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  1. This looks quite good. Looking at taillights, it even has the styling motif of the Countach. Perhaps way too early to speculate especially when the STO has just been released. But would this race car inspire the STO replacement (STO2, bow out model for the Huracan series) a few years from now?
  2. VCR

    Next Week News

    Given Lamborghini is part of VAG and we had seen the shared DNA between the Huracan and the R8 followed by the Urus and the Q8 (along with the Cayenne, the Bentayga and the Touareg), would it seem obvious that the Lamborghini's 4th model would likely be a rebodied and tweaked E-tron GT (itself a rebodied and tweaked Taycan)?
  3. A few of us are still here. The big shutdown for the new site format drove many away. One particular bad member ticked off many veteran members before the mods stepped in but the damages were already done. And then there's the evolution of the forum; some simply moved on to form their own inner circle discussions via FB, IG, WhatsApp etc... What's left is not particularly interesting and worth posting. Sad really...
  4. VCR

    Next Week News

    The 2 models that Winkelmann hinted a while back: a tribute model to celebrate the anniversary of what is likely Lamborghini's most iconic car. And a swan song model for the Aventador. It'll be either one of these two. Some VIP customers already knew the details of the tribute car but are staying silent due a NDA. Nothing too exciting about the swan song model either.
  5. I whole-heartedly agree. I passed on the Sian for the same reason. Decade old chassis, drivetrain & electronics with a hybrid system which Lamborghini themselves had conceded that it's rather obsolete. Not that the Sian is bad per se but it just isn't worth that kind of $$ that they asked for. This one is a rebodied Sian and --- as you likely knew already --- the units available will be a lot more. I too would put my $$ on the vintage models.
  6. I would venture a guess that it all has to do with costs. Who knows how "complete" is the development/testing of the new platform. And it's a better marketing spin to say their new flagship has a brand new chassis than to use it on a few-off model. But avoiding DOT, EU and whatever countries' crash safety testing is likely the key as data already exists for the Aventador chassis. That would save a ton of money and time for fast-tracking this new few-off model. Quickest and easiest way to raise funds --- put a new shell on an existing chassis & drivetrain, in this case, the Sian.
  7. A few members here had already knew what one of them is a while back; we are just helping Lamborghini to keep it under wraps. A hint: this is an anniversary year for an iconic classic model; hence, a few-off model will be made for that occasion --- Aventador chassis + new shell + Sian underpinnings (off the record, imo, the "few" are not few at all & it's $$$ for what it really is). For the other, there are 2 rumours: 1) as mentioned above, it's some kind of sticker/paintjob edition based on the SVJ. 2) a SVJ-lite / S ver.1.5 variant as a send-off model. (No confirmation on either thou
  8. Not 100% but quite sure the smaller wing is fixed like the big wing. As you knew, Lamborghini wanted to reduce as much weight for the SL as possible (they even took away one of the 2 struts and used polycarbonate instead of glass on the engine cover), so they deleted the motor & electronics for the wing and made both versions fixed. Regular Gallardo's have auto-deployed wing but it's not user-selectable. There is no switch; it can only be adjusted via the OBD port.
  9. VCR

    Huracán STO

    I somewhat agree. I don’t think it’s total marketing BS; both Bugatti & Pagani use active aero; but there has to be more than just ALA that’s involved. A few Lambo techs from both Asia & North America think the same.
  10. VCR

    Huracán STO

    In the words of Lamborghini's Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Reggiani: it was hotly debated at the initial development of the STO, but since the GT3 racing forbids active-aero, we had decided to follow that rule and applied adjustable-aero instead.
  11. Thank you rhyno for the update. So it was your friend who bought "that" car. Thanks Docta M3 for the additional info. I could be wrong but based on the info. that I got from Ad P, the basic body colour of all the Xago's is the same; only some of the highlighted trims like front splitter, wing, mirrors and side-skirts are in different colours. There are 10 pre-determined trim colours and they won't be repeated on another Xago. Similar colour scheme applies to the interior. It's pretty cool but having the same price as a SVJ63 roadster seems a little odd: one's choice is limited on th
  12. I hear you and I concur to your analysis. The issue with Lamborghini is that they never really had a hypercar. They have made some of the best and extreme-looking sportscar/supercar but they never joined the hypercar club. And I doubt they ever will so long as it, Porsche and Bugatti are under the VAG umbrella; VAG will never fund it. That also explains why Lamborghini had to get by using existing chassis with a new shell and some minor tweaks to make their quasi-hypercar. Good for them on their fundraising; not so much on being a true hypercar. On the AV-S evolution as a farewell mo
  13. The STS gets my vote too. IMO, it’s the best overall Gallardo. I dislike the looks of the SC. And it feels a bit rough on a “regular” drive. It’s a nice car but seems to serve one specific purpose rather than striking an equilibrium between road & track use. The STS hits the sweet spot and it looks a lot better; at least to me.
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