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  1. VCR

    Doors up!

    Thank you 4xchamp and Allan.
  2. VCR

    Doors up!

    Ok, new rules, new pic then.
  3. Very nice. Congrats sprite!
  4. I hope the Technic model would look a lot better because, imo, the mini set looks like shit!
  5. That’s not what I saw though: all 3 on the line were coupes. 2 at the finished lot were roadsters. A SVJ63 coupe in matte blue was inside the Ad Personam studio.
  6. One white, one green & one yellow were on the line. Saw a gray one and 3 matte bronze ones at the lot of finished cars.
  7. Fair. But if a dealer is being “allocated” a 63 and they are being “asked” by the factory to submit a build sheet by a certain deadline while not having any client showing interest, what colour is the safest bet then? And a dealer would involuntarily “want” that allocation otherwise they would likely miss future opportunities to get allocations for limited-edition models.
  8. Oops!! Meant to say SVJ63 roadster. My bad...
  9. I'll add this... I was at the factory last week. Looks like the AV line is making SVJ's only but none looked very "Ad Personam"; fairly standard specs as far as I can see. And they haven't even begun to make the SVJ roadsters yet.
  10. So very true! Tragic loss for all those involved. RIP.
  11. Yes, 6 options were "recommended" by Lamborghini but the full palette is available. And then there's always Ad Personam.
  12. I would venture a guess that white is the safest bet for resale. M&M's are nice but one has to wait for the "one guy" who fancies "that" colour. White is as neutral and hence as safe as it can get.
  13. Rumours are facts! Currently at the factory HQ and heard the confirmation directly from a senior staff today.
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