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Found 8 results

  1. I was skeptical when I clicked in this video but was surprised how comprehensive this was. Better yet, it’s great to see the passion thrive in a younger generation. Check it out and give the video a like. Definitely want to keep encouraging this YouTuber. Was there any car he missed?
  2. I have bought my last two cars from members of this forum (@Chipster Gallardo and @makethemsaywowee LP640), and always prefer to keep Lambo purchases in the Lambo family here. As title says, I definitely want an Aventador Roadster. Has to be a private party sale (no dealers). Private Party Sales have no tax in my state. Looking for 2014. Higher miles is just fine by me! Just wanted to get a thread up in case any of you lovely gents want to sell, or have any friends who are now looking to get into an SV, SVJ, etc. looking to sell their base Aventador Roadster. Please let your friends know! Or PM me if you see / hear of anything =). Thanks, Alex PS. LP640 will not be for sale.
  3. Interestingly enough, the SVJ makes the same run as the Huracan Performante in the other video thread I just posted. A staggering 210 MPH! Interesting? Maybe; still either is a beast, enjoy the video!
  4. Apparently due to a "technical defect" the 1,250 horsepower modified Aventador is no more. This one comes from the Czech Republic. Mansory only made six examples of the 'Carbonado', so whether or not that'll make the other five examples any more desirable? Probably not. Make sure you vet your tuners and who works on your cars guys and girls. I don't know if Mansory was the one who did the work on the engine, but I don't recall them being in the twin turbo game. Could be wrong. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/01/1250-hp-lamborghini-aventador-carbonado-turns-into-trashado-after-burning-in-tunnel/
  5. I’ll be honest, I’m not his primary demographic, but the Stradman seems to be a genuinely good guy who is making it good for himself. I love to see that. This is the video of him picking up his new-to-him 2012 Aventador. It’s nice to see that genuine excitement and passion when getting a dream come true. Check it out! Even better, he surprises a nine-year old fan that suffers from brittle bone disease by picking him up at school! Coolest thing I watched today. Glad to see his genuine outreach. Major kudos!
  6. Is it true Lamborghini has discontinued the Aventador S and only accepting orders for the SVJ ? I was informed by one of the salesman that sounded like a complete douche and wasn't too friendly, not sure if I could take him seriously. I have my doubts about Lambo killing the AVS too soon and pushing everyone to jump onto the SVJ
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