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  1. VCR

    02 Murcielago w/6sp manual

    IIRC, the 02’s had the potential to fry out its dash if the car were improperly jump-started. There was a recall on it and it should have been sorted out. Haven’t heard any complaint on here or at any other forums about this issue though. The rest is not unlike what others had already mentioned: coil packs, suspension errors and condensation in the taillights but those generally apply to all the pre-LP Murci’s. Keep in mind that the Murci’s is an old-school design. It’s more or less the last-gen Diablo (the one with the 300ZX headlights) with a new body, an extra gear and slightly tweaked to make everything easier. IMO, if well looked after, I don’t see the 02’s being inferior and/or less reliable than the 03’s.
  2. VCR

    Aventador replacement

    I should clarify: the styling motifs on the LB that pay homage to the Coutach would be subtle. One has to be a fairly hardcore Lamborghini fan and especially a Countach fan to notice those motifs; but they are definitely there (hint: consider the rear wheel arches of the AV-S which is suppose to pay homage to the wheel arch profile of the Countach. Think somewhere along that line and apply the same to some parts of the LB). It is not retro though and the Aventador would be its closer cousin. The rear, however, is something very different. Not a fan personally but that's just me. IMO, the T.M. is a more singularly integrated and concerted design where as the LB is best described as the sum of all parts.
  3. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Personally opinion of course but somehow, that does not look as good as I had imagined it to be.
  4. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I cannot speak for the Lamborghini SpA of course but there was a meeting at the factory a few weeks ago and the major dealers were expressing concerns about the value of the SV's as well as new sales of the AV-S (along with feedback of disgruntled SV customers who technically own the rarer cars but their value is plummeting). I don't think making only 500 SVJ's was the plan all along. It was more like they would make as many as the market demands but with a maximum cap of 900 in total. How many SVJ's will Lambo ACTUALLY make would likely remain a mystery for a little while --- just like what you have mentioned above per Murci SV. What is more interesting will be how many SVJ roadsters would be produced and whether there would be a SVJ63 roadster (or whatever it will be called). I think the rumour is 500 SVJ's for North America only. So the total of 900 cars worldwide is still possible.
  5. VCR

    Aventador replacement

    DOT and EU are likely to blame on Lambo's reluctance to modify the chassis to accommodate a DCT. Who knows how many prototypes does Lambo have to crash test; and hence write-off as R&D costs; in order to meet the authorities' regulations? And even if they get pass that, then there is the costs of making the new mould and whether the autoclave process will need to be adjusted etc... Either that or VAG has to come up with a new DCT compact enough to fit into the existing chassis. Highly doubtful that VAG would invest that kind of R&D expenditure for only 1 model which itself is comparatively in low-volume production by VAG standard. It would be interesting to see whether the added tech on the LB48H would resolve the issues. And if so, would it be carried over to the new flagship or would a DCT be happening instead.
  6. VCR

    Aventador replacement

    Agreed. Regrettably, Lambo is a tiny company that cannot afford R&D on its own and needs to answer to their Audi/VAG bosses. They had already poured billions into new factory facilities for the Urus production and must recuperate that first. So they cannot afford to modify the existing chassis for the new flagship let alone to have a brand new one. The existing chassis does not have room for the DCT. Given the circumstances and to jump on the hybrid bandwagon, Lambo likely did the best on what they can manage. I guess market dictates that a "new" car is necessary in order to compete and survive. Since Ferrari and McLaren already had several refreshes; and even Porsche are out with their 992-series; Lambo has to follow.
  7. VCR

    Aventador replacement

    The added new tech is suppose to supplement, augment & resolve the criticism; it’s not replacing an existing component so don’t hold your breath...
  8. VCR

