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Classic Italian Cars:Hi-Rez pix


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I love vintage/classic italian cars...and had a couple threads b/f "the accident".So for the people here who love them too some of my pix.I noticed there is a member-from aystralia-who has the Lancia 037 as his avatar :shock: .The Goliath said he loves Stratos :) .Its nice to see other members here who love such cars.They didn t have e-gear and stuff but they had character ;)








2thumb2tl.th.jpg 1thumb7tc.th.jpg

22ux.th.jpg bizzarrini5dk.th.jpg spyder1ee.th.jpg s22ml.th.jpg

bizzarrini20p5386kt.th.jpg 31ye.th.jpg 27bz.th.jpg 14mo.th.jpg

196620bizzarrini20p53820redd6w.th.jpg biz2wa.th.jpgp53840vj.th.jpgp538158dm.th.jpg

p538131dh.th.jpg p5381122az.th.jpg p538114ku.th.jpg

20456thumbthumb7eg.th.jpg 20455thumbthumb3di.th.jpg20454thumbthumb2rm.th.jpg

20453thumbthumb8xo.th.jpg 20452thumbthumb9fr.th.jpg 20451thumbthumb8wn.th.jpgbizzarini4kd.th.jpg













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...I noticed there is a member-from aystralia-who has the Lancia 037 as his avatar  :shock:

hello hb


i don't have an 037, i'm just a Group B nut and love mid-engine Fiat/Lancias. i like pretty much all Lambo's and Ferrari's in general, but the first car i ever specifically obsessed about was the Stratos. until i can get me a Stratos, Bertone's next best masterpiece the X1/9 will have to do. :mrgreen:


thanks for the pics, try and track down a video called "Too Fast To Race" if you're into Group B stuff, 1 hour long and great overview of all the significant cars and the history of it all... plus loads of absolutely nutty footage of rally cars going 10/10ths sideways/airborne 6 inches from retarded spectators.


tell me you wouldn't kill for this... (Al Cosentino's Stradale)





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cool-thanks for the link!I m a big group B fan:I grew up watching these beasts at rally Akropolis.I remember the sound of the 037 from the oval exhausts:the sweetest roar :heart: And the drivers:ROHRL,ALLEN,BIASSION,TOGANA,CAPONE,TABATON ,ATTILIO BETEGA and the great late HENRI TOIVONEN.Those were the days!BTW the white/blue 037 is for sale at carclassic.com for 280.000 euros.

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another set for you :mrgreen:










stratos30lm.th.jpg 197620lancia20stratos3yw.th.jpg lancias42fl.th.jpg lanciadelta199401m9co.th.jpg 227jn.th.jpg lanciadeltas45wy.th.jpg lanciarally9ax.th.jpg stratos82uj.th.jpg stratos50ug.th.jpg stratosmotor65po.th.jpg stratos25pd.th.jpg stratos6bp.th.jpg stratos3mgw8vi.th.jpg lancia0370us.th.jpg red20lancia20integrale201024x7.th.jpg

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i like that stratos engine shot, another idea to add to the repertoir...




trying to figger out what to do with the webers on my car, sadly i don't have the luxury of that much space to werk with...



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Ferrari Killer







(taking a break from the Lancia info and b/c the Alfa info was lost at the maintenance)

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Maserati Ghibli (how about trying that Challe :mrgreen: )





















ghibli19lk.th.jpg 1020282img4hl.th.jpg


maseratighi1986me.th.jpg maseratighi1906nx.th.jpg





maseratighi1890cr.th.jpg maseratighi1688zv.th.jpg





maseratighi1632jo.th.jpg maseratighi1566zd.th.jpg





maseratighi1554yz.th.jpg maseratighi1545xo.th.jpg





ghiblisand7rn.th.jpg 1971maseratighiblicharcoalgrey.th.jpg





1970maseratighibliconvertibler.th.jpg 1970maseratighibliconvertibler.th.jpg





1970maseratighibliconvertibler.th.jpg 1970maseratighibliconvertibler.th.jpg











maserati4jt.th.jpg ghiblia8tj.th.jpg






ghibli0zd.th.jpg 1954maseratia6g2000zagatothumb.th.jpg






ghibli3zp.th.jpg 3500gt0af.th.jpg

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An old favorite of mine,since i was a kid :P








pantera2tt.th.jpg pantera5na.th.jpg

yellowpantera9an.th.jpg yellowpantera0ae.th.jpg

panterarace3um.th.jpg panteratwinturbo3uo.th.jpg

pantera16gi.th.jpg pantera63vd.th.jpg

pantera53gu.th.jpg pantera45bd.th.jpg

pantera39ts.th.jpg pantera21nd.th.jpg


160pantera3ga.th.jpg 159pantera8zo.th.jpg


bggrp4y2kw.th.jpg 00pantera19nb.th.jpg

detomaso87dy.th.jpg detomaso72hc.th.jpg

detomaso63mx.th.jpg detomaso50na.th.jpg

detomaso44sc.th.jpg detomaso33xv.th.jpg

detomaso10jw.th.jpg detomaso3fh.th.jpg


1986detomasopanteraredrearangl.th.jpg 1986detomasopanteraredfrontang.th.jpg

1975detomasopanterasilverreara.th.jpg 1975detomasopanteragtssilverst.th.jpg

1975detomasopanteragtssilverre.th.jpg 1974panteragtspurpleblackst7db.th.jpg

1974panteragtspurpleblackrears.th.jpg 1972dettomasopanterablacksides.th.jpg

1972detomasopanterayellowreara.th.jpg 1972detomasopanterayellowfront.th.jpg

1972detomasopanterawhitest7on.th.jpg 1972detomasopanterablackfronta.th.jpg

detomasopanterayellowrearangle.th.jpg detomasopanterayellowfrontangl.th.jpg


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For Jota:Ferrari 330 P3/4 hb










