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  1. @Destructo here’s the car
  2. Hi guys it currently has 235/35/18 on the front is it on changing to 235/40/18 on the front? It raises the car by about 23mm
  3. Was the clutch slave all fixed now
  4. I think it is the clutch slave but not going in for a few months will find out then.
  5. Hi I started the Diablo 6.0VT to warm it up as been garaged since December. It had green thick fluid under car in December but never noticed it again. Started up today and noticed said “brake” on dash with handbrake light staying on. Thought I would move it out of garage just to rotate the tyres clutch went down and up but super light. I have NOT tried to engage into gear any ideas? @kaliturbo seems like yours with clutch slave issue.
  6. Hi thanks for the replies, down want to turn to 2wd. How about running the R888 on the rear and a different brand on the front? i can’t get the 235 for the front but was getting a great deal on them. So R888 on front different on front. Won’t be using car on the track general road usage. Thanks
  7. Hi all buying tyres for my Diablo getting a great deal on Toyo R888 GG MEDIUM COMPOUND TYRES 2 X 335/30/R18 REARS AND 2 X 255/35/R18 FRONT. THE R888 IS A ROAD LEGAL HIGH PERFORMANCE TYRE ALSO USED FOR TRACKDAYS AND RACING. Ive been told as they are used for racing will get hot and cause flat spots? Can this be avoided I’m only going to use for general driving. Are they suitable for this? Any advise or experience appreciated.
  8. Many thanks guys any idea where to buy the after market stronger clutch rod from? im not going to grove for the next 3-4 months so I’m guessing having it standing is not going to cause issues? Is it something that can be changed at an indi or require specialist tools? appreciating all the help guys
  9. Oh the coolant is pink (2001 6.0 model) today I ran the car put in gear moved it but no leak. Ran it hot till fans kicked in. Did notice a rusty damp looking pipe not sure what it is. Also is there a part of undertray missing sure there is? (no liquid left to smell) A930F894-4AA5-4491-90F5-93A2C643D2CA.MOV
  10. Oh and I’m pretty sure the coolant is pink (2001 6.0 model)
  11. Hi guys thought I would warm the car up move forward in the driveway to move it around. (Not been moved since my last clutch burn incident). Found some thick green liquid on the garage floor seemed to be from the centre of the car. (Which would indicate from the front of engine but hard to tell because of undertrays) any ideas please!!!!
  12. Many thanks for the reply appreciate that. will relax a little now!!!
  13. Hi guys took the 6.0 Diablo out yesterday messed up real bad. Was driving into a very steep driveway so slowed right down so not to catch the front so taking in at an angle. Traffic behind me forgot I’d left it in 4th gear. Clutch burn arrrhhh then realised and put it into 1st. When parked up it stank. Drove home after 2 hours smelled when got home. Checked in garage this morning slight whiff of clutch in the air. Drives the same pretty much 8300 mls reckon I’ve damaged it? Also what kind of life do the clutches have. (I took it out for my birthday drive what a crap birthday)
  14. I fixed mine it was a relay in the end works perfectly now
  15. Hi got this problem with my 2001 VT right fan stays on all time do you know where the fans are located? Thanks
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