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  1. Pictures from a photo shoot in Dayton, Ohio
  2. http://www.thisweeknews.com/live/content/m...o_.html?sid=104
  3. Looking for a balloon white Galardo Spider with black interior, manual tansmission, no egear, cabon fiber interior options, nav and rear camera. My email [email protected]
  4. JAC

    Diablo Door Question

    Mine always need a little help even after putting on new door shocks.
  5. If Lamborghini says the part is designed to fail, why then did they make a new and improved "gray" clutch rod? Dose the gray rod fail with more or less pressure applied than the black rod? Also is Lamborghini Dallas admitting to selling a car with a bad clutch? If what they say is true than it would logicly follow that all clutch rods would break before the clutch needs replaced. Why would they say that the part is expenable but at the same time be willing to replace it? It all adds up to BS to me.
  6. Hello Everyone, Here are some pictures of my Clutch Rod. I have only sold 12 rods but have no problems. I have over 6000 miles on the first rod that was made for my 99 Roadster. You can contact me a [email protected] or my cell 937-478-0613.
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