1966ferrari330p340846sparetyre.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846throttlem.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846rightfron.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846rearvents.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846rearendex.th.jpg






1966ferrari330p340846rearend22.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846rearend9s.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846rear1yo.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846radiatora.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftsidep.th.jpg






1966ferrari330p340846leftsidep.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftsidee.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftmirro.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftrearw.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftfront.th.jpg





1966ferrari330p340846leftfront.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftfront.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftdoorw.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftairin.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846leftdoor5.th.jpg






1966ferrari330p340846engine8ru.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846headon1hk.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846firewalll.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846ignitions.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846dashboard.th.jpg






1966ferrari330p340846cockpit1g.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846dashboard.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p340846canopy8zk.th.jpg 1966ferrari330p3408464ou.th.jpg350canamf50a014jp.th.jpg

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I think I just did a sex wee :supz:


What an awesome set of pics, keep bringing more out :finga:

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  • 1 month later...

Ferrari 512 S



























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For fans of classic italian cars like me its paradise :shock: .







Parc du Cinquantenaire 11

1000 Brussels

Tel. : +32 2 736.41.65

Fax : +32 2 736.51.36



Opening hours :

From 01.04 to 30.09: 10:00 > 18:00

From 01.10 to 31.03: 10:00 > 17:00


Admission Fee :

Adults : € 5

Children (6 - 13 years old) : € 2

Students : € 3,70

Seniors : € 3,70


Groupes :

4 adults or more : € 3,70

8 students / seniors or more : € 3,70

15 children or more : € 1,25






more info: http://www.autoworld.be/








7c-2004_08_27_138.th.jpg 45-2004_08_27_137.th.jpg e8-2004_08_27_105.th.jpg

b0-2004_08_27_074.th.jpg ff-2004_08_27_059.th.jpg 55-2004_08_27_057.th.jpg

c0-2004_08_27_051.th.jpg eb-2004_08_27_050.th.jpg 22-2004_08_27_048.th.jpg

db-2004_08_27_038.th.jpg 8d-2004_08_27_037.th.jpgab-aaaaaa.th.jpg

6e-2004_08_27_036.th.jpg 22-2004_08_27_029.th.jpg 50-2004_08_27_028.th.jpg

d8-2004_08_27_015.th.jpg 06-2004_08_27_003.th.jpg96-1111111.th.jpg


a8f6.th.jpg y2n5.th.jpg h6z4.th.jpg

j9n3.th.jpg x9e2.th.jpg l0o1.th.jpg

b6naaaaa.th.jpg b5gaaaa.th.jpg f1zaaa.th.jpg

x2naa.th.jpg z8ea.th.jpgct4yt.th.jpg

2501zu.th.jpg countach5uj.th.jpg miura5xk.th.jpg


























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the full set of his Lancia 037










dscn07859ub.th.jpg dscn07847uw.th.jpg






dscn07831kq.th.jpg dscn07822cf.th.jpg






dscn07810uj.th.jpg dscn07804ox.th.jpg






dscn07789aw.th.jpg dscn07770xi.th.jpg





dscn07761zx.th.jpg dscn07741cj.th.jpg


















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114qt.th.png mas0000684zv.th.jpg







1101006img5on.th.jpg 1080877img8ri.th.jpg






1080880img9qh.th.jpg 1080827img1vd.th.jpg






1080828img0vr.th.jpg 1080825img8xk.th.jpg






1080820img3kx.th.jpg 1060700img3am.th.jpg






1060698img6ii.th.jpg 1060684img3yu.th.jpg






1060680img6wg.th.jpg 1020295img8fb.th.jpg












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03755fo.th.jpg lanciathumb2dr.th.jpg






5thumb9wc.th.jpg 4thumb1gz.th.jpg






3thumb8vi.th.jpg 2thumb0uf.th.jpg






1thumb6za.th.jpg stratos2ku.th.jpg






lcm81067vh.th.jpg lcm81015nr.th.jpg






3thumb9me.th.jpg 2thumb3ix.th.jpg













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some vintage Alfa Romeos






0005wh.th.jpg ooooo1jr.th.jpg





ooooo4rg.th.jpg ooooo9xq.th.jpg





28nc.th.jpg 17fm.th.jpg





24qf.th.jpg 17ou.th.jpg




alfaromeo2000gtvelocegreenst5n.th.jpg alfaromeo2000gtvelocefalr1ur.th.jpg





1969alfaromeogtveloceredrearan.th.jpg 1969alfaromeogtveloceredfronta.th.jpg






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Lancia S4-classic group b beast :heart:







bigwall486uf.th.jpg bigwall408nl.th.jpg







bigwall37xp.th.jpg bigwall230lk.th.jpg







bigwall199tj.th.jpg bigwall153zt.th.jpg







bigwall126fh.th.jpg lancias43rl.th.jpg








dscn06319dg.th.jpg dscn05217lc.th.jpg







dscn05485ve.th.jpg dscn04752fs.th.jpg








dscn04813oo.th.jpg dscn04462hu.th.jpg







dscn07842dj.th.jpg dscn07745be.th.jpg







dscn07758be.th.jpg dscn07707mg.th.jpg







dscn07480er.th.jpg dscn07473am.th.jpg










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Maserati 250 F-now thats a trip to the past!








maserati250f11wm.th.jpg maserati250f22xh.th.jpg












maserati250f53fr.th.jpg maserati250f69bd.th.jpg






maserati250f77nu.th.jpg maserati250f85mk.th.jpg





























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