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  1. R.I.P Murphy, sorry Alex about the loss of your buddy, I don't remember Murphy talking much but his pleasent personality was much louder then words. He is gone but not forgotten.
  2. You quit? no wonder RedBull reported losses for Q2.. Two weeks ago I almost ODed on drinking ...hot tea I was in Vegas for the World series of poker and had a sore throat, as I was playing a 20 hour poker session I had like 30 tea cups with honey, the next morning I had the mother of all heart-burns, I almost had my wife to call 911.... never felt so terrible in my life.. worse then any hang over X 10
  3. Now you telling me that? Well actually I do have life insurance only I got it in my 20's so they didn't make me take it back then.
  4. Guys, you shouldn't be concerned about Allan's heart, he is taking a very good care of it with multiple doses of Redbull and Grey Goose, especially that RedBull... those 6-7 RedBulls he consumes per outing make his heart run so fast that it can never ever stop.. Matter of fact he should register it with the FDA as an advanced heart disease treatment.. With all seriousness Allan, If I were you I would make a DRASTIC life style change and switch from RedBull to another healthier chaser like Ginger Ale or diet soda... Life is too short to make it shorter and it's so sad that a young and bright kid like your brother had to go so early because he didn't realize he had to take a better care of his heart, he should have still be with us today. We all have a Robert in us (well, most of us), the part of us that wants to live the life to it's fullest one day at the time without dealing with the consequences, people who were not blessed with this spark of life in them are boring and shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.. It's up to us to figure out how keep our engine running without blowing up the gasket that early and I'm sure you know what to do... I recently had a full stress test and AKG, I was astonished to hear that my heart is in a decent shape but nothing should be taken for granted in our age I guess, I recommend it to anyone over 35yo.. with or without bad genetics.. it's a $2k well spent (yes even better then a painted aftermarket bumper).. R.I.P Robert Fiedler
  5. I'm sure that's coming down the road.. Ferrari dreams is a good indication for it...
  6. EVO > Icrap My wife has the Iphone and even my 8 month old baby won't chew on it cause it's crap..
  7. I got the HTC EVO, it's 20X better then the POS Iphone not to mention the ancient crackberies
  8. rakjoe

    World Cup 2010

    It got interesting there for the last 10 min but honestly Italy didn't deserve to advance, as much as I like Italy I am not even disappointed from the final result..
  9. rakjoe

    LA Riots

    I'll be rioting on Monday, go Lakers !
  10. rakjoe

    LA Riots

    Those who say that this part of downtown LA is a shithole obviously don't know what they are talking about and/or never been there, at least not in the last 5 years. Like Vroom said, there is nothing wrong with a little riot after a good game.
  11. rakjoe

    LA Riots

    Allan the closet Celtics fan...
  12. rakjoe

    Celtics suck!!!!

    I sure looking forward for the riots every time LA wins a title, it's part of this city folklore, the home boys let some steam out and take it out on those who could actually afford a ticket to see game 7. Oh and Allan the main Celtic closet fan....
  13. rakjoe

    Celtics suck!!!!

    Lakers won because they are a better team ... and to Allanlambo the closet Celtics fan..
  14. rakjoe


    8 days of play time.. http://www.wsop.com/pdfs/2010/10878-structure.pdf
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