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  1. I agree that proper inflation of the front tires makes quite a difference on the steering feel & effort. The power steering is for the added convenience especially during back up parking. If one is sitting on the door sill, modulating the clutch & gas, having to spend less effort on the steering is a bonus. The advantage of an electric power steering is that the unit is compact and quite easy to install; just as it is equally easy to remove. Splicing an on/off switch to a power wire is a piece of cake and the switch can be small enough to be hidden underneath the dash. It’s just an added convenience but if you want to keep everything stock & OEM, that’s ok too.
  2. One buys a CT to mark a milestone in life; one doesn’t not buy a CT for its performance; at least not anymore. Although given its age, there is nothing to be ashamed of on its swiftness; just don’t compare it to any other modern supercar’s acceleration, braking, handling, comfort & safety features. As Allan said, 88.5 also has the electronic A/C, that device lasted into the 1st-gen Diablo series. I don’t see any superiority on its efficiency; it’s easier to use/adjust; that’s it. There is an after-market electric power-steering kit available and it works very well, perhaps too well. The only compromise is the steering position adjustments will be limited. If you are going that route, a small advice: install an override switch to cut the power. This way, you will have the best of both world: turn it on for power assisted steering on parking & slow maneuver and turn it off for high speed driving so the steering will be normally weighted and feel “right”. The 25th anniversary weighs quite a bit more than the 88.5 due to some added pointless electrical options and the restyle. And it does feel more cramp with the additional storage space added to the side of the seats. Personally, I prefer the styling of the 88.5 over the 25th but styling is personal and subjective. As others said, your money, your preference, your car and hence your choice. CT’s are not user-friendly; never had been and never will be. F.I. will reduce the fuss over carb; one less thing to worry about and to look after. Don’t expect to buy a turn key car regardless of how the car is advertised. It will need some work one way or the other and sooner than later. Expect to part with an additional few grand (at least) in addition to the initial purchase price. Member rhino would be most qualified to answered your Q’s. Hopefully, he will chime in.
  3. Congrats! Looks great! IMO, the 993 is the best looking 911 ever and how it was meant to be.
  4. VCR

    New Aventador?

    If this car is for real, what is so "Countach" about it? I can't see a single design element in it that relates to the Countach. If anything, the Sian design resembles the Countach more. And the Aventador did a Miura tribute edition a few years ago and that did not fare well at all.
  5. Congrats and welcome to the Diablo SV club! Your car looks great! D-SV, Monterey Edition here. Production Date: 06-1998
  6. Perhaps try contacting William Gonzales of Lamborghini North America? He’s the after-sales manager.
  7. Why is this troll (i.e. the OP) even allowed to post here? The mods need to be more vigilant. I know thread count & traffic are low but this is a Lambo forum after all so it should be quality over quantity. And no I did not watch his video. The farcical title page and fellow members’ comments say it all already. Why give him something that he doesn’t deserve?
  8. TBH, not too sure about the latest render but that's just me. G. Orion & B. Cepheus are both "light" colours so they do not contrast each other enough; in fact, they almost compete with each other. If you think the original design had too much blue, this version would stick out even more as yellow is a "warm" colour as oppose to blue being a "cool" colour; it would be very eye-caching. When you have the roof panel removed, the bright warmer interior colour will be competing with the exterior colour rather than complimenting it so that's the risk you would have to take. That applies to the headrests also, two competing colours so neither would stand out as there aren't enough contrast between the two. IMO, the only colours that work on headrest would either be white or black; then the stitched Lambo logo will stand out. How about keeping the blue stitching on the steering wheel but change its 12 o'clock centre-marker to yellow since you prefer the yellow/blue combo. And there's enough black on the steering wheel to prevent yellow & blue to compete with each other. Just my $0.02 worth on the above. Ultimately, it's your car so it's your final call.
  9. You are welcome and thank you brother. I would not be surprised if they charge more to have less paint --- Porsche & Leica cameras had been doing that for years. LOL! If this is of any help, note that the 2 "63" logos on the coupe and the roadster are different from each other too. The roadster version is "outlined" at certain areas to sort-of create the relief/3D look (this is what the Ad P rep said) so to do the "outlined" look would defeat that effect. It's a tough call. Understood on the gloss black wheel. It's a personal call really. They do offer blue on the calipers now but it's a much darker blue like royal blue and far from being like Cepheus. Not too sure if the centre locks come in yellow; they have black, red and gold as factory choices. I think they are working on one more but I don't think it's yellow. I went to the factory in late January this year to do a IRL study/exchange of ideas. They come back with a draft about 3 weeks later. I edited the draft and returned it to them within a week. And then COVID-19 hit and the factory was shut down. They came back with a new proposal about a month ago and, again, I edited and returned it within a week. Have not heard from them since. Although I would concede that I am asking them to do something that they had never done before. They are receptive to the idea and had sent draft designs. And it also seems like they like to sign-off on one thing and only then will they move onto the next; i.e. they do not multitask! To be more specific, in all honesty, they aren't too receptive with ideas being too creative. Seems like they have lots of parametres to follow such as CE/EU & DOT regs plus colouring limitations due to certain dyes and fading. If someone came up with an idea/design that the team actually like, it has to go through the feasibility and costs studies etc... Conversely, if their front man dislike the idea, it almost stops right on the spot. It's definitely not like Rolls Royce where as long as it meets safety standards and one is willing to pay for it, the sky is the limit. I don't know whether it's the corporate mindset or the company culture or both but turnaround time has certainly been a lot slower than anticipated. Staff in Ad P. seems very limited. The original guy had migrated to the "one off" section so basically it's one or two staffs manning the entire Ad P department. And who knows how many hills they have to climb to gather the team to come up with a proper feedback?
