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  1. Anyone know if the Cylinder Head bolts have to be tightened after engine has been driven some after changing head gasket? Seems to be impossible with the engin in car.. In my car its allso no seal in the cyllinder liners.. just metal against metal.. is that right? cheers Daniel
  2. I am searching for replasment struts.. Insert struts in the mcphearson? 90's vw corrado? How did that work out?? harder or softer suspention than original? cheers Daniel
  3. I have had my urraco from 2001 untill present, and my advice is to buy the best car on the market.. The value is still pretty low, and you can get a great car for a good price.. I bought the car for aprox 16 000 euro in 2001 and had a major service and some problems with clutch and differential last year.. I spent about 10 000 euro on this.. with overhauled carbs and new fuelhoses, new exhaust and timingbelts, bearings. Now i have a blown headgasket, and the job will aproximately be around 2000 euros depending on changing valves to stainless or not.. And after that I still need work on the rear suspension.. So Its not about what you need to do, its about when to stop.. Urracos are really beautifull cars.. I am thinking of selling my car after the headhgasket job, but i really dont want to because they are a blast to drive.. I have a Ferrari Testarossa as well, but to be honest, i have mutch more fun driving my Urraco.. I still do have a problem as I have 5 vintage cars and dont want to sell any of them.. Its really 2 too mutch.. Cheers Daniel
  4. Thank you! I'm in contact with him.. cheers Daniel
  5. Hello.. I am going to change the head gasket on my urraco. and wondering if there is something i need to adjust the valves? In norway we call it Shims. To get the valves correct adjusted we have to add schims to get it in the correct position with the camshaft.. Do i need a shims set specially for urraco? thanks in advance sorry for my bad english. Daniel Skulstadberg
  6. when i'm replacing the head gasket i might want to change some other oil seals on the car. Does anybody know where to find a complete set of gaskets? Head gaskets is the most important one. I allso have to know the torque of the bolts. soon it will shine like a beauty again best regards Daniel Skulstadberg
  7. Found this youtube video from the old owner i boght the car from.. Really funny!!
  8. someone run into me in Oslo.. Not a big dent but it has do be repainted and check the mounting of the front bumber. no dents in the bumper so i was lucky. A nother problem is no present tough.. The engine started to get hot and i had some white smoke. The next day when i tryed to start the engine it wouldnt turn.. It was water in two of the cylinders on the front row. A blown head gasket. Not exactly what i needed now after having major service last summer.. Not sure what happens right now! best regards Daniel
  9. had same issues on my car with the fitting.. The original system have a different connector pipe. I had a dialog with stebro on it and they should make me a connector pipe, but they never did. Had to solve it my self. Not good!
  10. Started her up for the first time this year in Norway after a long winter. This is what she sounded like She was grumpy at first but when i got her up and running i took this video. It may need some tuning of the carbs, but thats minor problems! I love these cars:
  11. Tricky.. The leather wrapping around the speedo and tachometre looks series 1 espada to me.. when you se the bonit and fenders it allso looks like a front engined car.. Very strange... espada series 1
  12. Found this picture on a carforum in norway.. What is this? A espada with Marzal steeringwheel? Somethings different with the midconsole to isnt it?
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