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Found 4 results

  1. This was a pretty interesting video to watch for 2 reasons. First, we all heard the GT2RS & especially the Manthey Racing mods made it faster than the Performante around the Nurburgring. What's curious is that in the hands of a professional racing driver, in this case Christian Gebhardt (Sport Auto Mag), the Performante seems to "leave" the GT2RS MR behind and it is especially obvious in the corners. The GT2RS is fast and you can see how it closes the gaps point to point on the straightaways but then "falls" behind again. Is it all ALA or something else? Any other interesting observations from the footage? One I noticed is how much steering input there is on the Performante and I recall seeing that on the SVJ record run as well.
  2. VF Engineering Huracan Performante compared to a stock Huracan Performante by Motor Trend. It's kind of a bizarre article, in that the author talks about his rock star friend, and then references famously accused plagiarist Paul Krugman in a article about aftermarket parts, but hey, got to stay relevant I suppose. An interesting look at the VF Engineering kit for the Performante, more than likely bought and paid for by VF Engineering (it's a pretty big fluff piece). https://www.motortrend.com/cars/lamborghini/huracan/2019/is-aftermarket-vf-engineering-lamborghini-huracan-better-than-stock/
  3. I've just stumbled across this group, Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. And for someone like myself that values just the facts and data over sensationalism, this stuff is the tits! They test a BUNCH of vehicles, give your the data and post a video. Stumbled across this one, first Lamborghini video I came across, but will be watching plenty more! Enjoy this Performante run up to 210 MPH!
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