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  1. looking to ship a car from Naples Fla to Connecticut, any recommended companies? Thanks
  2. lambo128

    New toy

    Congrats! LIKE IT!
  3. Early Diablo Muffler Free! If any member here wants a stock muffler from a 92 Diablo and will arrange pickup ..you may have it. Keep in mind it weighs around 100 lbs. I hate to throw it out..PM me if interested
  4. Great looking car!!
  5. Nice Ride!! Congrats!
  6. Congrats ! I love my R8...an everyday driver!
  7. Looking to buy a used Bentley GT looking for input. Looking to buy a used Bentley GT anyone who has owned one have any input on dependability etc,? I want it as an everyday driver. Thanks
  8. Wow...doesn't get better then that..Nicely done!
  9. Absolutely Beautiful, Aston Martins have the prettiest body lines out there...TIMELESS....I had a 2002 Vanquish and loved the look. The newer ones have resolved a lot of the problems the earlier ones encountered. Enjoy!
  10. Well done...I must admit I had doubts in the beginning.NICE JOB!
  11. lambo128


    No WOW factor at all...very disappointing....can't imagine many being sold!
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