hybrid ...
  4. Came across these two pictures on the www. What do you guys think it is? I doubt they are doing a re-styling of the EVO similar to the one they did on the Gallardo LP560-4 already. But who knows? Personally I am leaning more towards it being the RWD version?
  5. Hey people! I got this link from a friend. Anyone have any info? https://www.thesupercarblog.com/rumor-lamborghini-to-reveal-new-supercar-on-june-4/
  6. At Geneva Motor Show 2018, Lamborghini showed us a Rosso Efesto Aventador S with carbon roof and engine cover. Sort of like on the SVJ 63. That was a display of what Ad Personam could do. How is that not possible on the SVJ? I mean if you were to do that and ad carbon on the side you would have the exterior of the SVJ 63 and nobody would be able to tell the difference. In my opinion the 63 is one hell of a bad last version of the Aventador. It is not that special. Just some extra carbon which you can add via Ad Personam and a few stickers which you can add no problem. Lambo failed on that one if you ask me.
  7. I heard talk awhile back about the V12 being a lot smaller. I think it was 4 liters? It had something to do with China and their taxation on big displacement engines. But here it states they will keep the 6,5 liter V12 which tbh also makes sense since they launched that engine with the Aventador. A lot of R&D money gone if they replace it with a new engine only one model in its life? The V12 from the Miura stayed alive until 2010 ...
  8. Once again Lamborghini seem to be showing the LB48H to its most important customers! Anyone going?
  9. Not sure what the Bagmotic thing is. Sounds random! But this teaser is of the SVJ Roadster at least! Notice how the engine cover is slightly different to the coupé!
  10. Shortly after my previous comment I found this. Hold on to your hats gentlemen! This will be CRAZY!
  11. What I see in this picture is a green EVO Spyder and in front of it, a gold Aventador Roadster. Most likely SVJ Roadster as the rumors have suggested. Do you agree?
  12. I might have spoken to a similar bird. Because I've heard the same thing! Btw I just got word that Lamborghini is revealing the Evo Spyder tomorrow? Maybe online ...? Could someone here check the Lamborghini app for more teasers or info?
  13. Not really Lamborghini related, but Koenigsegg is showing their Agera successor as you might know at Geneva. And I just got news they will not tease the car until its official debut on the 5th. A bit sad since I love seeing teasers. But other makers are being really slow as well I feel. Nothing from any of the prestige brands to speak of atm? Strange ...
  14. The Urus still is faster in the 0-62 etc. But I also doubt the Bentayga Speed really is faster in reality. The Urus is a bit more powerful (15 PS more), but 50 Nm down. However the normal Bentayga is 220 kg heavier than the Urus, and I doubt the Speed is 220 kg (or more) lighter than the normal Bentayga? Also the Urus is a lot slicker thorugh the air I am sure! So I would like to see them go head to head in a top speed run. To me this is just VAG pushing Lamborghini to produce even faster SUV's ...
  15. A friend of mine spoke to the sales peeps at Lamborghini London the other day. SVJ Roadster is going to be at Geneva they told him. And I don't see why they would lie someone who is getting a SVJ Roadster
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