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  1. Rumours are facts! Currently at the factory HQ and heard the confirmation directly from a senior staff today.
  2. Sad to see Lambo's absence if it's true but it does make sense from a business POV. High-end cars manufacturers at large-scale shows can't just display their models only; they need to set up private lounges for their existing customers. Some have VIP status so everything that goes on inside the lounge has to be topnotch and obviously costs add up quickly. It's a huge undertaking. For a relatively small company such as Lamborghini, their resources would be much better spent on doing events with a targeted audience of existing and potential clienteles. Chances are Lambo would much rather entertain customers to come for a factory visit than to go through the logistic nightmare and high costs of doing a generic show in a another country. True that with the absence, some potential customers may look to other brands; but targeted event aimed for devotees to the brand is likely plenty more effective and have much better ROI. Dedicated brand events have much better control (and success) over generic trade shows for the public. I think Japan is a good example and set a precedent for Lambo. They had pulled out of the biennial Tokyo Motor Show years ago. TMS is considered a major automotive event in Asia. But Lambo has been busy doing events of their own within Japan with huge success (vintage model tour in Kyoto, 50th anniversary of Lamborghini's in Japan etc...) and obvious Lamborghini sales in Japan has not been compromised (Japan is still Lambo's 2nd largest market, after the US). So it makes business sense for Lambo to concentrate on Quail. There may also be some business politics involved; now that Porsche has taken over Audi to be Lambo's parent. Porsche remains to be one of the most if not the most profitable automotive brand so in order to prevent Lambo from infringing onto its market share (Lambo is following the same path as Porsche with the introduction of the Urus and the rumoured 4th model being a 2+2), perhaps Porsche is mandating Lamborghini to dial it back a bit?
  3. That's awesome D, congrats! It's great to know that you are able to integrate modern tech to resurrect a vintage model while doing your best to preserve its authenticity. Keep us posted on the progress please.
  4. Agree with Chad. Stating the obvious here but the point being it really isn’t too difficult to get high hp & torque out of a drivetrain especially of that size. But how to manage that kind of power so the car is drivable on the street while lasting its intended servicing life is the challenges. The wheel spin is the best & worst examples in this case. It’s relatively easy to get 800+ hp out of any Nissan GTR (from the R32 onward). Getting high hp is the easy part; making it behave & feel “normal” are the difficulties. And what good is a high hp car that spends more time in the shop getting tuned & repaired than on the road?
  5. I thought I was having a deja-vu moment as I recall reading something very similar if not identical.
  6. I actually like its new looks.; very menacing, Probably the first design/revision from Borkert that I find acceptable overall (but that's just me). I do agree that from day 1 since the original H, its front end drops-off too sharply and its nose is a bit short which made its overall proportions look somewhat strange. Let's see if its P-TCS would deliver as it claims and how it integrates with the drive-by-wire steering. If it does what it claims to do, this should be a phenomenal machine to drive.
  7. Not a fan. A) Definitely not a Jota. B ) Other than the interior, there is nothing "original"(as in OEM) about this car. Engine is obviously modded as is the exterior paint (that colour came from the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR) and so are the wheels . C) Agree with others that the performance numbers are fairy tales. D) There's a reason why its price is on the low side. It simply has too many questions which would definitely affect its current and future value. If this car fancies you, by all means as it's your money, your car and your enjoyment of it. But be prepare to either keep this car for a long time or to take quite a haircut when it's time to pass it onto someone else.
  8. Agree with escobar and Unotaz. Regrettably, that "few-off's" list does not include any Lamborghini, i.e. Reventon, Veneno, Centenario and the Sian. Buy a Miura or buy a Sian; which one would hold its value more? Almost a no-brainer.
  9. Not quite. It was something between Singh and a founding member/moderator. But all that occurred outside of the LamboPower realm; only the fallout involved LP; so it’s probably best just to keep it that way.
  10. I also agree that LP being down for a long time resulting from its overhaul was a contributing factor to the site losing its lustre. The old site being unable to upload pics was another factor.
  11. Regrets but I do not agree with that. In the past, perhaps but certainly not now. You sir are doing your absolute best in an attempt to hold everything together. Kudos to you but it seems futile and it isn’t your fault at all. I agree with sprite. Let’s be honest, the undercurrent was well on its way ever since the Kris Singh incident. Members were either branching off or severing ties with LP and continued via social media to form their own inner circles. The political thread added fuel to the fire. Then narcissistic idiots were allowed to stay here instead of being properly banned hoping to increase site traffic from the drama. It backfired and a whole chunk of good contributing members left. All the while social media continues to grow and plenty of ex-members continue their chats via that avenue. And I actually wasn’t thinking of the Ghoul Pool. That only happened at the end of the year like about now and yes, Roman & Capt. were great on that. I was referring to when celebrities passed, we usually posted threads with “interesting” topic headings that are often related to the deceased instead of plainly saying so & so has passed. But if the Ghoul Pool can assist on bringing LP back to it’s hey days; at least partially; I am all for it.
  12. Production of the standard Aventador S is “technically” over, i.e. new orders from the dealers will not be taken. However, the other way around is still valid, i.e. Lambo SpA can allocate an AV-S or two to some dealerships so it really boils down to Lambo SpA themselves. There are plenty AV-series left to be made: some remaining SVJ/SVJ63 coupes and production of the SVJ/SVJ63 roadsters are just starting now. The first batch of SVJ roadsters to which the factory “allocates”; i.e. forced sales; to dealerships are happening as we speak. Then there are 63 Sian’s with the possibility of Sian roadsters. Then there are the track-only SVR’s. And perhaps a few so-called one-off’s but all will be based on the AV chassis. Plenty of work to be done still on the AV production line even if the AV-S were axed today.
  13. In an attempt to bring back the glory days of LP.... Veteran members will recall that we used to make posts on celebrities who passed away with interesting titles. I am starting this one: Marie Fredriksson of the band Roxette had passed away on Dec/9 after a 17-year battle with brain cancer. The Roxette was a huge hit in the 90's having several chart-topping hits. The most famous one would likely be the featured song in the Hollywood megahit movie "Pretty Woman" starring Julia Roberts (this movie literally launched her career as a movie star) and Richard Gere. Marie was a diva with quite a voice. Her battle with brain tumor caused her one eye and she temporarily lost her voice and ability to read, write and move. She did recover and made a comeback but she had now gone to sing with the angels. RIP Marie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2C5TjS2sh4
  14. Some dealers installed a battery tender connector on the passenger side of the engine bay. The engine bay cover can still be properly closed with the tender connected.
  15. Nice video, thanks for sharing! Regrettably though, Gandini looks very frail; he needs a cane when he walks and he’s hunching. That’s rather sad...
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