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  1. ara

    Hawaii - how big, how bad ??

  2. I still haven't received a call, I spoke to a friend who knows of these cars for over 20 years being stuck outdoors. Apparently he's the typical old nut job that's not worth talking to. I will try a few more times as one of my projects is down the street, if I can save the car and sell it to someone who will rescue the car properly I'd be happy. I do not have the skills or the room to perform work myself on this.
  3. Found a Urraco near me. I’d like to call it a barn find but poor thing has been kept out doors for a long time it seems. Also behind it is an older alfa and a few other cars under cover. I left a note. Car is rusted and paint falling off. I’m trying to add pics from my IPhone not sure it worked. I’d like to know what Urracos are worth these days. What to look for when inspecting it closer? What does a decent restoration cost these days? Make it drive and make sure suspension good. Huge cost? Stuff an Ls1? So many possibilities. I must rescue this car. An old friend that lives near this car says he also ha a 67 fastback mustang back there somewhere. Sorry for the pics but IG link is all I can put while on the road.
  4. ara

    Has anyone seen Allanlambo?

    He just posted on Ig picked up a red CGT
  5. ara

    Any Instagram users here?

    I follow _whitesse_ i believe it's an older member here who had the license plate "why tryy" on his lp640 and now has a veyron vitesse and it's gorgeous
  6. ara

    Lamborghini Veneno

    Look US spec to me. Look at the side marker location on front fender.
  7. ara

    Lamborghini Veneno

    Kris just posted a verde Singh veneno roadster on his IG. I wonder if it's his?
  8. ara

    Things that make you LOL!

    Listen to this clip. Only 1:19 long. Cracked me upInvalid Video Link
  9. ara

    Uh oh!

    White testarossa !
  10. ara

    Perfect Jalopy

    is this for sale? link please
  11. ara

    A local modded veyron ;) OC, it was custom rides in Laval
  12. ara

    A local modded veyron ;)

    In Monaco
  13. ara

    A local modded veyron ;)

    I don't want to assume, but I believe they did. I cannot confirm as the shop is preparing their annoucement when they're ready. Car is in Monaco for the summer. I'm sure it'll get spotted. This guy has an awesome collection of cars, I won't post for him. Hopefully one day he'll chime in on here. Once I get more info I'll post it up. Car was a black and dark orange type color before. Can see a bit of the old color here
  14. ara

    A local modded veyron ;)

    Mine for example, Allan's for another. can push 700 whp on stock block and maybe keep tranny intact at that power level with modded OEM turbos. that's on 3.8 displacement. I don't see how it's impossible to gain 400-600hp on a 16 cylindre 8 litre engine with 4 turbos (although tiny)