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  1. diabloking

    Things that make you LOL!

    Not in this case!!!
  2. diabloking

    Pastors wife gets a Urus

    I guess his wife is saying " THANK YOU JESUS!!!!"
  3. diabloking

    Diablo repairs

    I made the point because there have been incidents on other boards in the past where criminal activity was perpetrated against some car owners
  4. diabloking

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    Excellent points gents!! The integration of computerized control and on board systems seems to have taken the technology to the next level.
  5. diabloking

    Thoughts on Aventador vs Aventador S

    Just think RWS technology was done on the Nissan 300zx back in the early 80's!!
  6. diabloking

    Diablo repairs

    Never give a*holes the chance to cause chaos!!!#!
  7. diabloking

    Diablo repairs

    You sir have delivered admirably!!! That is one sweet Bull. Btw...in the future you might want to blank out your license plate.......
  8. diabloking

    H.W. Bush won't be down for NWO!

  9. diabloking

    Diablo repairs

  10. diabloking

    Stan Lee Won't Be Saving The Day...

    R.I.P. Stan Lee left a legacy that will last 4ever.....meanwhile that POS Bill Maher chose to *hit all over Lee.
  11. diabloking

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    Hail to the king!!! Congratulations and a happy return.
  12. diabloking

    I can't park this thing anywhere...

    So get another one....I dare you!!! Lol U R 1 of favorite lambo guys!
  13. diabloking

    New Ford GT

    Would it be wrong to get an eligible buyer to purchase a car acting as an undeclared proxy then allowing you to register vehicle?????
  14. diabloking

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Dude................that is just wow...really nicely spec'd!!!!!!
  15. diabloking