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  1. Anyone come up with the cross reference on there two belts? How often should your change them?
  2. This is the first time the L & R check engine light have ever came on? I have not had a chance to take some gas out and put in octane booster or racing fuel. I don't want to chance driving the car and cause any damage. So I will have to wait until I have a free weekend to take some gas out. I have always put 91 octane. This is the first time putting anything lower and the check engines came on. It was interesting that there is a code for lower fuel mixture? Thank you all for your reply. I will keep you posted if it is in fact the low octane that caused the check engine light to com
  3. Hi Djantlive, Have this happen to your Diablo before? I did not realize that these cars are that sensitive to the octane? I filled it all the way up. So I will try to add as much octane booster as I can and see if that helps. Otherwise I will take out some fuel and add racing fuel.
  4. I was at my local gas station and they didn't have the 91 octane gas. So I put in the mid grade at 89 octane. My check engine light came on? I pulled the code and it came up with "Lambda sensor detected weak fuel mixture". So do I need to add octane booster to balance out the octane? Is it safe to drive with low octane?
  5. I have a 99 VT as well and mine will do the samething? It will read emty and the gas light will come on, however, I have more than 1/2 a tank? If anyone knows what the problem is please share. Thanks!
  6. Hi AB, Thanks for the reply. Can you tell where the low pressure and high pressure valves are? Is it on the drive side or passenger side in the engine compartment? Are there any tricks to take the rear dek lid shocks off. I tried to pop them off with a screw drive but it was starting to bend the shock? Thanks for you help.
  7. Does anyone know where the valves are for MY99 Diablo to charge the ac system? Does the system take 134a? It looks like the valves are in the engine compartment behind the plastic piece on the drivers side? Or is it upfront in the front panel near the break fluid. Does the struts for the deck lid just pop off or is there a trick to taking the struts off. I try to pop it off with a screw driver and it will not pop off? I don't want to break it. Thanks for any help.
  8. You are going to love the sound. I have it on MY99.
  9. There seems to be a double standard. It is Ok of one person to be unprofessional but not OK for someone else? I would buy a car from agenttriplex as well as Roy. We are talking about Lamborghini's the "DARKSIDE". Lighten up!!! Go get into your lambo and remember what this site is all about.
  10. I believe there are two sides to a story. Agenttriplex did not start the thread. LP posted why Lambo of SF was no longer a sponsor and she was stating her side of the story. There are lots of place to buy a G. Keep in mind you are buying a car not the dealership. Good luck in your search. Post pics when you get it.
  11. I have met agenttriplex for the first time in January during a Lamborghini gather. She is a very nice person and acted professionally. I have also been down to Lambo SF and saw her there. Once again, she was very nice invited me out to the upcoming Lamborghini event and wished me and my wife well. Agenttriplex is over the top when it comes to her presentation and professionalism. As for her personal post here on LP. Why not? Everyone at the time seemed to enjoy it and was asking for her to post more pictures. She is here for business and personal. She is not all business when it c
  12. GR8, Do you live near Sacramento? If so, I can take you for a spin. Ray
  13. Thank you eveyone for your input as well as the website for the Diagnostic/repair. It seems as everthing is fine after the diagnostics. Now the red error light is not flashing. YEAH!!! I have yet to road test it. I will try and do it this weekend and give everyone an update. gday, do you work on your own cars? You sure know a lot about these cars. Thanks for your input. Ray
  14. Thank you Mick for the link. I will check it out tomorrow. I can do the first test. I will let you know how it turns out.
  15. Hi GR8-1, This is my first Lambo. I love it and it drives great. I have driven it to Sonoma this weekend and it drives great. I have a 95 348 spider and the Lambo feels better and drives better. I also have a 993tt, it is smoother than the Lambo. However, the Lambo has a lot more power and a lot more fun to drive. I hear the 6.0 is even better than the 99VT? I don't know, I have never driven one. As for numbers imported to the US, I was told that I have the one of three blk MY99 in the US and the only blk/blk. I don't know much about MY99 SV. I would think it would har
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