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  1. some wall art I've made with epoxy resin inlays while on lockdown
  2. a few more images taken in the spring sun,
  3. UK car with a few Ad Personam bits fd74f6e0-eefd-4650-9b6b-0ab6da9993af.mp4
  4. went with black calipers, no inside pictures yet, its still at the dealers, only this one
  5. Looks like London have their first car, is this the first car in the UK ?
  6. Does anybody know how many roasters Lambo are making ?
  7. It comes off completely like a race car style,
  8. I thought I would share this here for you Performante Spider and Meatloaf fans
  9. this is the best comment I've seen on here, get a performante and you will only take the SV or SVJ out for showboating
  10. I see, makes sense to stop people from being spammed, i have been on here a while and watching this tread every day but don't post much, does anybody know how many posts you have to make before you can private message ? regards madd0g
  11. lamboCARS could you private message me please, I've tried messaging you but it won't let me for some reason regards madd0g
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