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  1. Ive been getting excited about this car. Maybe just because its something new but none the less I think it will be an exciting new car. Just speculation but from what has been cross referenced it seems the C8 specs will be close to what follows ( note my previous predictions for Gallardo & Aventador where spot on) Base model (coupe and convertible): 500hp / 560 lb-ft tq / 0-60 @ 3.0 - 3.1sec( coupe) & 3.3 - 3.4sec (conv) / wt @ 3400lb(coupe) & 3600lb (conv) / $$67 - 72k usd At that pricepoint who is in????
  2. I know Corvette is verboten here but has anyone taken a look?
  3. murcivu You sir have one nice bull!
  4. If you listen to him when he talks about himself..usually only in passing....he's not hurting for cash.
  5. Looks great.....front page looks sophisticated .
  6. Doug's reviews!!!!!!! Clothes be damned, and sugar induced hyperactive demeanor ignored!!
  7. IMHO that set-up would still look awesome with bronze wheels!
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vmLOdP1DhX8
  9. Thanks, you are always a gentleman & a scholar
  10. What about using steel braided hose. SBH is heat and pressure resistant.
  11. Hello LP.......... I am looking for help, I want to be able to view the most recent posts when I open an unread message. Currently when I open the unread messages I am taken to the first post in the thread. I then have to go through all the other posts made until I reach the last post, which is the most recent made in the thread. Any ideas or am I looking at things incorrectly??
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