    Aventador replacement

    Aside from the hybrid tech, the leap from the Aventador series to the next flagship will not be as much as the leap from the Murcielago series to the Aventador series. I.e. as far as chassis and hardware goes. The Aventador was basically a complete departure from the Murcielago and a brand new car from the ground up. The new flagship won't be that; likely comparable to the evolutionary jump from the later Diablo's to the Murcielago. From the LB48H preview, I like its ingenious battery placement. The added tech is suppose to resolve one of the main criticisms of the LP-7xx-4 series (regrets, can't elaborate on this). Styling-wise, Borkert has a thing on paying homage to the Countach but it's not as promising as it sounds --- at least based on how the LB48H appears; I wasn't impressed but that's just me. (Why anyone would pay a few million on what is essentially a lukewarm styling exercise on a rolling test-bed is beyond me but I digressed.) The Terzo Millennio and the LB48H have rather mutually exclusive looks so no idea which direction is the new flagship heading. IMO, the new flagship's final tweaking will occur after those 63 LB48H's are delivered and rolling as they will be the guinea pigs of how the new drivetrain will fair in the real world.
  9. VCR

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    Excellent that Lamborghini had gone back to the basics to promote their cars; at least for now; i.e. void of any CGI & SFX etc... Lambos are cool and exciting as they are; no superficial video editing needed. Slightly OT but IMO, one of the original trio promo videos on the 1st-gen Aventador was as nicely done as it can be --- perfect venue, great cinematography, superb BGM, and real world skillful driving.
  10. VCR

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year! Best of health and good fortune to all.
  11. Very cool indeed! The part looks almost “organic” instead of mechanical; i.e. the casing looks like a bone structure of some sort rather than a heavy duty brake mechanism.
  12. VCR

    Bring the old site back

    Hi Bud, How's it going? I've heard you have some new toys.
  13. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    EyeDoc, first off, congrats! It's your car, you are paying for it and you are driving it. It matters little what others think. The causal observer, as the name implies, wouldn't care anyway. And if they or someone are interested to learn more, a good conversation can be struck; that it's much more than just different colour with a wing, it now has 4WS, ALA, higher hp and is lighter still etc... All Lamborghini purchases are silly per se; they are toys and not the least practical (ok, perhaps the Urus may alter that perspective a tiny bit). As such, so long as one is financially readied for it; which you obviously are; why not? Some may disagree but IMO modern Lamborghini's are never good investments. In fact, even vintage ones; when compared to Ferrari's or Porsche's of similar heritage and/or rarity; generally do worse. Hence, if you fancy the current model, again, why not? There is one advantage to the SV-J, it will most likely be the last of the ICE NA V12 flagship and is in limited production albeit the production numbers are not exactly low. Would Lambo come out with a final 20 or so "SV-GT"or whatever they will be called just to milk the very last drop from the Aventador series, who knows? But if so, it won't be much different from the SV-J, i.e. the differences between the SV-J and the SV will surely exceed the differences between the SV-J and the final model; should Lambo choose to make such a thing. 95% sure that the replacement flagship will be a hybrid so it will feel and sound differently. So that may up the SV-J collectible factor a bit. From my exposure to the SV-J, I can confidently say that there are obvious differences between the SV and the SV-J, the moment you fired the two up and you will notice the two sound quite different from each other. Factor in the 4WS and you can choose the the permutations and combinations on the steering, suspension and shifting modes separately and the changes are even more obvious. And at higher speed, the ALA will start to show its efficacy. I have my bias of course but I would vote yes on the SV-J roadster. I don't think you would gain much, if any, if you decide to flip it but at least you had your time with it and can proudly say you have been there and done that.
  14. The better rod is called the Custer clutch rod (made by John Custer). Not sure if he sells directly anymore. A safer bet is to contact Glen at AMH Exotic Car Parts and he can source one for you. ( Glen was a sponsor to the old LP site and is a straight shooter. Many members here had bought from him before and can vouch for him; myself included. No special tools required. I believe there is a step by step instructions posted on LamboWeb; go on there and check under the Repair section and you should be able to find it. Best of luck.
  15. Not a DIY home mechanic here so take what I am about to say as a reference index only please. Since it's a 6.0, that rusty piece looks a lot like the clutch rod. I don't think transmission fluid is green though; at least I haven't come across any that's green; so the leak should stem from elsewhere. I would suggest you to swap the clutch rod out though as that is the infamous piece that will break and will strand you on the road. It's notoriously known to cause trouble to all the later model Diablo's. There is a much stronger after-market version available which is quite a bit more reliable. Regrets for not able to trace your leakage. For the Diablo series, different markets have different under panels. The Swiss market ones are definitely a bit different. You might want to consult your Lambo dealer at where you are in order to be sure.