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  1. I have a broken plastic piece that surrounds the seat back release handle. It is held in with two small screws behind the leather. Has anyone replaced one of these? I tried installing a new one and it seems to bind on the release handle. Thank you.
  2. Interested in the paddles for my 06 SE. What is the best delivered price to CA? Thanks
  3. Too bad I didn't get to meet you. I felt I was the only Lambo fan in a sea of F car owners! I did meet one other Lambo fan in the stands at turn 12. Great track and awesome race!
  4. What is the event and where are cars leaving from and when in San Diego. I'd be interested in joining with the SE.
  5. One time, yes one time, I opened the SE to near 160 while following a superbike and when I looked at the speedo couldn't believe what I was seeing! The car is absolutely stable and the confidence driving the car at speed it astounding. That said, I will never do it again as there are too many negative scenarios that come into play at these high speeds! I get my speed at the race track in a racecar with all the safety provisions that comes with being at a place designed for high speed. I have always been a proponent for speed at a proper venue. All the vids I see with guys racing each other on public roads is totally stupid!
  6. I received an email from the service writer at Symbolic Motors in San Diego and he informed me that the car would be covered by Lamborgini! I'll let you know how everything goes when I pick it up this morning.
  7. 06 SE with 12K and runs fine except this CEL won't go away. I checking fittings where the misfire tubes attach to the c. converters, took out and clean both air filters, drove the car for around 20 min. and got home and shut it down. Restarted and the lights were off, so I drove it again and 2 miles down the road, they came back on. Took it to the dealer and they told me that both O2 sensors and a couple of ecu related parts needed to be replaced at a cost of over $2500.00 Anyone have any similar experience? Should this be covered by the emissions warranty? Thank you.
  8. I have a complete set of stock G wheels that look great in gray. I would like 2K for the set. Can deliver myself in CA. Call or text to 619 203 0918
  9. I was an original owner of a 04 and currently am the second owner of a 06 SE. As most posts have mentioned, there is a world of difference and you can definitely tell! The lift is also something you can't live without! 20 hp is 20 hp! The egear is alot more efficient and is more enjoyable to drive in traffic. The 04 was downright embarrassing to drive in traffic. The nav is ok, not a have to have item and the backup camera is great.
  10. After spending two weeks around Italy I was amazed that I couldn't find any Lambo related items anywhere except the factory. On the otherhand, Ferrari merchandise could be obtained everwhere! I went into a ton of shops at the F crap could not be missed. In Venice, there was a shop that had a full scale F1 model and two other shops within 50 meters! Why doesn't Lamborghini promote their products?
  11. Thanks. Before entering the factory, we had to place all camera, cell phones and all other electronic devices into a locker. They were very nice, but recording our event was prohibited.
  12. My wife and I spent a few hours in St. ###### today and were not dissappointed! After a adventurous trip from Bologna to Lamborghini Headquarters I was very happy to finally visit the home of where the best cars on the planet are being produced. Our tour guide Cristina was very knowledgeble about the product line, but was most excited about the new Aventador. The car is trully a work of art and engineering. We were allowed to walk the entire build line including engine assembly. The plant was spotless with no oil anywhere as well as a very organized build stations. All the assemblers were in neat uniforms and it was obvious they love their jobs! I met a F car owner there and he seemed pretty impressed with everything too! He asked a number or caustic questions, but whatever. The new car is due to ship to dealers in a few weeks to a month and customer cars are to follow in 6 to 8 wks. The R&D dept. started one up outside and believe me it's sweet! Having owned two Gallardos I must say that the Aventador is an unbelievable leap in technology. The chassis development is unique to Lambo as are a number of other processes. I think Lambo has hit a grand slam with this car and the next 18 months of production are already sold. I can't wait to get home and put my deposit down!
  13. Thanks for your reply. I was trying to find a filter that would work. I've done countless oil changes over the years and can't see a 10 dollar element costing so much.
  14. I am about to do my own oil change on my 06 SE. Just wondered if anyone has had the experience. I can't find an oil filter anywhere but the dealer at nearly 90 bucks! Is Lambo the only manufacturer of the elements or does anyone know of a cross reference to another source. It seems every dealer prefers different oil for the G. So far, Agip, Mobil 1 and Castrol Syn have been called out. I have been quoted anywhere from 500 to around 1000 for a simple oil change and I just don't see it!
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