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  1. We need to be careful here, I believe there's another member here that goes by the "Nuvolari" moniker. That crazy dude's screen name had 3 numbers after the alphabets. Anyway, no point elaborating on this. Those who knew still know; those who don't likely wouldn't care. I agree that unless the big-name contributors and the group of mods start posting frequently again, it'll be next to impossible to bring back the glory days of LP. Many members had already formed their own like-minded inner circles; this forum, regrettably, has out-served its original purposes.
  2. I believe the one that your were referring was a different guy way way back and he left a long time ago. The one that I was referring was some idiot who just wanted to be the alpha guy here and whenever he got called out by someone who knew better or has better toys, he started hurling insults. So much so that a number of members stepped in and posted saying he doesn't belong here. He claimed to own the latest and the greatest but hardly had any pics to prove. He also claimed to be a philanthropist who "gives till it hurts" (why would it hurts if one is philanthropic about it?) but when this site started a GoFundMe account to send LamboCars to attend Monterey, many members chipped in but Mr. Philanthropy simply went MIA. He more or less got voted out and good riddance.
  3. Spot on! And you are here long enough to see almost everything. One needs not to be a Lambo owner to join and most of the time, it's the non-owners that actually provided the enthusiasm to keep things interesting. Not 100% sure if Kris Singh was the genesis that started the fall out but the timing of his departure matched and there was a full behind-the-scene story about it. There was another guy who just came along doing his dick-swing BS and when he got countered or challenged he turned aggressive and ticked off everyone especially those who knew what they were talking about. There were PM's between veteran members saying it's not worth the time & effort arguing with an egomaniac and since the mods didn't do much about it, why bother signing on anymore. The site was about sharing a common interest; not about who has the best toys. A lot of members agreed and signed off for good. And then come the big shut down on the site and that was the end of it for the majority.
  4. I echo that Maurizio is very technically-minded and very passionate about the brand. He's also very down-to-earth and approachable. One interesting fact is that he was the then newly-resurrected Bugatti's 2nd employee --- a story which he loves to share. Never heard of Mohr until now. As far as transitioning to hybrid's and EV's, he's likely good for the brand per se; however; just not sure how the brand's image and direction may be altered. I.e. Winkelmann , despite his good knowledge in Italian culture, is German. The last design chief, Perini, was replaced by Borkert who's also German (not too thrilled about his designs tbh; at least not yet). And now we have another German replacing an Italian CTO. As far as management and engineering is concerned, it's likely a positive change but sometimes things need to be spiced up with some Italian flair especially for a brand like Lamborghini. The Raging Bull brand is resembling Porsche more and more...
  5. 1:1 scale static model was shown. It was just being displayed; no doors/engine cover/front trunk was opened and car never started or rolled. Mild hybrid & DCT. Modern interior with multiple TFT screens. It would likely be unveiled at Quail in summer 2022.
  6. Ordering book for the Aventador series is now officially closed. Last batch of the SVJ's and Sian's are being completed right now. With the Ultimae, the Essenza SCV12 and the New Countach, these will take the AV production line to the end of 2022. New flagship car is likely in 2023. In 10 days, there will a dealership meeting in Milan. Attendees will be briefed on both the V12 and V10 cars. No news had been disclosed yet but the dealership execs should have some info. in about 2-weeks' time.
  7. There is now a Light Transit Rail from the Bologna airport to the city centre which made things very convenient. The train stops at the city centre train terminal. Directly across the street are 3 hotels with another 2 half-a-block away. Staying there would be ideal. Don't expect top-class 5-star accommodations but the 3 across the terminal are nice and clean and one is actually kind of hip. Everything within city centre is walking distance (there are plenty of taxis at the train terminal too). As you mentioned on another thread, you have an Ultimae roadster on order so the best thing to do is to ask your Lamborghini dealership to handle everything on the factory visit. They can arrange the factory to send a car to pick you up from your hotel, take you to the factory and take you back when you are done visiting --- free of charge. You can also rent a car to travel to nearby places (rental car offices are near the train terminal). You can visit the Ferrari Museum and; if you are into motorbikes; the Ducati Museum which is also owned by Audi. Pagani factory visit is also possible but it's best to go through a 3rd party touring company as they know how to handle the booking and logistics. As Allan said, the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum is also worth a visit. OT, Surprise the old filters are still effective on a number of words on this site. San-t' A-gata isn't the only one.
