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  1. VCR

    Look what finally got here!

    Looks great. Congrats! Very bold move on the interior.
  2. VCR

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Transition is always tough. Glad LP is back and fingers-crossed that a new and better version will be coming forth soon. Keep up the good work.
  3. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Exactly porter! The only thing I would add is that Lamborghini needs to survive in the shadow of Audi which in turn is surviving under the VAG umbrella. So Lamborghini needs to answer to 2 big bosses which is not an easy task at all. Lamborghini is way too small to do any hyper-car-calibre R&D and they aren't even 1/10 the marketing machine that Ferrari and Porsche are. Less than 20 years ago, Lamborghini was at the brink of collapse. IMO, they have done extremely well under VAG's stewardship. The fact that VAG did not sell Lamborghini due to Diesel Gate is a blessing already. That being said though, Lamborghini must and will utilize all its resources to make and sell as many cars as possible. It's a reality that we must deal with in today's world. Yes, no one likes taking a haircut after a relatively short ownership. But these are toys; these are not investments after all. If one is looking for a free or even profitable ownership from a car, Lamborghini is not the brand to consider. Just drive and enjoy the bulls.
  4. VCR

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Nice combo. Congrats! You need multi-Lambo status now.
  5. VCR

    Un-fcuking-believable Bugatti Chiron

    That is very cool. And it looks pretty close; certainly closer than the Lego model that one can buy from its store. I wonder how much it cost. 13,000 man hours can work out to be quite a hefty sum.
  6. VCR

    Gallardo Spyder Flying

    I thing it hit at the very tip of the ramp, not the plant pot. (Refer to the 1st pic and one can see the shattered bricks, stones and concrete.) She is one lucky person indeed. Had the car hit a plant pot, the car and the pot would probably end up going through the glass facade of the building.
  7. VCR

    Gallardo Spyder Flying

    Assuming the driver survived, she really should count her blessings. Judging from the video, the G Spyder did extremely well on the safety parametres considering the impact and the acrobatic aftermath.
  8. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I am hearing the same from a rather reliable source.
  9. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The J will be in red regardless unless Ad Personam allows it. There is a thin black outline on the J and it is bright enough to stand out from Rosso Efesto which is like candy apple red. For the interior, the "SV" part of the embroidery can be done to match the colour stitching and interior trim in various colours but the "J" part of the embroidery will remain in red unless Ad P. allows it. Centre locks are available in red or black with optional Lambo logo wheel caps in carbon. The rear fender SV-J logo can either be painted or as decals. For light-coloured cars; such as Blu Cepheus; the standard colour for the "SV" part will be black. For dark-coloured cars, the standard colour for the "SV" part will be silver. Paint or decal in various colours will be available via Ad P.
  10. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    11 different config for the SVJ63? That would be cool! I believe the standard SVJ has 6 suggested config to choose from. Of course Ad Personam would exponentially increase the combinations and permutations possibilities.
  11. VCR

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    So it looks like the enlarged side intakes come in gloss black only; even for the SVJ63; and if my info. is correct, there is no carbon option for these either?
  12. VCR

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    Yup, did that a few years ago. People were very disrespectful. The whole place/event was a complete chaos. Just terrible! Not going back.
  13. VCR

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    True words have been spoken. Unless someone invents a no-service-required-throughout-it-entire-life-cycle car, service is and will be inevitable. Exotics like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's I can tolerate somewhat because these aren't DD's and most of the regular services can be booked within 72hrs and performed in a day. Tesla's are suppose to be a regular DD with ambitions to be mainstream vehicles. Their production output, their quality control and their post-sales services are all lacking behind and far from an acceptable level. I could be readied for Tesla but Tesla isn't ready for me; hence I'll shop elsewhere.
  14. VCR


    Very classy, congrats!