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  1. I have been a buyer of REO since 1986 and notes since 1987 Shoot me a PM and Ill give you my email I can take a look, but as mentioned NY is rough. Not only time wise, but legal costs are high as are taxes to hold. But if its cheap enough its worth a look Thanks Cliff
  2. Need $102k for 3 years 10% interest only Secured by SFR with market value of $250k to $260k Less than 40% LTV! Pays $834/mo interest only Can increase the loan amount and escrow a years payments to sweeten the deal, or pay to the lender at funding to greatly increase the yield! Taxes and insurance paid until April
  3. Hey! How are you my friend? Its been years since we last chatted. Do you still have the 2001 black Diablo? Tell me more about the maritime liens and np ship mtgs, sounds interesting. PM me your email if you would Thanks!
  4. Whose ready to earn 10% annually secured by assets? Deal 1 Need $100k for 3 years 10% interest only Secured by SFR with market value of $250k to $260k Less than 40% LTV! Pays $834/mo interest only Taxes and insurance paid until March 2018 Deal 2 Non performing note in NJ Borrower owes $190k Property Value of $200k+ Need $95k to purchase the note and service. Borrowers were behind, caught up, got a bit behind and are working to catch up. 10% interest and payments to accrue until note is resold (1 year max term) Deal 3 1.14 Acre lot in Spring Hill FL Market value $25k+ (lot next door sold for $27k as a distressed sale) Need $10k @ 10% interest until sold (1 year max term) Interest and payments to accrue. Other deals pending, let me know what you have to work with! Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks Cliff
  5. Wow, just logged in and it said its been almost 4 years! How time flys... I have the ability to pick up a 2 owner 98 roadster with about 9k miles on it from the owner. What are "real world" selling prices for this model these days? Its an unusual color and a/c garage kept, well maintained. Also, if anyone has funding sources, most of my cash is out on investments right now. I am not really wanting to buy and resell right away, rather keep it for a bit and enjoy it. PM me if you want specifics on the car Thanks
  6. Well wishes to all over that side of the pond! Here in St Pete FL we had rioting several years back, looting, burning some houses and convenience stores, I think even a church. Of course this was in the "south side" and what sparked it off? A white officer shot a black teen. Didnt matter the cops were after this criminal for a long list of crimes, or that the officer shot because the kid was trying to run him down in a stolen car and the cop and might have killed him... nah that didnt matter. Kid had a huge rap sheet of crimes too from when he was young. So they burned down their own stores, cars, churches... in their own neighborhood! Yea THAT will teach whites... HUH? The truly sick thing is... a few years later they opened a youth center in the area, and named it for the dead criminal kid!!!
  7. http://www.lambomag.com/issue3/themagazine.pdf got to page 8 and it shows many of Allans cars, this was as of 2007 however! sorry if its a repost
  8. any clue how far under? I saw one in Naples FL that was black and they were only asking $138k at a dealer, so Im sure it sold for less than that even.
  9. any idea what the typical cost will be for a PPI?
  10. What are the current values of 99 roadsters w/ around 10k miles on them in very good condition? Anyone know book value, what they are selling for and what one should "really" cost in this market? Also, is there any way to find out what a car last sold for and the current lease amt if the owner wont spill? Thanks
  11. Thanks Frank, I was wondering if that was factory or if it was aftermarket. Now I know!
  12. On a 99 diablo, do the front calipers say Lamborghini or Brembo? Thanks
  13. I am thinking of picking up a 99 diablo that is in the NY area, but would need a PPI on it. Is there anyone local or who is it best to send it to? Thanks
  14. RovinC

    VIN search?

    Can anyone help by doing a VIN search, carfax or otherwise for me on 2 cars? Please PM me thanks
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