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  1. If they can flash the motor part only, that would be great. I'm concerned that the entire system "talks" to one another and when some parts want to talk to the 4WS module, it's not there.
  2. To participate at the event under full Lambo escort would be as ideal a trip as it can get. To tour on your own afterward is another story. It's ok to travel between cities but within the cities themselves, the navigation and the roads would be a nightmare. Another thing to factor in is all the highways are tolled and they are charged by the sections so there are plenty of tollbooths along the way. Japan drives on the left side of the road so if you have a low-slung LHD-car, stopping to pay for toll charges will be a very challenging task; and that's even when the toll attendants have the tools to collect the fees from a LHD vehicle.
  3. I highly doubt that. The SV is based on the 1st-gen AV so an ECU flash to SV specs is possible since the hardware is more or less the same. The SVJ is based on the AV-S/2nd-gen AV where they added another mode to the transmission and the car has 4WS; the hardware is somewhat different. So perhaps it's possible from the AV-S to the SVJ spec. 1st-gen AV to SVJ spec would seem unlikely.
  4. Exactly! And especially our Mr. Big who claimed he “gives until it hurts”. Seems to have gone completely MIA when he got called out. I get the you-can’t-force-others-to-donate part but there is no minumum involved; consider it a tank of gas or two. Seriously disappointed and really hate to say it but this campaign, ironically, had reflected the true colours of many here.
  5. Regrets but I tend to agree with Allan. The 6.0 and the 6.0SE are indeed better cars. But their heft is obvious when compared to the SV. The SV just feels more lively like a true Italian exotic sports car whereas the 6.0 and the 6.0SE are more like GT cruisers. The latter two are more comfortable and the higher build quality is undeniable; but those also seemed to have dulled the feel. Please don't take it the wrong way but I had a 6.0; I currently have a SV Monterey Edition, a 6.0SE and a 670SV. A back to back to back comparison yields rather obvious results.
  6. I agree in general that there will be at least another model added to the Aventador series as mid-2021 is 24+ months away. I am unsure, however, if the last model would be superior to the SVJ though. If Lamborghini releases an Edizione Finale based on the SVJ, obviously it needs to top the performance specs of the SVJ. As such, there will be 1700 angry customers and all the sales at the Lambo dealerships better be readied with an apologetic speech. That's marketing suicide for Lamborghini. I tend to believe that an E.F. based on the S is more likely. 1700 cars are a lot which means Lambo likely won't be moving any Av-S anytime soon. Make an E.F. that uses the parts of the S, do a different livery and badges or a very slight revision such as a different bumper/diffuser (i.e. refer to the last Gallardo for hints). Do a slight power bump based on the S, say from 740 to 750 (matching the SV's) or 760 (below the SVJ ) so everyone will be happy and call it a day. Looking at the history of Lambo's flagship cars, most of the final models were not the "best" of its own series. The 25th anniversary Countach wasn't; the Diablo 6.0SE wasn't (it looks great and drives very well but the SV is a funner car). Even the Gallardo Squadra Corse wasn't the best of the series (that likely belongs to the STS). The Murci 670SV was the only exception.
  7. VCR

    "Selling yourself"

    Words of wisdom right there.
  8. Absolutely. This is a forum where the majority of members are rather affluent and view fine cars as a hobby instead of transport. Surely, we can afford some contributions to this. Then there is an individual who supposedly owns or have ordered the latest and the greatest; and even claims he "gives till it hurts" (that statement itself is problematic but whatever). Well, here's an opportunity to man up and proof it. Surely, a donation is but a tiny fraction of the insurance cost alone of his fleet. To those who had donated, thank you sincerely! Mark is 100% legitimate and his adversities of late are totally genuine. The man had provided stellar services to our petrol-head community completely free of charge; some even on personal rendering requests. It's the very very least that we can do by contributing to a pool to realize one of Mark's ultimate goals. And it needs not to be monetary-based either; those who have connections to complimentary/discounted rate on airfare, hotels, car rentals or events at Monterey are more than welcome to assist and contribute. Thank you.
  9. VCR

    Murcielago R-SV

    Very nice! There is one for sale in Japan. It’s been posted over a year now. Site says Price on Request which probably is too much since it’s still available.
  10. A little bird told me that the SVJ roadster and the H-EVO spyder will be shown at the Geneva show. Two open-top new models, that ought to be a first for Lamborghini.
  11. Done. Let's get our European friend to California this summer!
  12. Over the years, a good percentage of members here, be they Lambo owners or not, have had the pleasure of using LamboCARS' various Lamborghini configurators. They are superior to Lamborghini SpA's own and they costed us absolutely nothing to use. Some of us had even asked the man to tailor-config a car or two to assist on visualizing their cars prior to ordering one. Again, LamboCARS had done all of these for absolutely free. It has always been his goal to be at Monterey week. It would be a great gesture if some of us can make a contribution to realize his goal. And yes he had and still has a rather challenging path so let's start returning the favors. Destructo, let us know as soon as you have finalized the GoFundMe details please.
  13. Very kind gesture of you Ace! Didn't we say we would pitch in and get LamboCars (our resident P-Shop and Lambo configurator expert) to Monterrey 2019? Should we step up and get the man to the place by chipping-in for the event tix as a start?
  14. Most SUV’s on the market are good; they have to be in order to survive and succeed in this crowded market sector. Keep in mind that both the G-Wagon and the Range Rover are the pioneers of the SUV’s. Others just hop on the bandwagon. Nothing wrong with that especially when competitions up the game. But we should look back on the roots and both Mercedes and Land Rover didn’t do too shabby of a job reinventing the genre either. The Cullinan exists for one single purpose only: to not miss out on the lucrative pie. BMW/RR made the thing for a specific targeted group of people. Those who rushed in to buy one fitted the profile precisely. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is discretionary and subjective but it definitely highlights what they are. And BMW/RR’s marketing research delivered but more so to themselves than to those who truly wants a truly classy SUV. But then again, it’s entirely market share as far as the manufacturer is concerned. The Urus also wants a piece of that profitable pie and they have the VAG/Audi’s support; albeit limited; to do it so why not? Where Lamborghini differs is they likely needed a high volume model to finance their R&D on their more esoteric models; or the survival of the brand for that matter. The SUV waters down the brand somewhat but if it’s a matter of the sustainability of the brand, then make it so. We have seen how Porsche had done it with their Cayenne; even with the Panamera; and we can’t argue with success.
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