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  1. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    they booked me for Monday april 23rd 2pm, thanks everybody!!
  2. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    have to do appointment for go this factory?
  3. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    will do that, thanks!
  4. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    Cheese factory? whats the address so I can also go, thanks!
  5. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    Thank you!!
  6. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    I bought my lambos on several dealership. last one was the huracan I bought on prestige imports, should I contact them? thanks!
  7. Greenbeast

    Lamborghini Factory!

    Hi everybody.... Ill be at Italy next week for 10 days and want to visit or a tour to the Lambo factory. I bought around 5 lambos in last 12 years, differentes models. How can I visit or what do I have to do or any contact to go to this factory? let me know, thanks in advance!
  8. I sent you a PM, did you get it?
  9. What about only add ons carbon fiber?
  10. I'm sending my car to Underground Racing for stage 3 conversion. in the meanwhile I want to add a body kit for my car and I only know about the Vorsteiner body kit. Anyone know about another source? Very appreciate it.
  11. Greenbeast

    My AC done today, need help?

    Hello all, I have a 2009 lp560 and today the AC is suddenly bad. the tech said that is the evap. my question is, can it be repaired? where to get a new one? price? Im asking all this cuz Im not from USA and is kind a difficult to find that part in my country. any news will be great to help, thanks!
  12. Greenbeast

    Need some OEM parts!

  13. Greenbeast

    Full Carbon Reiter Extenso R-Ex

    price of the kit?