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  1. How far do you think ripple can go? It´s market cap is already pretty high and I don´t see it overtaking Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. Crypto Marketcap has reached 0,5t trillion and every cab driver and their mother are talking about bitcoin. Kinda has me worried a little....
  3. Basically a USB stick. You play the code onto it and that´s it. I´m up around 100% since the summer. Thinking about selling it all and going all in on some very cheap but promising altcoins. The big coins probably won´t 10 fold anytime soon. If you catch a good small one though....
  4. Roman how do you think the CME futures will affect the price of bitcoin. I understand that the contracts are not backed by bitcoin but cash settled still the more mainstream exposure is going to move the prive I think. However up or down is the question...
  5. Something else roman, how does your china assumption relate to them actually pretty much banning crypto for their own people? Simply reigning in of their people on the one hand and playing the international markets on the other?
  6. Damn, roman making me feel good, although my gains aren´t anywhere near seven figures. Btw, I need to add you on fb... Trading this thing is bit of a problem though. You have to keep the coins, or the cash on the exchange which is a risk. How do you deal with that roman?
  7. What are you trying to say? That´s the same for every market out there be it stocks, houses, cars.......you name it. Of course there will be crashes and corrections on the way as there have been numerouse times already, but the blockchain technology is here to stay and bitcoin is finite in numbers. I´m long. Bitcoin is the value transfer side of blockchain while ethereum is the technological side of it.
  8. Will it ever though? Especially with the possibility of wallstreet and mainstreet money soon getting into the crypto market?
  9. The MMA community seems to be a little naive when it comes to PEDs. Pretty much every elite level professional athlete in every sport is on some kind of a banned substance. I think a recent study had the nubmer at around 75%, I personally think it´s closer to 90%. I hope Jon goes to rizin and juices his way up to heavyweight. Would love to see his potential realised!
  10. Yeah, BCH was free cash, however I´m not touching BTC, or BCH, risk reward ratio just isn´t there for me
  11. You mean Ether, yeah, but BTC is making all time highs almost weekly, ether is still strugling way below it´s all time high. When BTC rises Ether used to rise too, that´s not really happening anymore but when btc falls it does pull ether down. So their relationship is has decoupled on the way up and recouples on the way down. 400%
  12. Yeah, their newly developing almost inverse relationship to each other has me slightly confused. Ether just doesn´t seem to be able to really get going as of last. However, made a nice 300% ROI with Antshares/Neo within last two weeks. Should have bought WAY more.
  13. People need oversight. There is no doubt that the my money cetrainly wasn´t used to it´s fullest potential. Any system has short comings at any rate. I am self made an I still don´t have a problem with giving a sustainable amount of my earnings to other people who are not. Fortis I´ve been reading your posts here for years now and it´s always pretty much the same thing. Self made people this, selfe made people that... You have to understand that people come in different shapes and views. Just because someone is self made doesn´t mean that he or she has to have the same views as you do. It also doesnt´mean that he or she is a "good" person, not even that he or she is especially intelligent(have met way richer people than me who were plain dumb) or even proficient at the thing they are doing. Do you know what it means though? That he or she was at the right place at the right time. Nothing more, nothing less. Every decision you have ever made was made by a brain and a body that wer formed by you genes, you mothers genes, you father genes, your environment, your nutrition, your social life, your hormonhousehold. Do you see were I´m geting at here? Google determinism and take your time to let it sink in. Look at the literature in regards to free will and decision making. You might than understand why I have no problem giving some of my income away for the greater good. If you can´t understand that than I´m sorry that you are so very close minded to your own beliefs and morals. Giving away also makes rational and logical sense. In every society, the top earners are a very small percentage of the total population. If you don´t take care of those beneath you they will levergae the only weapon that they have, and that is their overwhelming number in contrasts to the rich. Ever heard of the french revolution? I guess you understand where I am trying to get at. Again, capitalism is a model that we needed, just as feudalism was before. However it´s running it´s course and we will soon be in need of a new system thanks to massive technological advancements. Btw, let´s have a look at some of the worlds self made billionaires: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/billionaire-c...-income-9214279 http://fortune.com/2017/05/26/mark-zuckerb...l-basic-income/ http://www.businessinsider.de/bill-gates-b...2?r=US&IR=T
  14. How old are you again? Politics should be about just that, policies and not a game of ego boosting. Those games only lead to terrible decisions in the long run. So for your sake and for your countries sake grow the fcuk up!
  15. In regards to healthcare, it´s really an easy question to ask. At some point a society has to decide wether it wants to redistribute some of it´s wealth to those who are sick, to the elderly and the less fortunate ones. I personally don´t know of any hard working, selfmade man/woman who would think twice about the answer. I have made the experience that most of the time those who were the luckiest in life are crying the most and those who worked the hardest have no fear of sharing. Last year I had to pay about 30% of my income to social security and that hurts. However, loooking at my grandfather who has cancer I wouldn´t want it any other way here in europe. Not only for his sake but for all peoples sake.
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