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  1. Murci or Gallardo. A Diablo or Countach will give you way more problems than your ex ever did.
  2. Just took some time off to relax.
  3. PM me if this is still for sale.
  4. Too bad they don't set an IQ standard as a requisite for ownership
  5. I believe 8" round. I'll try to dig up my factory original and what I replaced it with. I will give you my two cents though, unless you're going to keep this car for a very long time, don't bother. You're throwing your money away trying to upgrade the Diablo's stereo. Enjoy the sound of the engine.
  6. I see nada. Something wrong on my end?
  7. Great vid and very appropriate background music, buddy!
  8. Anyone on here own one? What's your take on the 06 and 07's?
  9. Your original post made it sound like you had the car repainted because it had rock chips: "The vehicle had some rock chips on so before putting on the full body clear bra, it was ENTIRELY repainted the factory color at a cost of almost $30,000." Who did the work for $30K?
  10. Wouldn't it make more economic sense to swap out this engine with the standard G you're going to get? You've done a lot of work to your car, ($30K to fix some rock chips?)and it sounds great. But I don't see you getting anywhere close to your asking price. Btw, what is the actual mileage on the car and is there any warranty at all?
  11. I never knew that you could bypass this- I always thought it was set in stone. And I always thought it was the biggest fcuking annoyance in the world on my Murci! Great to know now that I've sold it. LOL You should go play the lottery because I've tried to deal with that company before and it's like talking to a brick wall.
  12. Yep, it's a pita. Is the fluid reddish pink? If so, it's the power steering hose. There are two hoses that run power steering fluid through the system- one is a shorter one that is located at the firewall in the front bonnet and the other is the long one that you are pointing out and it wraps around the torque tube all the way through the center of the car. I got under my car once when the smaller of the two went out on mine and I can't remember if the hose in the pic you posted is the other one that's longer. They can weep, which means you will need to replace them in the not-so-distant future but if yours is forming a puddle below your car you need to get fixed asap. I think the long tube is about $700 from the factory. The shorter of the two went out on me and fluid leaked everywhere. Had to have car towed in. Fortunately, I was able to find the short one at NAPA for $5.
  13. Is your stereo stock? You could have a bad ground somewhere in your system if it's not. If you've never touched the stereo system, I would swap out the alternator with a heavy duty one. I used a shop called the Mechanical Man in Phelan, CA (mechman.com) for my 97 roadster. 225 amp alt (P/N 20-325-63G-1G) cost me $534 in June of 07 plus $50 for an adapter bracket, $35 for adapter plug, and $48 for 5' each of black and red cables.
  14. Just talked to Rhyno. He got everything at once.
  15. I'm always shopping. But this time I think I'm going to take a breather and relax for a few months. I'm beginning to understand why Joe decided to take a break- sometimes I felt like Gollum. "Gots to drive my precious all the time" LOL. It seriously is an addiction.
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