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  1. DtRockstar1

    DtRockstar1's video thread

    Here's several Twin Turbo Huracans doing 225 + mph in the half mile at the Battle Creek Speedfest. We even put cameras on one of the cars. Chris
  2. DtRockstar1

    Cizeta-Moroder V16T Prototpye

    While I was in Monterey, I made a stop at Canepa again and this time got a video of the Cizeta prototype starting up. Amazing to hear this piece of history come to life! Chris
  3. DtRockstar1

    Cizeta-Moroder V16T Prototpye

    Funny you mention that - when I asked one of the shop workers if he could open the door, he apparently forgot it wasn't a Lamborghini. He was trying to open the door vertically! Chris
  4. DtRockstar1

    Cizeta-Moroder V16T Prototpye

    Thanks for the comments guys! And Ian, you beat me to it. Thank you for posting the virtual tour video of the place, that place is an absolute jaw dropper! Chris
  5. DtRockstar1

    Cizeta-Moroder V16T Prototpye

    This car has not been seen in public in at least 25 years. Here is a video taken last week of it being worked on at Canepa Motorsports. It even debunks the myth that it is two V8s bolted together by showing the engine block. This video takes a tour around one of the rarest cars ever made. Chris
  6. DtRockstar1

    DtRockstar1's video thread

    Well it's been one hell of a season, and thanks to all that made it that way! Here is a compilation of all things going wide open throttle and screaming through the gears. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! Chris
  7. DtRockstar1

    Any Michigan/Ohio Huracan owners?

    Haha! Yes, Beaver is the more memorable part. I travel to events in Ohio all the time, so definitely! Thanks dude! Chris
  8. DtRockstar1

    Any Michigan/Ohio Huracan owners?

    Yep, I'm still looking, thanks man! Where is Beavertown? I did a google search and could only find a bar in the UK, lol Chris
  9. DtRockstar1

    Any Michigan/Ohio Huracan owners?

    Thanks guys! Your help is much appreciated, and hopefully soon I'll have a great video to share here. Chris
  10. DtRockstar1

    Any Michigan/Ohio Huracan owners?

    I'm looking to do a formal video shoot with a Huracan, and willing to travel throughout Michigan and Ohio. I blur out people's plates and faces, and the sound is fantastic! Here's a quick sample of what I do:
  11. DtRockstar1

    Countach: 5 minutes of Pure Sound

    I've filmed plenty of Countachs over the years and have so much great footage, I figured why not make a compilation? Enjoy. Chris
  12. DtRockstar1

    The Lamborghini Club of Kentuckiana

  13. DtRockstar1

    Be carefull out there!

    Not a problem man.
  14. DtRockstar1

    Be carefull out there!

    Yep, and not just the Paul Walker incident, but any incident that involves stupidity. For instance, a man once started his lawnmower in his basement and carried it upstairs while it was running. I'm sure you can guess what happened there. Well, the guy sued the lawnmower company....and won. When we allow people to sue for such stupidity, you know people are going to take advantage of it. We are teaching people to blame others instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Chris