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  1. Miura without a doubt.......then Diablo.......
  2. I think GM did a great job with this car. The Corvette has a long history with a uniquely America flair. IMHO it's design is almost immediately identifiable as a Corvette as there are several evolutionary design pieces. Corvette has a street & racing heritage that it can be proud of and an excited fanbase. The specs of past variants prove that and I'm from what I have seen so far I am positive the C8 will be no different. Some common complaints are the quality of the interior & the rear end treatment. I think the interior quality seems to have taken a big step up, but I will reserve judgement until I see the actual car. Has interior quality, fit & finish allowed GM to reach the plateau of the current exotics / supercars.....we will see shortly. The taillights have some people saying they are derivative of the Chevrolet Camaro.. but if you compare the C7 & C8 you can see a definite evolution in design from one to the other. The new C8 has also taken design & styling cues from earlier generations of Corvettes. The taillights (IMHO) are are a nod to the C7 and make a bold statement while still managing to make a clean break from the past. Corvette & Camaro being from the same manufacturer may have some small similiarities, if not only for the fact that some of the same engineers may have been involved in both projects ( mere speculation ), but that is about the extent of it. The car has decent specs for it being the base model as I am sure the top variants will have much more power ( and I mean MUCH more ). Although I will say if the base model's tested 0-60 times fall significantly short of the advertised "under 3 seconds" there is going to be hell to pay. The performance is respectable, but the upper echelon "Big Brothers" will definitely make an even bigger impact in the motoring world. The DCT transmission is a game changer for Chevrolet in many ways; design, maintenance, packaging, performance & servicing. In every aspect the new C8 will be competitive against European & Japanese high performance cars (i.e. Ferrari 488 / Lamborghini Huracan / Nissan GT-R ). The C8 should be a dominant force in the domestic market as well.
  3. The new C8 Corvette is a definite winner. The bang for he buck will be too great for some to resist. With a base price of less than $60k I would expect a loaded Stingray to sell for a bit less than $90k. The big dog Zora / ZR-1 is for sure going to be north of $120k, but even at these prices will represent relative value for the dollar. Will the styling, power and handling be enough to prevail?? Only time will tell.
  4. I personally hope GM can put forth an exciting world class machine. Something worthy of being considered with the very best.
  5. Worse....it belonged to his boss's company
  6. Ive been getting excited about this car. Maybe just because its something new but none the less I think it will be an exciting new car. Just speculation but from what has been cross referenced it seems the C8 specs will be close to what follows ( note my previous predictions for Gallardo & Aventador where spot on) Base model (coupe and convertible): 500hp / 560 lb-ft tq / 0-60 @ 3.0 - 3.1sec( coupe) & 3.3 - 3.4sec (conv) / wt @ 3400lb(coupe) & 3600lb (conv) / $$67 - 72k usd At that pricepoint who is in????
  7. I know Corvette is verboten here but has anyone taken a look?
  8. murcivu You sir have one nice bull!
  9. If you listen to him when he talks about himself..usually only in passing....he's not hurting for cash.
  10. Doug's reviews!!!!!!! Clothes be damned, and sugar induced hyperactive demeanor ignored!!
  11. IMHO that set-up would still look awesome with bronze wheels!
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