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  1. They are using it as a training exercise.
  2. diabloking

    Aretha Franklin Won't Be Giving Respect...

    She may no longer be giving respect, but she has earned RESPECT for all she has accomplished. RIP ARETHA!
  3. diabloking

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    JMHO In a word.......no. Design elements are reallly nice as is. Car is deadly looking as is; sometimes a little more is way to much.
  4. diabloking

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Op.......I have a severe case of car envy!! All I can say is dammmmnnn!!!
  5. diabloking

    Lamborghini wedged beneath car in Chicago's West Loop

    How do you explain that to the insurance company??? " Well what had happened was........"
  6. diabloking

    Lamborghini wedged beneath car in Chicago's West Loop

    WTF !!!???
  7. diabloking

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    Very Nice looker!! My only change would be to do a peppercorn or grey leather interior because IIRC that was an option or part of he original SE30 color scheme. Yes...no....maybe??
  8. diabloking

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    WHY !!!???
  9. diabloking

    John Cena settles with Ford!

    Maybe Ford should require a substantial deposit to be held for a two year period where the vehicle should not be sold. If sold during the restricted period the deposit would be forfeited.
  10. diabloking

    Info on this BLU CAELUM Superleggera

    If you are fesling positive about the car and want to buy , as others have said just insist the price reflet history and condition. PPI would be a must and the basis of sale terms .
  11. diabloking

    Kim Jong Un

    So nice to have a president with a huge pair! Negotiating from a position of strength is THE ONLY WAY to get a positive outcome. For to long our presidents have been willing to acquiesce to NK. Peace is just around the corner.....or they can choose to become the world's largest parking lot!!!
  12. diabloking

    FS: 2015 Verde Mantis Huracan

    Emanon......the car is perfect with Killer looks!!! Too bad I'm $209k short (lol) right now. Whoever buys this car is getting a good deal. GLWS!!
  13. diabloking

    Dr. Jordan Peterson

    I have seen him on Tucker Carlson a few times. He makes some solid arguments.
  14. diabloking

    How bad do you want a down draft?

  15. diabloking

    Ferrari SP38

    Lamborghini Asterion!!!???