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  1. Lpoking for some parts for my 1999 Diblo VT Roadster. Having trouble locating them. The parts we're having trouble with were the thermocouple, temperature sensors, and wheel speed sensor. The sensor part numbers here are questionable because they're no longer available and because there are US and rest of world options for these so they couldn't even get me good part numbers to search, but here's what I have for those: 400919529 and 400919529A. The Wheel Speed sensor part number is 51001139. That one is correct, just unavailable. Anyone have any ideas on finding these. Thanks.
  2. gemlender

    Murci Roadster in Baton Rouge LA

    In Baton Rouge if you need a PPI done you need to get in touch with Vinnie at Vinnie's Exotics (VEX). He a a Lambo tech previously from Prestige that works for him now. He is the guy who does all the work on exotics around here. He is also familiar with the seller.
  3. gemlender

    DCTMS custom wheel

    Real easy... I took it to my mechanic and he put it on and I paid him to pick it up. Simple as that lol
  4. gemlender

    DCTMS custom wheel

    Installed my new DCTMS custom steering wheel. I needed more carbon fiber in the car :-) . Turned out Great!
  5. gemlender

    Biloxi MS Exotic car meet

    This should be a fun weekend and a good turnout. The Biloxi Beach Exotic Car Fest at the Baja Beach House in MS on June 11th On their Facebook page it show over 1300 going and 4800 interested. You can register your exotic car online here:
  6. gemlender

    Aventador (SV) Super Veloce Pictures

    My favorite color
  7. gemlender

    Shark Dive in Roatan

    From my Fiji trip a few years ago
  8. gemlender

    Shark Dive in Roatan

    Seen them in the wild also. But with Sharks it's a good dive if you see one. Most of the time they swim away. This gives you a chance to see them in action and have a respect for them. To each his own, but sharks are more dangerous than circus monkeys. Lol.
  9. gemlender

    Shark Dive in Roatan

    They had a bucket of fish to attract them. They fed them after we swam around with them. It was about 18 sharks ranging from 5-8ft. I did a shark dive in Fiji with two 16ft tigers and 10ft bulls. They are awesome dives.
  10. gemlender

    Shark Dive in Roatan

    Had a great week diving in Roatan. Here is a pic of the shark dive that we did. They are such graceful animals.
  11. GT at the Lamborghini Festival in Houston.
  12. gemlender

    Pic from my Saturday drive

    Yes it's the Highlighter Yellow SL in Giallo Tenerife. the color really stands out. Thanks
  13. gemlender

    Pic from my Saturday drive

    Thanks for the correction and the complement. The Bull stickers come off after the Lamborghini Festival next month.
  14. gemlender

    Pic from my Saturday drive

    Hhahaha. Yes GT40. Same guy used to own an F40 and I typed it wrong. Lol.
  15. gemlender

    Pic from my Saturday drive

    A drive with a few friends today. I'm in love with the F40.