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  1. The “other” site continued on with Countach info and discussions so people went there. meanwhile this one disappeared- I kept checking back but it was just gone.. no heads up, no explanations, just removed from the web… people still use forums, just not this one after being shut down so long.
  2. So sad. The idiot killed his wife and dangered how many more.. my insurance agent told me you are most likely to wreck your first year in a new (to you) car. After year 1it dramaticly drops down... as did my rates. RIP
  3. We might forgive you for a picture and a buit of info about your car
  4. I mean you can walk around the dealerships just to see exotic cars.. and go to club meetings for wine and conversation...
  5. Stupid nickname but i will say, we just installed one of his old ignition boxes on my buddys countach and it starts and runs great now as opposed to its' former permatune box.
  6. What matters MOST right now is stopping immigration and finding out exactly who is already here: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/...europe-n2100918
  7. If you ever or regularly drive fast then be smart enough to know that tires age from the inside out.. so they might look brand new but every 5 yrs just buy new tires.
  8. So sad for the family.. but look at a globe.. there is at least a third of it that any westerner should NOT be visiting.
  9. Isnt this the one that talked about wanting to be in porn?
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