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  1. Sounds very sad if true! Anyway: https://carbuzz.com/news/lamborghini-revuelto-edges-closer-to-american-arrival
  2. Yeah it's sad how this forum has died! But I am glad to see you are here still 18th of December seems to be a date where they are doing VIP previews of the car I heard. And it seems they are doing small events in different countries.
  3. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/11/lamborghini-aventador-replacement-reveals-8500-rpm-redline-in-new-spy-shots/ Some new spy shots of the car. Now with the dashboard visible!
  4. I have not found a good thread where we can discuss the rumors or info about this new V12 bull. So I started this one. Let's get talking
  5. Usually Lambo reveal the car in the app 24h prior to the official reveal. So is it out there yet?
  6. The car arrived a few days ago. It was rainging during delivery so the car is a bit dirty. But it looks so nice in person. 10/10
  7. How do you know? I can not find anything about it on his channels?
  8. Yeah I mean if you use simple maths for a second. The most powerful road-going Aventador is the Ultimae with 780 PS. Add the hybrid tech from the 918 which is old but we know the power of it. Then its 280 PS there. That would be combined 1060 PS. Matches my "over 1000" I was told. BUT if the engine is down-sized for saving the polar bears-reasons then let's say they need 300 hp electric to push the car to 1.000. Still possible today I think.
  9. I spoke to my local dealer the other day. They told me a few things. But since they are under strict no talking embargo i think guess they toyed with me. But the figures I got were pretty nice if true .... over 1000 PS to name one thing.
  10. Hey everyone! This is my first topic on this forum. My dad just bought a 997.2 Turbo S and it is painted in the PTS color Eisblau Metallic (Ice Blue Metallic). I've read that it was only painted on 7-8 customer cars plus two press cars in Germany. Does anyone here have any sites where I can check this or know? Here are some pictures from the dealership. The car is currently sitting in the showroom waiting for us to transport it home in the coming week. Enjoy
  11. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/11/lamborghini-spotted-testing-upcoming-hybrid-v12-engine-in-an-aventador-mule/ Yes, the rear and front bumper is slightly changed on this test mule. But I do not think its a new version. I think what's under the body is what they are testing here... Happy weekend everyone btw!
  12. Let's say they have around 1.000 V12s to build yet. That's about one year of production still left I think.
  13. That sounds very interesting. Maybe the car will appear in the spring then? With the same green camo maybe? The elliptical exhausts mounted as high up as the tail lights sounds strange. But I guess it will work when we get to see it.
  14. Since there was pics of the car running with covered up parts to lower the drag and the pics with them messing around with some sneaky looking rocket fuel, maybe they thought; Oh well, we got caught this time... Or another reason could be that they simply did not beat the record. I mean Porsche came out with the 6:38 record not long after Lambo was spotted there, so maybe their time was not good enough to beat it and they then decided not to publish it? I do not think the car is that much faster around the track than the Perf, and it did it in 6:52 which is 14 sec off the record from Porsche. But I am just guessing....
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