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  1. I can’t speak for the others, but I can tell you from experience that a 720s will blow the doors off a Huracan, all day long and twice on Sundays.
  2. Damn man, that changes things quite a bit for me. So you'd go Singapore -> Maldives next time around?
  3. 1016 already has a tune, downpipes, and exhaust for the Urus (and tons of carbon fiber add-ons) - check out DragTimes youtube video.
  4. Interested to hear this too. I'm looking at a 14 coupe right now too and wanted to see how it compared to the 12, which I didn't love when I drove it...
  5. Idyllic setting and great lineup!
  6. Do the F1 drive experience at the Autodrome...
  7. Hey Kisco - What do you make of this? https://www.another board.com/vbforum/f202/cfi-designs-more-disappointment-209129/
  8. You too! Man I’m surprised but happy to hear that. The online appearance of quality is sometimes a facade, so I appreciate the comments about cfi as I wonder about what’s next for my H...
  9. Kisco - I could have sworn that you had UGR turbos on that car. What made you go with CFI? I've seen them on Instagram and they seem to put together a nice looking package, but is the reliability of UGR there? What about pricing differences? Thanks buddy...
  10. Other than the built-in duck tail wing, it looks great. The interior upgrade of the screen will really bring the interior to present day and beyond (not that it's lacking all that much)...
  11. 05LSV

    Tuned Urus...

    Bad ass. I'm liking the Urus more and more.
  12. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. Be safe.
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