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  1. Exactly! That was a huge embarrassment for the factory. It took them months and they still can't get it to match its claim and they pulled it in the end. Another good proof is the Balboni exhuast. The VB exhaust made claims on its sound and its looks. It never made any claim whatsoever on increasing hp etc... Its latest model for the SVJ claims there is quite a bit of weight reduction. I met Valentino and the exhaust manufacturer earlier at the beginning of this year. Both stated that there is no gain in hp; only its weight advantage would lead to a slight performance gain (along with the looks and the sound). If there is one person on the planet that I would trust as far as all things related to Lamborghini's, it would be Valentino Balboni; especially when his name is on the product!
  2. That's awesome, you are the man and welcome to the club!
  3. It highly depends on one's physique. If one is between 5' 5" to 5' 10", medium-built with a proportionally average torso length, then all is well. Anyone 6' or above and especially with a long torso in particular would not feel comfy in the sports seats. The original 2008 Gallardo Superleggera for the N. American market came with comfort seats and I went through a huge hurdle to get the carbon sports seats. Once I got them, I never looked back. Had the carbon sports seats for the 2010 LP570SL, the Murci LP670SV and the Aventador LP750SV. I find them perfect for my physique. For long period driving, I agree with topjay that a tiny cushion for the lower back would be helpful. But the sports seats feel a lot more special and they offer superior support in spirited driving. They save a lot of weight from the comfort seats too (I swapped out the comfort seats with the carbon seats myself on the G-SL so I know the difference is huge). Had the comfort seats offered more adjustments, I may have considered them but they are no different from the very basic VAG generic power seats and the sitting position offered isn't superior to the sports seats with the fixed backrest; at least for my driving position. Based on memory of my AV-SV seats, its stitching pattern is different from the M-SV so the padding of the AV-SV has slightly more variables. The shoulder section seems a tiny bit thicker on the AV-SV but that can also mean it pushes one's shoulders a tiny bit more forward as well. The headrest also seems thicker on the AV-SV so one's head is tilted a tiny bit forward. Beyond that, they feel about the same. Personally, I would and I had selected the carbon sports seats. I just locked in the specs for SVJ63 roadster last week.
  4. Huge congrats!! Welcome to the club!
  5. They’ve done this before years ago. It was called the Aventador-J, 1 of 1. So this is the AV-J2.0 then?
  6. Well, it’s official. Lamborghini’s own Unica app had posted Domenicali’s departure. No word on his replacement though.
  7. Winkelmann turned Lamborghini around and made it profitable. But he also watered-down the brand by making a plethora of so-called limited editions out of the same model. Domenicali had little choice but to continue with that game in order to keep Lamborghini afloat. Domenicali literally mimicked the Ferrari FXX program with the introduction of the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. It makes business sense but it also violated Ferruccio's way as he never wanted his cars to participate in any race. One thing that Domenicali did which Winkelmann clearly avoided was to reach out to the "old guards" like Dallara, Stanzani, Gandini and, of course, Balboni. That was very amicable of Domenicali (especially now that Stanzani had passed). Winkelmann wanted to be the one and only Mr. Lamborghini which explained why Balboni parted ways with Lamborghini SpA during Winkelmann's reign. A bit OT but here's a true story as it was a personal experience. Winkelmann wasn't too well-liked by the staffs of Lamborghini SpA. Across from the factory is a restaurant that was actually founded one year earlier than the Lamborghini factory itself. Many of the higher-ranking Lamborghini staffs dine there; so much so that there is actually a "Lamborghini Room" within the restaurant. The section is adorned with all kinds of Lamborghini memorabilia and have numerous photos of all the important events, milestones and important personnel. I was very fortunate to be invited to dine there with one of the directors along with Mr. Balboni. So I was looking around enjoying all the ornaments and photos. Then I noticed there was a photo placed on the floor at the far corner of the room and obviously that area was rather deserted (all the other pics were hung on the walls). That photo was Winkelmann doing his classic post (standing cross-armed in his signature tight-fitting suit) beside a Murcielago. I joked and asked how come Winkelmann's pic is there. Balboni just rolled his eyes and the director chuckled and said, "I think you already knew why." So perhaps it might not be a good move for Winkelmann to make his return to Lamborghini.
  8. So do I. It's good to see daddy back!
  9. Thank you! I am dreaming of adding a Miura SV to complete the collection. (emphasis on the word dream)
  10. Many thanks for the kind words DoctaM3.
  11. Hahaha! In due course my friend...
  12. Thank you! Yes, many thanks again for passing the opportunity to me!
  13. Do it Allan. Here's my SV trio. (Actually, the AV-SV is sold, waiting for the SVJ63r.)
  14. For sure. This guy improving on a Gandini design? What is he smoking?!
  15. Somewhat obvious that it’s not happening. Otherwise, they would make a bigger fanfare of it being the final AV to roll off the line. They have yet to finalize on a number of Ad Personam SVJ63 roadsters. A director at HQ said they can only make 1 SVJ63 per week, coupe or roadster, due to the bespoke spec for each car; as oppose to 4 to 6 “regular” SVJ each week. And then there’s the Xago edition. I’m not holding my breathe on the Xago being the very last edition either. As long as the replacement flagship isn’t ready for production which it isn’t, they will keep pumping out the AV’s to keep that line viable. Especially since COVID had caused them to halt overall production thus lost $$$.
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