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  1. https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/news/lamborghini-lb744-absolute-driving-experience It's getting close now people!
  2. I agree with everything completely. All the big people at Lamborghini is German now and you can tell. I mean the video was cool, but the accent of Mohr kills the feeling for me. I always loved Winkelmann but the others are way worse than their predecessors. And yeah, Perini and Donckerwolke really understood the Gandini design and had it in them. Borkert doesn't. It must REALLY hurt for him to know that the father of Countach (Mitja's favorite Lambo) hated his take on it I am starting to not hate it now finally. But it definitely isn't amazing either.
  3. https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/news/lamborghini-lb744-new-benchmark-for-hybrid-super-sports-cars
  4. https://v12worldpremiere.com Since I am a mere fan I am not allowed in. But still cool I think. I saw a screenshot from it which seem to confirm the reveal to 29th on May
  5. I am wondering and hoping for Lambo to "copy" McLaren's dash in the 720S. The retractable part of that is SO cool. It would be amazing if this did the same!
  6. As we all know the 60 Giro is going to be a strange one. Super expensive and less than half the cars compared to the Grande Giro. Oh and the "No cars prior to VAG's ownership" rule is just daft. It's funny how their slogan is "The future began in 1963." It should be "The future began in 1998" I think. Anyway I am still going to see it. As a fan. Not as a participant or Lambo owner (since I don't own a Lambo. The crazy price will make the quality of the cars in it very high I hope ...
  7. I really hope they do a livestream from the unveiling!
  8. Is anything that you received sharable? Spec options and so on. I heard some small hints from a close friend who was shown the same thing but it was just words. No pictures or anything
  9. Patent drawings have leaked. I wont share them atm but you guys want I can
  10. I was talking to our mutuql friend Alex Aalto last night about you! You should bring the LP720! I am actually dying to see it
  11. Can you share something about the Unica App update? I am not an owner. Just a massive fan of the Lamborghini Brand so I do not get these things
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