  10. Almost forgot: on the wing, I think having the yellow pinstripe on its edge only is fine; as oppose to having pinstripe all around the wing. Having it on the edge matches the styling cue on the edges of the engine cover louvres. Moreover, the rear of the car has plenty of yellow pinstripes already: the wing, the engine cover, the entire lower section (bumper & balance fins); too many will upset the visual balance. Btw, are bronze wheels a must? Perhaps you might consider black or titanium wheels instead? That would allow you to have yellow brake calipers to match all the yellow highlights. Yellow calipers won’t work with bronze wheels which I assume that’s why the calipers are currently black. Hope I am not complicating your decisions.
  11. FWIW, having a SVJ63 roadster is a double-edged sword. The pro being it’s one of the 63 so there’s an exclusivity factor when compared to the hundreds of SVJ roadster. The con being a lot of the styling is “factory limited”, i.e. the entire top section in carbon, the livery at the side of the engine cover and the huge 63 logo on the front trunk cover etc... In theory, one could opt out on some of the factory designs through Ad Personam but a) that somewhat defeats the purpose of owning a “63”. And those who don’t know might even question if it is a genuine 63 without some of its exclusive styling cues. b ) Contrary to their name, Ad Personam isn’t exactly as flexible as one may perceive as far as creating a bespoke/unique design is concerned. In fact, I found them quite inflexible but some of their rationale are likely due to EU/CE & DOT restrictions. Anyway, alpha6164 congrats again. G. Evros may match the bronze wheels better in Ad P’s opinion; but I agree that G. Orion matches better with B. Cepheus. You can always ask the dealer to request actual paint swatch from the factory for real life reference. Not sure if Ad P will be willing to do the yellow trim for the roof panels; at least at a reasonable cost. Large SVJ livery on the rear fender is now optional on the 63 roadster; as oppose to having its unique/exclusive livery beside the engine cover. You can even have it in carbon but that’s likely $$$$. I am not a big fan of the huge 63 livery being smack in the middle of the front trunk. Some people deleted it; others just have it “outlined” to lessen the visual impact. I am trying to have its size reduced & relocated but have not gotten Ad P’s feedback yet. On the seats, agreed that there’s too much blue. One of the “down side” of having comfort seats is that they lack a “break” section between the back cushion and the headrest that’s made of carbon to reduce the visual cue. The sports seats have that but I concur they can be uncomfortable and aren’t for everyone. I thought the front part of the seat cushion is mandatorily black for the 63roadster or does that apply to sport seats only? In any case, may I suggest the side trims to be in blue with yellow stitching (like what you have now); the back and seat cushions in black; and the “Y’s” & “inverted Y’s” in blue with yellow stitching. For the headrests, you can have them in black with the Lamborghini logo either in blue or yellow; alternatively, you can have them in blue with the logo in yellow. Lastly, I trust that all the blue surfaces are in leather as according to Ad P, they won’t do light blue in Alcantara as it will fade especially in an open top. Hope this helps.
  12. Fair enough. As you knew, the Reventon had 20 in one colour and another 20 in another. Quite a bit more of Sian’s are being made so they need to make them “different” especially with that price tag. Assuming the owners side with Borkert and willing to pay for them, some of the paint schemes do look fairly interesting — not just different colours but different colour combos and patterns (i.e. beyond just stripes, pinstripes, fade-in/fade-out two-tone etc...).
  13. Sorry to say but your excitement might not last that long... I was at the private preview. Borkert showed me his sketches of the so-called "variations". They are nothing but fancy paint jobs; the cars are the same. The whole idea is that each owner gets to sit down with Borkert and he will come up with a paint scheme that the owner prefers. Technically, each of the paint job will be unique and an one-off; but it is also exactly what it is --- a paint job. All the body panels and performance, supposedly, remain unchanged. To me, that does not seem very enticing.
  14. The SV will have the most "timeless" look in the long run. I've driven the McLaren a few times and I'm trying to like it but I can't. It's blindingly fast but it has no soul; it feels like a video game. Looking at one small section at a time it looks good and one realizes a lot of thinking had gone into the design; but the sum of its parts is anything but pretty; in fact, it just plain ugly!
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