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  1. I think in 2013, it came with the start/stop system. My issue is only when car is really warm.....
  2. Have had the same thing going on, 9000 miles on 13 Aventador, CEL came on. Had to change the ECUs and thermocouples.. usd 3K. I have another problem, not sure if its related to this, but after i go driving, and the car is warm, the car refuses to start again. Typical he needs 15-20 minutes to "cool down", then he start up again. No problem when driving, no alarms, no high temperatures... Any thoughts? My workshop (not Lambo dealership) suggested supercapacitors or starter, but seems strange they are failing only when hot?? Brdgs Andre
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Not too far fetched, often if it doesnt start on the very first attempt the brake pedal get very very hard. How did you resolve it? Possible to replace the sensor yourself, or have to take it in
  4. Market seems to be ok, I have my Aventador listed, receiving a lot of interest and offers very close to my asking Brdgs Andre
  5. Recently started to get some trouble starting my 2013 LP 700. It starts fine, I go for a drive, stop/park, but then when i try to start it, nothing happen. Ignition comes on, but when i try to initiate start nothing happens. Give the car 25-30 minutes, and it starts up, so start to wonder if its a heat related problem? Its been extremely hot (100 Degrees +) here in Houston lately, though oil and water temp is fine. Only "unormal" thing I can see, when I try to start it the oil pressure symbol, kind of switches between red/white... Any sensors on oil pump that could be going south? Could it be battery? Still on my original battery, but good readings on it.. Did 30 minutes wait time on Buccees yesterday :), so definitively something that needs to be fixed up Appreciate any thoughts Brdgs Andre
  6. Its Lamborghini Houston, they are a nightmare.... Most people around here dont use them as they constantly f&*^*&% up our cars.... As this is a recall, I kind of had to take it in with them. In fact, they claimed they had changed out a lot of the mechanics as well as general service staff to "repair" their broken image, but so far they are still providing same disappointing service. More than likely they will give me a repair bill if i take it in with them, but my even greater fear would be that they mess up something else while doing it. When I received my car after the recall, my window tint was damaged. They just dont car for cars, other dealership like BMW, Audi, Porsche are miles ahead of Lamborghini Houston.....
  7. Hello everyone, Its an older tread, but I am also experiencing this issue now, and thought check in. I have a 2013 Aventador, no aftermarket exhaust, 9000 miles now, and did the recall 6 months ago (related to the cold junction repositioning), and a 1000 miles later i all of a sudden got the catalyst overheat warning. My reader stated 3 codes, P11EB, (manufacturer defined) P11ED, (manufacturer defined) and P0546 (exhaust gas temp sensor high). See attached I called the dealership here in Texas, they stated the normal "have to take it in to have a look and assess". Been waiting for almost 2 weeks now, and still not able to get an appointment with these guys, so started to explore other routes. My local (exotic) workshop has stated that it looks like all the cat temp codes for one cylinder bank is defaulted. This the ECU or the exhaust gas sensor(s) / thermocouple that needs to be replaced? Anyone have any input on the going prices / time for having these repairs done? I fear they messed up something during the recall, never had any issues with my car ever before. Pleased to hear Brdgs Andre Aventador error codes.pdf
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