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  1. Thank you very much my friend! Probably won't see it for at least another half-a-year though.
  2. Good to know that it is street legal. Technically, it’s still “limited” per se. I.e. it’s a “limited production” series as opposed to “limited edition” where a finite quantity has been set. It’s all just semantics of course... The SL was a great series. The first one was more raw than the 2nd one but the e-gear on the 2nd one was far better. I also agree that the STS is likely the best of the entire Gallardo series.
  3. Are we sure that the STO is track-only? I've actually heard otherwise --- the STO is road legal; similar to the Gallardo LP570 STS or the LP570 Squadra Corse. The track-only car is actually the Aventador SVR (or whatever it'll be called if it makes production). Think of it as Lamborghini's version of the Ferrari FXX program.
  4. 90% sure that the numbers of the 63's had changed. Toronto might be getting 2 coupes + 1 roadster; Montreal 1 of each; Calgary 1 of each & Vancouver 1 roadster only (no coupe). While I was at the factory, all of the AV's being built and finished building were all SVJ's; there was no S and no SVJ63's at all. And now with production halted, perhaps the numbers may change again. Come to think of it, with a global recession almost guaranteed, I wonder if the SVJ63 (coupe & roadster) would have the same fate as the Murci 670SV. I.e. actual total number built falling short of the total number announced. But wouldn't launching a brand new replacement model just as risky if not more so in challenging times? Although the AV-series is getting long in the tooth and Lambo likely pulled every trick in the book that VAG allowed already in order to maximize the AV's lifespan (save the track-only SVR, but that could be on shaky ground too).
  5. LA Brit my friend, you are technically correct. But all SVJ's had been spoken for and those who intend to flip them for a good profit are doing exactly that. Even though the final sum is likely less than a 63, why pay a premium on something that isn't exactly what one wants? Exclusivity would overrule practicality and common sense 99% of the time. Otherwise, Rolls Royce would have gone under decades ago. Now, with COVID-19, is it possible that those doing the flipping may get cold feet and there might be some deals to be had? Perhaps and perhaps not. But regardless it's still a car that had been spec'd by someone else. The roadster, IMO, take the AV to another level. With due respect to all the Murci roadster owners, the top on the AV roadster is a quantum leap from the Murci's toupee! Those unfamiliar with the AV roadster likely wouldn't know it's a topless car if it weren't revealed to them. There is no compromise in the structural integrity and the performance isn't handicapped either. There is also one bonus from the roadster that even the coupe cannot match: built into the firewall between the cabin and the engine bay is a small inverted-trapezoid power window. So with the roof panels on and all windows closed, the roadster feels and sounds just like the coupe (with the exception of the missing very tiny side quarter windows that serve no real purpose). But press a button and the small inverted-trapezoid window is lowered and you can hear the V12 loud and clear while still enjoying the perfectly insulated and air-conditioned cabin along with the music of your choice. That is rather sublime. The coupe is deprived of that as it only has a piece of sealed glass.
  6. alpha6164, Yes, I griped about the X brace with my Lambo dealer. They ended up asking the factory and showed me the reply confirming that it is an option! My thoughts? I fully concur that this car is not for any investment purpose. Some may disagree but IMO, none of the modern Lamborghini's are; not even the Veneno, Centenario or Sian. Consider the initial deposit, the installments, the time required for the delivery and the final costs. Apply those conditions to real estates and the rationale is obvious. Heck, apply the same to some high-end Patek Philippe and even that makes more sense! To wit, one can put away half a dozen of Patek's with ease; try that for cars! These bulls to me had always been toys for the big boys. One cannot apply pragmatism and practicality to them. I was invited to the private showing and offered the Centenario and Sian. I turned them down as they weren't my cup of tea and they weren't and still aren't worth what they really are. The piggy bank for "toy funds" are exactly that: I set my mind on a certain toy, if the piggy is full enough, it's done; if it isn't, I walk. I rarely change my mind. Although ironically, the SVJ63 roadster is an exception but in a good way. I ordered a SVJ63 coupe with the condition that if a SVJ63 roadster becomes available, I have the option to switch to a roadster instead. And piggy was readied for the switch from day 1. Rarity surely plays a role at this level of the game. And subject to one's location, perhaps exclusivity is guaranteed. Where I am at, the combined total of 63coupes & 63roadsters nationwide would be in the low-teens and the 63roadsters would definitely be in single-digit. So that's a bonus I guess. Agree on the colour rationale. But again, common sense is non-existence. Take the interior for instance, I highly doubt they pre-cut the popular colour leather in volume. So whether it's mono-colour, bi-colour or multi-colour, the labour involved is identical. And it isn't custom dyed-colours either; just different combo with existing leather. At most, they just have to generate an extra line or two on the build sheet specifying the colour combo. They charge you simply because they can! I was extremely lucky as I visited the factory to spec out mine near the end of January. A week after I left, Italy had its first case of COVID-19! Although we were in midst of fine-tuning a few details when the factory shut down. So I likely won't see the car until 3rd or even 4th quarter of this year. It'll likely be a MY2021.
  7. Welcome back and congrats! Looking forward to the pics and impressions.
  8. It's a Japanese thing... Trust me on this one.
  9. Lambo charges you because they can and they will (or they did). Here's another ludicrous example on the "63" models: one would think that since the entire top is basically CF, the CF engine brace would come as standard too? Nope, it's an option with additional charge! Lambo gives you very limited basic colour choices along with 6 suggested config. Almost anything outside of that is Ad Personam which means upcharges. Not sure if this makes sense but unlike the Huracan which comes pre-painted, all AV's body paint are outsourced. Perhaps the basic colours + the 6 suggested config. are "stocked paint" and everything else has to be custom mixed individually and hence the extra charges?
  10. VCR

    Doors up!

    Thank you 4xchamp and Allan.
  11. VCR

    Doors up!

    Ok, new rules, new pic then.
  12. Very nice. Congrats sprite!
  13. I hope the Technic model would look a lot better because, imo, the mini set looks like shit!
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