  8. Wheels, I can assure you that it was not you at all. In fact, I am sure, by majority, that you were and still are quite well-liked and welcomed here. Yes, your reasoning at times are somewhat quirky and you like to debate; but that's fine; it's an opened forum and I highly doubt you actually ticked off any of us at all. You certainly didn't tick me off despite our debates. So no apology necessary. Come back here more often.
  9. There may be some challenges involved. The car is almost 40yrs old and white of all colours is the easiest to discolor over time. Different environment in storage and/or usage will yield different yellowing results. Moreover, Countach seats are known to come in 2 different versions: those with embossed leather and those without. Whether it's the same type of leather used I do not know but if your car has the embossed leather, there is a good chance that they are factory OEM. Of course, lacking the embossing does not render them to be non-OEM either. A close inspection on the stitching may yield some hints as the factory stitching is quite nicely done. Polo Storico can trace the car's factory spec for you; however; expect to pay a fee for it and it won't be cheap. Congrats on the purchase and best of luck.
  10. SL55 is not wrong; but he's not entirely correct either. Euro delivery applies to vehicles that conform to the EU safety regulations only. Hence, vehicles that are in North American specs (e.g. red rear side-markers) cannot be delivered in Europe. The Giro and the Esperienza have exemptions because they are one-off events and they are escorted or on closed course. Euro-delivery is an ongoing program and not really escorted so North American-spec'd cars cannot be exempted. What Euro delivery does offer for North American clients is that you can see your completed car at the factory. You can even sit in it but you cannot take it onto the public road. After seeing you car, Lambo SpA will provide the client with one of their factory cars that's as close to the same specs possible as the client's car and the client then embarks on a trip in that car and visits the designated destinations and accommodations as designed by the factory. At the end of the trip, Lambo SpA collects their car back, the client flies home and his own car gets shipped to his dealer in North America. Not sure if Lamborghini SpA had reinstated the air-freight option or not but for the past 14months, air-freight was suspended due to the unpredictable and ludicrous pricing of logistic costs. Back on topic, I fully concur with what cake and DoctaM3 had said. In all honesty, the factory clear bra is not that great, it does not cover the panels entirely; stopping just short of the edges instead of wrapping around with some overlapping on the underside (to which IMO is a superior application). We don't know and we cannot control if the factory had given proper curing time for the paint before the wrap is applied so there could be potential problem in the future when the wrap needs to be removed. The only bragging rights for the factory wrap is the translucent Lamborghini shield logo near the side mirrors; beyond that, there really are more negatives than positives. The proper way is to find a professional wrap shop that really knows what they are doing and have plenty of experiences of wrapping Lambos. Establish a good relationship with them so they would take great care of your car. Wrapping is one thing, properly prepping it for the wrap is another. It all boils down to experiences and skills and there are no shortcuts. At the very least, talk to your Lambo dealer and see if they have connections to a good shop; not just as a causal referral but as a place they can actually vouch and would use or have been using. Lastly, I also vouch for XPEL. Hope you'll find what you are looking for. Best of luck.
  11. It boils down to this: Think Sian-light. This car is a facsimile of an iconic design only to be "modernized" to which the designer had already done so via the Sian (from Borkert's own words); this is a second attempt and it's merely a simplified version; and it's still an Aventador underneath. It has a detuned and obsolete hybrid drive train (obsolescence as conceded by Maurizio Reggiani). It's not as "limited" in product as one would assume (a Sian coupe or even a SVJ63 roadster would be more rare, seriously). And they want $3mil+ for it! Yes, it would all be sold but any serious Lamborghini devotee will not pay much attention to this thing. It's almost like the Reventon all over again. Consider this: hunt down a LP400 or LP400S, that would likely cost $1.0-1.3M. Send it to the Polo Storico program for a full restoration and documentation; that's another $1.0-1.2M. You then have a factory-restored and fully documented classic original Countach and you are still around half-a-mil ahead of the game. Sure, the performance between the two is incomparable (since they are 50years apart in technology) but which car is a more rewarding drive would be quite subjective. And in 10 years' time (or even 5), guess which one will be worth more; a lot more.
  12. VCR

