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  1. VCR

    SVJ63 roadster?

    Not exactly my definition of exciting but ok. But can’t they at least try a tiny bit to update the interior a bit?
  2. VCR

    SVJ63 roadster?

    I think our forum has a slight problem: no one has posted this till now?...
  3. VCR

    SVJ63 roadster?

    There absolutely will be a SVJ-63 roadster. All the dealers knew about it already but there’s suppose to be a media embargo on it at the moment. As most have guessed it, the official launch will be at Monterey next month. Like the SVJ-63 coupe, 63 will be made. Suppose to have different livery from the coupe. Dealers are already at work or had done their work on contacting potential owners to fill their allocations. If anyone wants one, better contact a dealer soon. Confirmation letter from Lamborghini SpA will be sent when the embargo is lifted. On a separate but related note, there will also be another SV-? variant (sorry, I can’t disclose the name). It’s both good & bad news depending on one’s perspective. It will be the ultimate model of the Aventador series but... ...it is also not road legal. It’s for racing only. Think Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo and Ferrari FXX and you get the idea. Consider Lambo’s current CEO, where he came from and it really isn’t that surprising.
  4. VCR

    Diablo intro

    Congrats! Like others have said, post some pics of your new ride. The newer Spandex-type of car covers for the Aventador and the LP640 would fit a Diablo but it's not exact. The OEM cover for the Diablo is much thicker and it's non-stretchable; but obviously it would be an exact fit. If you want an OEM Diablo cover, chances are Roy Cats would have one for sale. He likely have the Spandex-type as well. Contact him for more info. He's a sponsor here; in fact, he is sponsoring the Diablo section of this site.
  5. Thank you for the update. Tbh, it doesn't look too comfy but so long as it fits you fine, that's what counts. A reminder that if the new seats don't come with the resistor plugs, you will need to make a pair to plug into the side airbag wiring harness otherwise you will get an airbag warning light.
  6. VCR

    Diablo clutch pedal

    Agree with Allan. Some had chosen to remove one of the rubber pads for the reason that you described and to create a tiny bit more clearance between the pedals. But all the cars were delivered with the pads on the pedals.
  7. No idea but here are some pics as a reference. The one on the left is the OEM light-weight sports seats on the LP570-4 Superleggera (made by Sparco); the one on the right is the OEM North-American-spec'd seat on the original 2008 Gallardo Superleggera. You will also need a pair of plug-in resistors to fool your 2004 G on defeating the side airbags.
  8. Not sure if this is of any help but the LP570SL OEM sports seats (the one-piece, non-recline, light-weight type) were made by Sparco. So in case you haven't done so already, please try it prior to purchasing the Sparco.
  9. VCR

    SVJ 63 vs SVJ

    Correct. IIRC, the only time Lamborghini played with the fibres was with the Diablo 6.0. The 6.0 has a blue-coloured thread weaved into the fibre and the 6.0SE has a titanium-colour thread.
  10. VCR

    SVJ 63 vs SVJ

    ^ You mean this car? Yes, it showcased what AdP can do. In fact, that was a better job than the SVJ63 in terms of CF techique. A close-up on the roof indicated that the CF was impregnated with red glitter pigment so at certain angles the CF actually appeared to have a red hue. That being said, that particular AV-S, IMO, did not look that great. The one thing with AdP though is what they CAN do and what they WILL do are 2 very different matters. Money talks of course but at a certain point, it isn't worth it anymore especially when it's just aesthetics.
  11. If they can flash the motor part only, that would be great. I'm concerned that the entire system "talks" to one another and when some parts want to talk to the 4WS module, it's not there.
  12. To participate at the event under full Lambo escort would be as ideal a trip as it can get. To tour on your own afterward is another story. It's ok to travel between cities but within the cities themselves, the navigation and the roads would be a nightmare. Another thing to factor in is all the highways are tolled and they are charged by the sections so there are plenty of tollbooths along the way. Japan drives on the left side of the road so if you have a low-slung LHD-car, stopping to pay for toll charges will be a very challenging task; and that's even when the toll attendants have the tools to collect the fees from a LHD vehicle.
  13. I highly doubt that. The SV is based on the 1st-gen AV so an ECU flash to SV specs is possible since the hardware is more or less the same. The SVJ is based on the AV-S/2nd-gen AV where they added another mode to the transmission and the car has 4WS; the hardware is somewhat different. So perhaps it's possible from the AV-S to the SVJ spec. 1st-gen AV to SVJ spec would seem unlikely.
  14. Exactly! And especially our Mr. Big who claimed he “gives until it hurts”. Seems to have gone completely MIA when he got called out. I get the you-can’t-force-others-to-donate part but there is no minumum involved; consider it a tank of gas or two. Seriously disappointed and really hate to say it but this campaign, ironically, had reflected the true colours of many here.
  15. Regrets but I tend to agree with Allan. The 6.0 and the 6.0SE are indeed better cars. But their heft is obvious when compared to the SV. The SV just feels more lively like a true Italian exotic sports car whereas the 6.0 and the 6.0SE are more like GT cruisers. The latter two are more comfortable and the higher build quality is undeniable; but those also seemed to have dulled the feel. Please don't take it the wrong way but I had a 6.0; I currently have a SV Monterey Edition, a 6.0SE and a 670SV. A back to back to back comparison yields rather obvious results.
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