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Found 3 results

  1. Raw carbon, sounds nasty, looks fun. Comments on the article claim it's an old version, so whichever it may be, it would still be a riot to get behind the wheel! Source: Motor1
  2. Howdy! ! SUPER SALE ! We have 5 sets of CarbonTek CF SL style side skirts and 5 sets of CarbonTek CF SL style wing for your awesome Gallardo! These are super popular, you guys are super rad, and you won't believe how much you'll be saving with this SUPER SALE! Trust me when I say you won't see a super deal like this for a while. Offer is good until supplies last! CarbonTek CF SL Style Wing Fits: All year Gallardo Comes w/: 1 wing, 2 wing base, 1 wing cover for camera - OEM mounting gasket optional (#403827651A) MSRP $3500 SUPER SALE: $2200 CarbonTek CF SL Style Side Skirts Fits: All year Gallardo Comes w/: Driver side & passenger side, pair MSRP $2999 SUPER SALE: $1500
  3. I have a set of new K&N Air Filters with carbon fiber trim. New - Opened box for pictures Fit: GEN2 R8 Part Number: E-0658 $225 shipped within US Smooth intake tubes available for an additional $200
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