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  1. diabloking

    I drove my Aventador SV around the earth last summer

    Hail to the king!!! Congratulations and a happy return.
  2. diabloking

    I can't park this thing anywhere...

    So get another one....I dare you!!! Lol U R 1 of favorite lambo guys!
  3. diabloking

    New Ford GT

    Would it be wrong to get an eligible buyer to purchase a car acting as an undeclared proxy then allowing you to register vehicle?????
  4. diabloking

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Dude................that is just wow...really nicely spec'd!!!!!!
  5. diabloking


  6. diabloking

    My dynamic duo !

  7. diabloking

    My dynamic duo !

  8. diabloking

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    You like 'em topless I see!!!!!!
  9. They are using it as a training exercise.
  10. diabloking

    Aretha Franklin Won't Be Giving Respect...

    She may no longer be giving respect, but she has earned RESPECT for all she has accomplished. RIP ARETHA!
  11. diabloking

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    JMHO In a word.......no. Design elements are reallly nice as is. Car is deadly looking as is; sometimes a little more is way to much.
  12. diabloking

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Op.......I have a severe case of car envy!! All I can say is dammmmnnn!!!
  13. diabloking

    Lamborghini wedged beneath car in Chicago's West Loop

    How do you explain that to the insurance company??? " Well what had happened was........"
  14. diabloking

    Lamborghini wedged beneath car in Chicago's West Loop

    WTF !!!???
  15. diabloking

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    Very Nice looker!! My only change would be to do a peppercorn or grey leather interior because IIRC that was an option or part of he original SE30 color scheme. Yes...no....maybe??