    Next Week News

    ^ And no one else such as Borkert, the Head of Design or Raggiani the Chief Technical Officer had made any follow-up article or video about the new model either; a very unusual* move. Lamborghini is well aware of what the Ultimae is; or exactly what it is not.
  13. VCR

    Next Week News

    I also agree with DoctaM3. And that's probably what Lamborghini wants to achieve. Both the SVJ's and the Ultimae's owners will have their bragging rights on their own relative grounds. Any veteran members and Lambo enthusiasts here would know which is the superior model. Do the math and it's obvious that the Ultimae is at least 25kg heavier than the SVJ and without the aero assistance of the latter. So that added 10hp isn't going to help much. But for the first-time potential Aventador owners who are stepping up from the V10 cars or new to the brand who prefers a V12 car, the Ultimae has a nice ring to it --- i.e. the "final" and the "most powerful" model. And there are solid proofs to this: Lamborghini dealerships have received firm deposits on the Ultimae already. But whether Lamborghini could actually sell all 600 of them or they would need be scaled back the units made just like the Murci LP670-4SV is the big question. One only has to look at Lamborghini's Unica app to see that Lamborghini themselves weren't too enthusiastic about the Ultimae. Only 1 day after the launch thread, they posted a completely unrelated thread about the Esperienza Giro in China. That's very unusual as Lamborghini would normally let a car launching thread to gestate for a few days or to post other related threads to help it gain traction. Not this time. Goodwood Festive of Speed briefly mentioned the Ultimae's presence only. And now the app and the website had moved on and started the hype on the 50th anniversary of the Countach which would lead to the launch of the Countach commemorative model. 5 days into its launch and the Ultimae is more or less passe news already; that says something. And perhaps it's a bit over-analysed but look at the video of Winkelmann's introduction of the Ultimae; what happened to his usual pride and confidence at every launch prior? He acted as if he was saying let's just get this over and done with and move on. And no one else such as Borkert, the Head of Design or Raggiani the Chief Technical Officer had made any follow-up article or video about the new model either; a very usual move. Lamborghini is well aware of what the Ultimae is; or exactly what it is not.
  14. VCR

    Next Week News

    Sprite has a point about a tune. Since Lamborghini SpA checks on this forum now & then (at least they used to), here's an idea to them. Offer a "SVJ+ Power Kit" for all the SVJ owners which adds 20 to 25hp to their cars. This is available to the original first owner of the SVJ's only. Or those who bought used SVJ's will have to pay double for this kit. This would protect the market for the Ultimae. Since all SVJ's had been sold, anyone wishing to have a brand new Aventador has no choice but to buy an Ultimae. At the end of the day, it's just fund-raising for Lamborghini. So, offer the SVJ+ Power Kit for USD11k, it's simple math. There are 1826 SVJ's. Let's say 60% of those will opt for the upgrade, that's an easy $12mil of Lamborghini (it's virtually no cost to them since all the R&D had been done via the Ultimae already; adding 10 to 15 more hp should be a walk in the park), Anyone bought an used SVJ and want a Power Kit will have to pay at least $20k for it. The idea is to make buying used and adding the kit will be cost-prohibitive when compared to buying a new Ultimae. So, first-hand SVJ owners can still reign as the best of the Aventaor series while owners of the current few-off's like the Sian and the upcoming commemorative model won't be ticked off either as their cars are still technically more powerful. And frankly, this isn't a new concept: back in the early 90's Mercedes-Benz offered a power kit to the 190E-16V after their introduction of the 16V-EVO II. Back then it was DM18000 for 30hp. Factor in DM's exchange rate at the time plus inflation and USD11k today isn't an unrealistic number.
  15. VCR

    Next Week News

    The SJ or whatever it'll be called is a model to buy time for the Aventador series until the new flagship is ready. Like many had said, it's an AV-S with SVJ bits; a parts bin car with one purpose: to prolong the life of the AV-series. It's not unlike the final edition of the Gallardo before the Huracan was ready. But Lamborghini had learned the lesson from the G-FE disappointing sales; hence they have upped the hp by 10hp PS for the SJ. So academically, it would have the highest hp for a mass volume model but the SVJ will likely still reign as the highest performance mass volume model. So owners of each relative model will have their own bragging rights. (Fair marketing on Lamborghini as they wouldn't want to tick-off the SVJ and especially the SVJ63 owners; and they need to keep the AV-series going until the replacement is ready.) The new Countach commemorative model is next. Quail official unveil perhaps? Those who expressed interest had seen its render already.
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