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  1. I think the Diablo VT Roadster still does it for me
  2. probably something to keep for a few years within warranty. She's been an Rav 4 for 5 years so anything is better haha some things we'd like - panoramic roof - ambient lighting - driver safety features (lane departure, collision warning, auto braking etc.) - heated and ventilated seats for starters
  3. What would you recommend and why. I want to get her into something with more luxury. She drives about 40 miles a day in warm Florida climate. Looking to spend somewhere in the 60-70k range.
  4. THAT'S the perfect spec. Stunning can't wait to see more photos of you enjoying it!
  5. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/lamborghini-v12-hypercar-exclusive-peek/?ftag=CAD13782fc&bhid=24896232038772889141433919106795 With every release of a new exotic car bearing a V12 we can't help but ask the question of whether it will be the last. Increasingly challenging global emissions and economic conditions make that most holy of engines an ever-rarer beast, and that's a sad thing. However, not only is Lamborghini developing a new hypercar, but that car will feature a V12, and you can get your first peek at it here. Late last month, at the Lamborghini factory in Sant'####
  6. omg that's the dream machine right there! great photos
  7. Great garage love the show with all the wings
  8. their both stunning !! Enjoy in the best of health
  9. much much better looking imho than the DB11
  10. that's beyond stunning what a perfect spec
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